Happy Me Make

50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 things that make me happy?  Ok, this is just gonna be a mess.  It enables my obsessiveness and compulsion to create inclusive lists.  Ugh,.. which could never end,.. BUT, it’s also asking for just 50!?!  To me, that means, I have to come up with everything I can think of, then rate them all to discover the top 50.  Knowing me, I’ll be super vague, which would make them more inclusive of many other things.   But, knowing that, I’ll try to be more specific, so that  this will be more interesting to read.  Thing is,.. I’m not sure I have the time or energy to do what Carl would initially think to do, so I may just end up with ,.. this….

Ok,.. so,.. I didn’t order my top 50, but I’m sure there are at least 50 things in there somewhere.  This is something that might never be completed.   I have to stop somewhere, otherwise, I would write an unending list of things.  So here are some top categories, and details of each within, but in no particular order.

[    ] Doing things well.  Accomplishment.  Being My Best*.  Who doesn’t like to do things well.  When we do things well, succeed and excel at something, it’s fun, and therefore we are happy.  It could be anything.  It can also be something that’s a one time fluke, and just luck, or something I’m consistently great at.  Examples of either such things for me would be acting, singing, dancing, being resourceful, physical prowls, being creative,…

[    ] Creating.  Sometimes it’s about the process itself.  Resourcefulness, creativity, doing things well/accomplishment is also related.  Surely, when you create something, more joy is taken from it when the product is something you like.

[    ] Food & Beverage.  Anything meant to be ingested?  So, I really do enjoy eating.  Eating out can be really fun, trying new things, or cooking in, and making something up.  I love anything that has rice or pasta.  So Chinese, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, anything Asian,… also, I love steak, … Another aspect is beverage.  I think that I’m often thirsty, and crave hydration, but sometimes, I don’t know that I’m dehydrated and end up being in a mood, and when I realize I’m thirsty, I have an insane need to drink something super tasty.  So, I love fruity frosty beverages, and I LOVE LOVE fruit.  I’m a fruit freak!    I crave fruit and beverages.  The ultimate is dessert though.  Every restaurant I go to, I like to see what they have on their dessert menu.  I’ve been known to eat dessert first sometimes, or go to a place for their dessert.  I usually like ice cream, and if fruit, nuts, brownies are involved, even better.  I love the Friendly’s Jim Dandy.

Here’s a list of some other foods/beverages:
Abalone, Asian, BBQ, Calamari, Chicken Wings, Corn (on the cob), Italian, Korean, Oysters, Steak, Thai ….. anything with rice or pasta

Beverages – Quenching my thirst, Cold Fruity, coke, mountain dew, … Chai, Hot Chocolate, Kombucha,….

Candy – Laffy Taffy, Milk Duds

Chinese snacks: beef jerky, Squid, etc snacks

Fruit: mango, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, bananas

Desserts:  that have fruit, nuts, fudge, peanut butter, popsicle,
brownies, brownie sundaes, fried dough, funnel cake
Ice-Cream: red bean, butter pecan, strawberry, pistachio, black raspberry, mango, Chubby Hubby (Ben & Jerry’s), Chocolate Fudge Brownie? (Ben & Jerry’s),
Asian: Almond Tofu thing, various pastries, Thai shaved ice
stuff, anything red bean, or any bean, and jellies, mochie

4 Rivers Smoke House, Buffets (Vegas baby), California Pizza Kitchen, Friendly’s Jim Dandy, Max Brenner, …..

[    ] Feeling Free.  Sometimes in the form of dancing or singing (which is also related to Music*).  Dancing, music, singing, acting, sex, all can be a really spiritual experience for me.  I think it’s because, it’s a whole body experience, where I can feel fully self-expressed.  Sometimes, being present in the presence of nature, just looking out into the horizon, or the sky brings me hope*, and Inspiration*.  Sometimes, it’s also the feeling of control*, and the sense of ease, and contentment without stress or anxiety.

