Create Belief

When we think of ‘Make Believe,’ we normally associate it with  childhood, playing ‘make-believe,’ where we pretend to be something, or do something.

‘Make believe’ can be a very powerful tool.
Actors, and those who use the power of ‘belief’ use “make-believe” all the time to ‘become’ something, or to ‘believe’ something about themselves or the world they live in.

But in reality, everyone, in some form, as adults, still play make-believe in their every day lives as a way of coping with life.

Sometimes it’s productive, and sometimes it’s just denial and avoidance; plain ‘ol lying to ourselves.  ‘Make believe’ is an important tool for everyone.

Lie to yourselves to cope with life
You can use lies to yourself to change some things.  Is it a damaging lie or a productive positive lie?  If what you want to change is already a lie, then you can change it with truths, which are more powerful.  A lie, implies, that it’s not true, and therefore a trick, to get you to think a certain way.

There are many ways you can use ‘make believe’ that is damaging to yourself, but it can also be good to undo that damage or to help you manage things in your life, like stress, but helping to alter your ‘attitude, belief and perspectives’ in life.

Damaging lies
One damaging lie is the most obvious, which is a delusional lie.  Denial.  Or a lie that makes us over-confident.

The lie we don’t know we tell ourselves
It’s often very very easy for us to say that we didn’t want something to happen, when in truth, you DID what you did, cause you wanted to.  No one forced you to finish playing that game before you left the house, or even to go to work.  Well, you say, but I HAVE to go to work.  No, you don’t.  You went, because you wanted to, even if you’d prefer not to.  Maybe that’s a little too honest?  But often we don’t take responsibility.  Sometimes, you do, and its all just semantics, like you didn’t WANT to be late, but you also really wanted to finish something, and you blame it on your OCD.  Doing something because of your OCD, is STILL, something you did because you wanted to, regardless of whether you can control it.  Your need to do something is still the reason you’re late.  You may say it wasn’t a choice, but it really was, we just chose to make something else more important than being on time.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.  I have many OCD tendencies, and know the feeling of needing or feeling compelled to do something.  Perhaps it’s a condition that needs work on, but I know that it’s not mind control.   I’m not saying that conditions like OCD aren’t legitimate, but technically speaking, it’s still a choice, just one that is difficult and is a struggle to make.  Everything we do, we do because at that very moment we wanted to.  Whether we regret it after is another thing.

‘Make believe’ to Unlearn: Retrain your beliefs.
Productive positive lies [motivation].

I also think of this as a creative motivator.  You may be making something up, but it’s just a creative way for you to cope with something.

Maybe it’s game you play with yourself to get through the day at a job you hate.

Or something you say to yourself to take that medicine you hate.

It could also be a visualization, telling yourself that you’re now at the beach, sunbathing, while in the dentist chair.

You could say that you’re a mountain, which perhaps can help you to feel powerful.

If you want to change a habit or belief or begin a new healthy outlook about yourself, ‘make believe’ could be a good tool to ‘unlearn,’ retrain or teach your brain to believe something, better.

If you make… believe, enough, you may actually be able to believe something for real.  Fake it til you make it, is kinda  a make believe it till you believe it thing.  If you want to be a professional, then start behaving like one.  Pretend to be, and eventually, you WILL be.

What I ‘make-believe’ to get myself to do things.
Sometimes, I like to pretend to be someone else to get something done.

During high-school years.  Coming out to a guy I had a really big crush on was so difficult, that I told him that I was going to act, in order to tell him something.  It was obviously still just ME saying it, but I had to tell myself to act, as to disassociate myself, and play a part.

During sex, sometimes, to really get into it, I use the fake it til I make it model of acting the part of really being into it, which helps me to feel what it would be like, and once I find it,.. becomes real.  It’s kinda like, smiling, even if you’re forcing it, does stimulate parts in your brain that makes you smile when you do it naturally out of happiness.  This also works with laughter.  You want to be happy?  Smile and laugh unnaturally, until it becomes real.

