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Actors, writers, dancers, people,
Everyone and anyone who is human, has had obstacles at one point or another.  Something that slows us down, stops us from doing something.  Maybe from who you want to be.  So this applies to anyone.

Who doesn’t have obstacles?
Everyone has them.  Right?  Some may seem not to have them, cause they see things differently.  So would that then mean, they ‘don’t’ have obstacles, if they don’t see them as obstacles?

Want to be a better actor, singer, dancer, writer?
To me, it’s no different from learning to be mentally healthier, and working on yourself, to be a better person, the best you can be.  I feel, this the core training one needs to be great.

Obstacle, to me, implies something that CAN be overcome.  It’s not impossible.  Perhaps, those who ‘don’t’ have them just overcome them easily?  Perhaps it’s so easy, so quick, it can no longer be defined as an obstacle?  Perhaps, obstacle doesn’t imply the difficulty level?  BUT, I do believe it implies something that is in the way’ of something someone is trying to accomplish.  So, there could be obstacles which are difficult for me, but easy for others, but obstacles non-the-less.

What is the definition of ‘obstacle’?
I did an online search with Google, and the first definition was:

a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

Blocking.  Prevents.  Hinders.  Progress. Blocking – Something in the way.  I suppose if someone says something is blocked, it means I have to go another way.

Prevent – Stops you
Hinder – Slows you down, gets in the way.

So those who overcome obstacles have to figure out ways to remove them, find another solution/way or work around.

Be Creative & Resourceful
I feel to overcome obstacles by those methods, one would need to be very creative or resourceful.

Challenge your beliefs, attitudes and perspectives
Try to believe that for every problem, there is a solution, or a different way to look at it.  If you can’t believe this, you may never be more than you think you can be.  You will cut yourself off to possibilities and opportunities when you are faced with an obstacle you feel you can’t overcome.  You CAN be more than what you were, currently are, or what people think.  I’m not talking about blindly lying to yourself, I mean really accessing what is REALLY stopping you from being who you want to be.  What are your attitudes, and beliefs about obstacles?  Things are only hard, because he believe them to be hard.  Life is simple, WE make it difficult.  How difficult do you make your life?

When things get in my way, I really try to think of them as challenges!  I think of them as things the universe has put in front of me, to test me.  To challenge my resolve.  To put to test, my belief that nothing can bring me down.  How far does my optimism or positive outlook in life take me?  What good are my beliefs, attitudes and perspectives in life, if they only serve me under favorable conditions?!  Sure we all have our bad days, but overall, can my outlook be sustained?  Or will I ‘fall’ in the face of difficulty?  More often than not, I believe these things.  On an off day, yes, I get frustrated, bitchy, whine like a brat, complain, and get depressed.  Those are ALSO days in which I’m being tested.  Can I bring myself out?!

More in the “Attitude, Belief and Perspectives” post.

The Key to everything:  What you focus your thoughts on!
The key to so much, is often ‘to be’ ‘present’ & ‘not dwell.’  Sometimes, I just say, “don’t think so much,” but what I really mean is to not dwell/focus on unhealthy thoughts.

Focus on the here and now.  What is right in front of you, what you are doing at this moment.  Observe.  See what is here.  Smell, and taste, the air that is going through your nostrils, in, from the universe, down into your lungs, filling them, and back out through your nostrils, into the universe.  Listen, right NOW, to the sounds you hear.  Feel this moment, and every moment.

More in the “Dwelling” post.

You want to help change your beliefs, attitudes and perspective on life?  Then you need to focus on those things you wish to believe.  What are you thinking right now??  That is what you are focusing on. If it’s not something you feel is healthy, then perhaps you’re dwelling, and checking out into your mind, shying away from the present moment.  STOP yourself.  You have to be pro-active at all times.  Your mind will act automatically, and your mind will go where you normally tend to go.  Your ‘go to’ beliefs, attitudes and perspectives.  Your mind may automatically go to complain, or go to pointing out what you don’t like about yourself.  We have nurtured many thoughts throughout our lives.  So much so, they are now defaults.  Unfortunately, many could be negative thoughts.  So you must always remind yourself, pro-actively, to be present, and focus on the here, and the thoughts you wish to nurture into your NEW ‘go to’ thoughts.

Not sure what new thoughts to have?
Here’s one way to figure it out for yourself.  You take every opportunity to listen to, read, and ask questions of those you admire; those who inspire you; those who are successful and reflect you in the way you want to be,.. AND you adopt whatever beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and perspectives they have on life; anything and everything from money to relationships, etc.

This is nothing new, you may have heard or studied how neuro-pathways (?) & transmitters in the brain work, and how habits and subconscious thoughts can change as we build new paths in our brains.  It’s all science, but belief can also be spiritual.  Use whatever works.

Change it up
What is it you say to yourself to remind you to be how you want to be?  What do you say to yourself to remind you that you WANT to change? You might write notes to yourself.  You may have a mantra. Sure, sure be present, be this and that,.. whatever. You may try to do all these things, but it WILL get old.  It doesn’t work anymore.  It’s hard to change.  Sometimes it does take for one to hit rock bottom, but who wants to wait for that?  Or maybe you pray for it.  Up to yourself, you just might fuck it all up right?  You might.  You don’t know.  This is why support systems is important.  People around you, your environment, and renewed active thoughts. You will have to refresh your methods, and one day, they will be imbedded in you.  Remember, you’re reprogramming years of other thoughts, that are fighting to stay alive. That’s why I feel constant inspiration is so important.  You must surround yourself with it, and create support systems for it.  When you are inspired,  you may come up with a new thought, a new mantra for example, that will encompass all you want to be and all you want to be reminded of.

For more on support systems, read my blog about Creative Discipline.


For just the song/lyrics: click HERE

Look for my blog on “Mantras” and “Inspiration.”

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8 thoughts on “Obstacles – Blog & Vlog ft. Obstacle Song”

  1. Thanks Carl for reminding me to be aware of my thoughts and to cultivate healthy ones. I like your creative support system. Have you ever considering being a life coach? I’d think you’d make a good one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks for taking the time. Yeah, we can’t always do it alone, and can’t be afraid to ask for help. You’d be surprised how many others want to support you and who also need your support. How do you deal with obstacles? I’ve always thought about life coaching or council. What motivates people and how we behave is a topic I’m very intrigued and passionate about. I hope you find my other posts interesting to read also. Thanks again.


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