[    ] Being in the Zone.  Hyper focus*.  Balance*.  Being My Best*.  The sense of control* and command of yourself and your abilities.  Confidence.  Hope.  Being present.  it’s all connected.  Though, sometimes, being in the zone could be mistook for zoning out, which I do get some enjoyment out of.  Thing about zoning out, is that it’s not being present.  For me, it’s like being a machine, a zombie, repeating something over and over, obsessively doing something without much thought.  And yes, sometimes, for me, it is enjoyable.  Maybe, cause it’s just avoiding life.  Some people go off into another world in their fantasizing to escape reality.  TV, reading, shopping, eating,.. whatever.  All coping mechanism which in extreme results in diminishing returns.  It’s a way to “be” that is safe.  We create work, cause work, gives people a sense of purpose.  Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m fooling myself, thinking that organizing* something is actual work.  Sometimes, it IS, but, then there’s the question of to what extent am I doing it.  I make take a legitimate task, and make it more than it needs to be.  That happens to me a lot.  Sometimes, for me, the safety is in the process.  Being obsessively and compulsively inclusive of everything.  I can make a simple task into a never-ending project.  Sometimes, I really I ask myself, why I’m doing something, and if doing it actually will be beneficial to my now, or is there hypothetical reasoning having to do with what might happen in the future, or what I “might” want in the future.  Maybe we’re wasting a lot of time, when we work on things, we don’t even know if we want in the future?  We have to stop ourselves sometime to bring us out of zoning out and back into the present.  Time is valuable, and sometimes we live each day as zombies.  We can’t get time back, so ideally, be present, focused, make better choices and be in the zone instead.  BUT, definitely give yourself a mental break sometimes, and zone out,… play a video game, day dream, or clean, it’s just about balance.

Some zoning out things I like to do, that I sometimes justify ask “work” are:
Eating while Entertaining* myself, or Entertaining myself while I eat?
Organizing* [Multi-Tasking]
Any project really,… writing, editing a video,.. etc.

[    ] Sleep & dreaming.  Especially, when I feel like I’m On Top of Things*  Meaning, I’m successful in doing the things I want to during the day, relax before bed, and consciously go to bed at a decent hour, and Wake Up Early Naturally* and feeling wonderful.  It’s all about discipline* and control*.  Balance*.  Sleep is only NOT a happy thing, when I feel a mess, not taking care of myself, not getting enough of it, stressed and anxious about all the things I want to do, and therefore feeling like there just is never enough time to do anything, and then I wish we didn’t have to sleep, but it’s so important in being able to be My Best*!  As for dreaming,.. I really do enjoy dreams, and have always been fascinated by them.

[    ] Having fun.  Entertainment.  That is super basic and vague ha ha.  But like being My Best, or Doing Things Well*,… it’s a given, that fun equals happy usually.  Now, the aspects that make something fun, that is more specific and will bleed into other things.  Fun is feeling alive, excited and hopeful.  Feeling invigorated, and inspired.  Feeling of awe.  Laughter.  Orgasms.  Joy of accomplishment.  Loosing yourself to something and being focused and present [being in the zone*].

Friends,… is an aspect.  Fulfilling relationships, the sense of connection with someone who really gets you, someone you really trust, someone who shares many of the same values, and interests.  A balanced relationship with mutual respect and admiration; a lot of give and take, where you feed off of each other, motivating and inspiring each other.    That makes doing almost anything with them fun!

Here are some people who make me happy, who I also always have fun with:
All my “friends!”
Barbara Chan
Carol Li
Jaysen Headley
Sharmeen Jones
Me at my best
… and some others …

So, what are some things that can get me all excited by myself or with friends?
Games.  Finding things funny.  Almost any Entertainment* news!  Video games.  Movies.  Music.  TV.  Cartoons!  Orgasms/Sex.  Hearing great news regarding other’s dreams and aspirations.  It can be ANYTHING really, especially when you are at Your Best*.  You can make any situation fun.  Sometimes, it’s more about your attitude and perspective that makes something fun, so it almost doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, so long at you’re at your best.  If you have friends that feel into your being your best, then those are the people you should be with and it doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you’re with them, you’re having fun.