When I’m scared to do something,.. like jumping off something high, or getting onto a roller-coaster.  One thing that really helps is to either getting myself to believe I’m not afraid to die,. OR, ‘make believe’ that I’m either a character from a film who can do it with no problem, or pretend that I’m currently filming on set as an actor playing the role of someone who is.  Growing up, I often challenged my fears, and would work on forcing myself to jump off high or dangerous things.  I would stand on the edge of rooftops, and scale walls and climb everything I could.  That stopped one day when I decided to hang off the edge of a pier on the Hudson River in NYC at 3am during a ‘rave’ and fell off trying to impress someone (maybe I’ll elaborate more in another story).  The feeling of vertigo when looking down from very high up bothered me.  I saw it as a weakness and wished to combat it.  I thought I was afraid of heights you see, but in reality I think I was just afraid of the gut dropping feeling of a fall.  I talk a little about this in my post “Life After Death ft. Story Concept Afterdeath.”

‘Make Believe’ you can change the way you feel
As an actor, we have to ‘make believe’ many things to convey the feeling a character should possess.  If I’m in a bad mood, or unhappy, I can’t if the character is in a good mood and excited.  I have to change that from within, which is very interesting.  When I act, I can work to change how I feel, to feel more like the character.  Sometimes, I have to fake it until get there, sometimes, I can really change.  It shouldn’t be any different in our dally lives, when we want to feel a certain way, but we don’t.

As actors we use everything in our arsenal to prepare ourselves to be or portray a character.  Us auditory stimulation like music or words which can inform the way you feel.  Really focus on listening, to really take in the present and letting it help you to connect to your feelings.  Use visuals, either real or imaginary.  Really ‘see’ what’s in front of you.  Seeing details.  Memory and visualization is also key.  Even if it’s not from memory, if you can’t imagine or see yourself being or doing something, it’s not as likely to happen (or so they say).         See all the details in your mind.  Ask yourself questions about it.

Changing a lie, with truth [self-esteem]
This isn’t a good example but:  If you think you are ‘unattractive’ but you have the awareness to know that in reality, you are perhaps at an unhealthy weight and have been comparing yourself to others, you can lie, and say:
“I’m skinny, and I’m a super model,”

OR, you can just be truthful and say,

“I will have this one body, for the rest of my life, so I better learn to love it.  I may be medically or statistically overweight, but I can be healthier.  If I feel good, and am confident, I will look and feel, good and attractive.”

And as we know, confidence goes a long way with attractiveness.  Superficial looks can only take someone so far.  Personality is the only thing that can take it further.

EVERYONE thinks others are looking at them and are judging them, but in reality, we are over concerned with what others think, and no one is really looking at you, and the only person judging you, is YOU.

‘Make Believe’ to serve our psychological needs.
Some are conscious choices, and others are subconscious, and more deep-rooted psychologically.

I have a list of things I sometimes pretend.  Some things are just fun, and may not be anything more than that, but there is always a reasoning behind it regardless of its weight and significance.

Why psychologically I do somethings may be more or less obvious than others.  This is an interesting thing to explore about yourself.  You might think you’re just ‘playing around’ when you sometimes ‘make believe’,  but I always say there is some truth in everything.  Perhaps it’s wish-fulfillment.  Perhaps you’re regressing to your childlike self?   You don’t actually believe what you ‘make believe,’ or do you?

What do you pretend or make-believe in your daily life, and why do you think you do it?
For me, I don’t always pick the best truths or lies, so don’t beat yourself up either if you aren’t perfect ha ha.

Here are a couple of things I like to pretend, followed by why it’s appealing to me, and perhaps [why psychologically,] if I can figure it out.  Some occurred more or less during certain stages of my life than others.

  • I’m a secret agent – The whole super-spy concept, of being the unseen hero of some conspiracy. [a sense of life and death importance]
  • I’m a slasher – single-mindedness of stalking [Normally only when I’m depressed.  I used to experience a sense of emotionlessness.  Like a stone].
  • I’m the person the slasher is after, the survivor – I grew up initially forcing myself to not be afraid of horror films, and then loving them.  I think the appeal is survival and the inner strength of the survivor.  What would I do in that situation.  [The need to be prepared has something to do with this.]
  • I’m a robot that has an operating system –  The idea that parts of my personality I may not like can be upgraded.  [A trick of the mind, obviously I can’t update the software in my brain, but it allows me to let go of some shortcomings for a small time, in order to be my best.  Change is so difficult, and takes a lot of work.  Sometimes, it’s just easier to just try changing to how I want to be immediately]
  • That I’m a character from a film/tv show and quote them. – A. In general, I really like mimicking things I hear, whether its sound or words.  I’m not doing it in commentary mockingly.  B. Otherwise, it’s a way to be someone else.  A way to convey something I want but as another person.  Though, sometimes, it’s not, and it’s just me being reminded of something from a movie, maybe a feeling, sound or words, and taking a cue for a line from it, for fun, or sometimes just acting out.  [A. It has a lot to do with my fascination with 1. sound, 2. Tone one uses to express themselves with words and language, and what it means 3. A meditative thing where I’m very present and aware of sound, 4. And whatever the reason is that kids do it.  Sometimes, I’m just in this zone, like a zombie, checked-out and I’m all about repetitive and looping thoughts and actions like I’m a robot.  B. Being someone else appeals to me sometimes, because as that person, that character, you know how to behave.  All your actions are informed by the characterization.  I have a hard time making decisions sometimes.   When I do it for fun, it’s kinda like pop trivia, for the person I’m speaking with, to see if they get the reference.  When I’m acting out, sometimes, it’s just an opportunity to ‘act,’ to reenact, and play out some drama that I don’t really have in my life.  Sometimes it can be a channel for feelings I want to express, but behind the words.  In that sense it’s a release.  I act.]
  • I also like to pretend that I’m either really rich or really poor – Being rich is me playing out the idea of being worry free and independent financially, being able to really focus on the importance of living life to it’s fullest.  Being poor, is usually the opposite.  Usually when I’m a little down, or uncertain about my finances.  Freelancing doesn’t lend to stability, and I never really know how much I can afford.  So I play poor, acting out the drama of financial insecurity, and the need to conserve, and not take ANYTHING for granted.  [I think this comes a bit from guilt, as a child, as I feel I was spoiled.  I was a brat who asked for things, and when he got everything he wasn’t satisfied or happy.  Eventually, as I got older, I started feeling guilty of the waste in money, in my mother’s efforts, and waste of getting things I really didn’t want.  I began to take less for granted.  I felt it very important that if anyone gets me something, that it’s something that I actually want.  I would end up making wish lists for those who wanted to get me gifts.  I also, somehow, indulge the idea that my mother is poor and feeble.  A loving woman, who would do anything for her children.  A martyr.  I always have this image of a family so poor, they are living in the dirt, in a hole in the ground.  One day the boy child steals a huge steak.  The mother, though not proud of what he had done, is preparing this feast of a meal for the family anyhow.  The father comes home, disgusted and angered by what his son had done, takes the steak and throws it into the dirt.  The mother, understands, the whole family does, but she still feebly picks it up off the dirt floor, and puts it back into the pan over the fire.  I don’t remember if I saw this in a film or what, but it’s very clear to me.  Perhaps it was a dream or another one of my past lives, ha ha.  For more about past lives, read my post about “Life After Death ft. a story concept “The Afterdeath.”]
  • I also like to imagine that I have this fierce machine gun that straps onto my back and swivels from an arm that comes from behind, up and down in front of you, that you need both hands to hold.  Kinda like the guns from Aliens that the Colonial Marines had. – I just love accessories.  Being resourceful and self-sufficient having this monster of a gun strapped to my back.  I often use this imagining either on a whim where my impulse tells me to draw a weapon, but in a heightened sense of reality, that somehow exists in a movie.  So, incase you’re worried.  What I mean, is when in real life I get an impulse that reminds me of being in an action film, I may flip my mind over to ‘make-believe’ and take that cue and act it out.  Usually, it’s more for fun, and not when there’s actual danger or need for a weapon, which reminds me, sometimes, if it’s not a gun, then it’s a sword.  Where I use this imagining the MOST, is in dance.  When I dance, I’m informed by my feelings that come from taking in music.  I let music move me.  Sometimes, music may make me feel like some badass with a hug machine gun on my back.  When it does,… the movement and action is done with timing that I feel, like it’s spiritual.  It’s like when you watch a movie, and the actions, the music and editing brings a scene together so well, that it’s like an art, a feeling of movements and action done in the right timing.  I’ve always imagined this for a “make-believe” power set, where the user can use whatever prop and it’ll be whatever he/she believes it is.  Like a child playing make believe and pretending a stick is a sword.  The character would have various objects that could be made to be other things.  eg.  a handle, and imagine whatever you want to be attached to the other end of it.  I’ve also just imagined it as the physical world becomes what you imagine it to be, but it’s not visible.  Kinda like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, except, in the past, I think they’ve explained it as an actual invisible magic-like material.  So you could take a step up into the air, by imagining a step being there.  I often fantasized about this concept in a music video, like Justin Timberlake, dancing, but somehow defying physics by seemingly standing, walking, interacting with an environment that isn’t visible.  There’s so much more to this.
    “God’s Handle” is a concept related to this.  It’s kinda like faith,… there is an invisible/imaginary ‘handle’ in which you can grab to pull yourself up in times of need, to lift your spirits, hold your head high,… if you truly believe, you reach up to grab it, like a bar or strap on a bus or train for those standing.[As to the psychological reasoning?  I’m not sure, but maybe there’s something to do with being prepared, which has always developed my resourcefulness.  But specifically a machine gun,… that must have to do with power too right?  Or is it just part of my fascination of movement, cause it’s often much about the movement; the action of taking the gun from my back, from overhead, and swiveling it out in front of me.  That’s why it’s been used as a dance move.  Dance, movement has always been very spiritual for me.  And then there’s “God’s Handle,” which lends itself to being figured out more.]
  • Growing up I like to play G.I.Joe, later I liked to play A Nightmare on Elm Street & Hellraiser. – Who as a child didn’t like playacting things they liked to watch or read?  I used to play live action G.I. Joe, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser and Halloween with my friends.  In most cases, in order to get them to play along, I’d be the slasher who’s chasing them.  I really liked getting into Freddy Krueger’s mind, as other slashers didn’t have much of a mind.  I loved loved loved the mythology of these films.  Hellraiser’s was one of my all time favorite mythologies.  They inspired my sense of storytelling and plot.  I wanted to write like that, and I wanted to be in films like that.  I did this well past my childhood, though I do it less now, since a couple of instances where I realized how powerful my imagination was.  I used to challenge myself to think of scarier things than what I saw in films, and often visualized being in situations from horror films and obsessing over how to survive.  Eventually, my imagination got the better of me, which cause me to have a few panic attacks in my 20s. [The why of it all.  I feel like the answer could lie in why people enjoy horror films in the first place.  I don’t know that it’s because we like to see people die, though I do indulge myself in the creativity of it all, but I don’t want to kill people.  Creatively it inspired me, and excited me, but why.  Speaking of horror films, now a whole bunch of favorites are flowing into my thoughts, the first 2 Halloweens, the first 2 original Texas Chainsaw Massacres, The Devil’s Rejects, Event Horizon, American version of The Ring, Red Dragon, old 70/80s, stuff by Wes Craven, Clive Barker, David Cronenberg…. sorry, getting distracted.  There is some sense of “fucked up” that speaks to me and challenges me both creatively and psychologically.  Can I think of stuff that’s MORE fucked up?!?  I used to really challenge myself to watch the most horrific stuff I could find, and really try to take it in, really developing my ability to visualize which later proved to be a dangerous thing.  I remember taking in every supposed real moment of the Faces of Death films, which featured death after death, claiming all to be REAL.  I remember that it kinda affected me.  Today, I realize there are some fucked up stuff I hadn’t seen, mostly foreign stuff, and some others that my good friend Scott Marcus is an expert on 🙂  Hmm, this will take more exploration to figure out,.. I’m sure someone else already has the answer, it’s just not coming to me now.]

‘Make believe’ can be powerful because Belief is powerful.
We’ve heard and read tons about the power of belief.  And it’s true.  I go more in-depth in my post “Attitude, Belief and Perspective,” which gathers most of my thoughts on this topic from my other posts which are also related.

Some of the most powerful beliefs were instilled in us as a child.  Those are really solid beliefs that are hard to change.  Some are good some are not so good.

Superstitions & Not so good beliefs
I’ve always been a bit of a superstitious guy, more so in my past than now, because I realize how superstitions in a way can get in the way of my ability to ‘let go,’ which is essential to combat ‘dwelling’ which I talk more about in my post “Dwelling.

There are also many things that are like make-believe that are superstitions, like I make-believe that it means something when I make myself howl at a every full moon I see, no matter how embarrassing, as if it were a test and to pass it, I must do it.  Failing meant I was scared, that I didn’t have what it takes, that I didn’t truly believe,… sometimes there are things I feel I need to do, to show my faith in something,… love, myself, whatever, and I must do it whether it’s howling at the moon, or turning every downturned penny up.  Sometimes, some superstitions I did as to accrue ‘luck.’  The penny thing, was only one of many superstitions I used to create more luck to store away for later years of my life.  I unconsciously believed that I was adding luck to specific years of my life.  Year 24 had a lot of luck put into it,.. the rest was for my future-self ha ha.

Some good beliefs I have.
Luck.  Though my belief in the ability to create and store luck could be a hinderance, my belief in my luck was not.  I truly believe I’m the luckiest person I know.  When I’m able to harness my luck, I really can make things happen for myself.  How do I do that?  I kinda liken it to how I imagine one can do things like tell the future, telepathy, telekinesis, or fly.  It’s not easy.  I imagine it to be like talent, which usually flows when one is in the zone, and ‘not trying.’

It like when someone just shoots a ball with confidence and it goes into the hoop.  You can’t think to do it,.. you just have instincts to do it and you do it impulsively.  That’s how I imagine these things to work.  This applies to so much, including acting, and just being yourself.

I’ve been able to guess people birthdate, but ONLY if I just do it without preface to doing it.  It’s really hard to do ha ha.

Financially, I’ve always believed that I would never have to worry about money, and usually it’s NOT because of some benefactor.  It’s mostly to do with my beliefs about money, how I spend and my lifestyle.  I’m really good at saving money, and often have more money than my friends who work more than twice the amount I do.  Sure, this belief may have caused me to be more thrifty than most, and treat myself to things less, or become fiscally responsible, but the belief holds up and has become a part of my being, and I’m happier for it, cause at the end of the day I’m not so worried about it.  The only bad is negotiating when I can treat myself more.

We all have beliefs about ourselves that are damaging.  
Things that we have been told perhaps in the past, that we believe to be true.  Unfortunately, some of these beliefs are really just all in our heads.  We end up self-sabotaging our lives or self-oppressing ourselves.  We don’t even need others to put us down or make us feel unworthy cause we do it ourselves.  We believe it, not only because others may have told us, but because we kept thinking it until it either comes true or we believe it to be true even if it’s not .

Others will then reinforce these beliefs because we exuded them.  We believe we are shite, then we exude shite, and people smell shite and then think we’re shite!  Then, we ARE shite, because we want to be shite.  No, you say, I don’t WANT to be shite.  But you do, so you focus on it and you become it.  Now, all you have to do to change that, is to really WANT to believe something else about yourself, and proactively begin to retrain your unconscious brain to believe something healthier.  We don’t really want to be shite, but the problem is the unconscious brain.  Like a computer, our brain will receive some stimuli and automatically categorize it and process it.  Without thinking, we automatically will think these unwanted  things about ourselves that just serve as ‘obstacles‘ to what we want in life.

If we thinking these things without even trying to think them, how do we stop these thoughts?  How do we ‘make believe’ into belief?  That’s hard.  This is the pro-active part.  It means to actively think something else!  To be aware, and present.  To constantly, or as much as possible, remind ourselves to think something else, or ‘make believe’ something in this case!  This is a very ‘meditative’ concept and is the key to changing any thought process or what I call to ‘unlearn.’   All of this is starting to sound familiar if you read my other posts, like the ‘obstacle‘ post, or even ‘dwelling‘ or ‘creative discipline,‘  It’s ALL related!

If we focus on something enough, it will inform everything else around us.  So if we keep telling ourselves something about ourselves, regardless of whether or not it’s true, eventually it WILL be true.

Once you start to exude something NEW, keep at it so that others around you have the chance to experience the NEW outlook you have.  In a way, they need to ‘unlearn’ also.  They need to be retrained so they will no longer reinforce the ‘old’ you, and begin to reinforce the new that you exude.

Persistance, Maintenance, repetition
‘Make belief’ can kinda be like faith.  All of this can be much easier said than done, and it will seem like nothing ever changes, not for very long anyhow.   So, you must maintain these new beliefs to solidify them, or at least help to make them last longer.  Sometimes it will be easy, other times, it will be too difficult.  I’ve come except that some things have to be cyclical, meaning things come and go, but then they come back around, and then go away again, etc.  This is how I deal with working out, and not beating myself up when I stop.  I personally can’t keep up an indefinite and constant workout routine for the entirety of my life in order to maintain a level of fitness.  BUT, I can workout seasonally.  I can push myself hard to get fit, then let it go, and then return to it again in two seasons or next year, or whenever I want.  You might have to accept that certain beliefs and behaviors will take a longer time to solidify, or that certain ones will come and go.

For me, some negative beliefs, I DON’T want to come back.  I want the cycle of pain to end, and that is something you can choose to end.  I’m not saying it’s hopeless and impossible.  Everyone is different.  Just cause I couldn’t maintain something, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Anyhow, don’t beat yourself up, be persistent, maintain, and repeat as often as you can remember.

Support System/Methods
I talk about support systems all the time in my other posts.  This is the system used to reinforce this work.  To help maintain and help you be proactive and present.  Here are some ideas.  Be creative.

Productive Superstitions
In the case of changing belief, you can remind yourself by using ‘make belief’ as a superstition.  Make games up to help.  Just like how you may be superstitious about something, like say, “every time I see a penny on the tails end, I will flip it over to the heads side.”  Though that might not be the best belief to create.  Now apply that to something you’re working on, that would be a good belief/superstition.  Maybe you’re working on not beating yourself up.  So you say, every time you say something negative about yourself, even in your head, you sing a song of your choice.  You then are actively denying certain thoughts replacing them with other thoughts, even if it’s just a song, so pick a really good song.  That’s just an example.

Mantras – Power of words
I often use mantras to remind me to be a certain way.  Usually I use umbrella words that cover many many things, but that’s cause I’m a little obsessed with being inclusive, and working generally on EVERYTHING.  Otherwise, I think it MIGHT be better to be more specific about what it is you’re working on.  An example of my umbrella mantra would be this one: “Happy, Healthy, Talented, Lucky, Prosperous, Sexy.”  It works for me, but you just have to be careful not being too general, and broad, or else, when you do it,.. it’ll just come in and out of your head without any meaning.  So, no matter what words you use, try to pick words that do not have any negative connotation, or words that have ANYTHING negative associated with them, like instead of saying, “I’m not ugly”,.. both “not” and “ugly” are negative,.. say, “I’m beautiful.”  ALSO, make a point to really understand the meaning of the words when you say them in your head.  I guess that’s kinda like active meditation, meaning you aren’t just zoning out.  THOUGH, zoning out has it’s uses too.  For example, if the goal is to just STOP thinking something negative by just changing your thoughts, saying your mantra over and over so you can’t think can be effective regardless of the meaning, BUT still pick positive words, so that they will still work on the unconscious level.

Sometimes, I even take quotes from my favorite movies.

“I Never Did Mind the About the Little Things” – Point of No Return

Put mantras on mirrors, notes, etc.  Give yourself reminders for all of your senses.  Visual reminders like photos.  Audio reminders in your phone’s ringtone, or alarm, or use music.  Be creative.

Read more about ‘support systems’ in my other posts.  Be creative, use anything, do anything that will help achieve your goal, and change it up so it doesn’t get old.  A mantra will last if it works, so change it before it gets old and powerless.

Doing these posts, are just another way to reinforce these things for myself.  That’s probably why they come off a bit repetitive, and preachy.

On a lighter note, over the time of creating this post, the song kept running through my head, hmm, maybe ‘make belief’ can be really like faith:

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I’m a slasher
I’m the person the slasher is after
I’m a robot that has an operating system
That I’m a character from a film/tv show and quote them.
I also like to pretend that I’m either really rich or really poor
I also like to imagine that I have this fierce machine gun that straps onto my back and swivels from an arm that comes from behind, up and down in front of you, that you need both hands to hold.  Kinda like the guns from Aliens that the Colonial Marines had.
Growing up I like to play G.I.Joe, later I liked to play A Nightmare on Elm Street & Hellraiser.
There are also many things that are like make believe that are superstitions, like I make believe that it means something when I make myself howl at a every full moon I see, no matter how embarrassing, as if it were a test and in order to pass it, I must do it.  Failing meant I was scared, that I didn’t have what it takes, that I didn’t truly believe,… sometimes there are things I feel I need to do, to show my faith in something,… love, myself, whatever, and I must do it whether it’s howling at the moon, or turning every downturned penny up.

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