Ok, that’s depressing,… Being entertained can be good and bad, as I said before, anything at an extreme isn’t great.  Fun and being entertained, is part of balance.  You can be present during it and really experience it and get something out of it, OR, it can be used to zone out; as an escape from reality.

Here is a short list of things that I like being entertained with/by:
Comics, DC Comics related Media, Movies/TV shows [Game of Thrones, Awards Shows], Entertainment News, Video games

Movies/TV: Bridesmaids, Clueless, Disney/Pixar, Grease 2, Kristin Wigg’s characters from SNL, Long Kiss Goodnight, Pirate Movie, Scary Movie 2, Sci-Fi movies, Short Circuit, Sound of Music, (Tank Girl), Teen Titans (Go), Who’s That Girl, movies I grew up watching with my sister …

Music: Singing, 80s Music, 80s New Wave, Christina Aguilera, Dance Music, Dancer in the Dark by Lady Gaga, Dancing on my own by Robyn, Grease 2 OST, The Party, Pink, Pirate Movie OST, …

[    ] A sense of worth.  Confidence.  Being On Top of Things.  Being My Best*.  Helping others to fulfill their dreams and aspirations is pretty awesome.  Sure, helping others, is also helping yourself, in that it may make you feel great, but it also benefits others.

[    ] Security.  Feeling safe.  Feeling at home.  Comfortable, free and fully self-expressed*.

Things that make me feel safe/secure:
My bed, hugs (but maybe not by ‘anyone’ ha ha,…

[    ] *Being My Best!  It feels awesome, to feel your best, when you’re confident, and happy.  Control, balance, health, well-being, security, peace of mind and spirit.  I have a list below.  You just feel invincible, like nothing can bring you down.  When I’m at my best, I really do enjoy meeting people, and getting them to like me ha ha.  It’s particularly good for when I’m at a party or networking.  When we’re at our best, the voices in our head that normally bring us down are gone.  We are then very very capable of almost anything we want.  Your typical illogical fears and insecurities, GONE!  How awesome is that!?  You really do feel happy, and it can be contagious.  Having friends who support, encourage and bring out your best is the BEST!

Taking road trips with friends like that is awesome.  I feel that life is about creating memories, moments,.. and when you’re with them,.. you just bring out the best in each other, and magic just happens.

When I feel my best, I feel:
Accomplished, Great at something, Productive, Successful, Amazing, Good, Great, Fantastic, Magical, Wondiferous, Balanced, Complete, In Control, Disciplined, Focused, On top of things, Present, Beautiful, Happy, My Best, Healthy, Emotionally and physically healthy, Strong, Secure, Grateful, Confident, Empowered, Hopeful, Optimistic, Smart, Loved, Needed, Understood, Resourceful, Fully self-expressed, Peace, Peace of mind, body and spirit, Entertained* … Inspired…

[    ] *Inspiration.  This is important to me.  It really fuels my motivation and hope.

Things that help me to feel inspired:
Being Grateful, moved by things and others
Seeing/making/helping others (to be) happy, successful & fulfilling their dreams, being fully self-expressed
Nature: The Ocean, Mountains… Wonderful Weather: Sun & breeze

This week’s blog post comes out of the Weekly Writes Prompt:

Here are what others contributed:
Jaysen Headley
Carina Jollie

Free-Write: 50 Things That Make Me Happy
Few Of My Favorite Things

Acting well
Dancing (*Music)
Eating, Eating Out, FOOD*
Games with friends
Going to the movies
Helping others fulfill their dreams
Meeting new people and getting them to like me
Road Trip with friends
Zoning Out
Amazing, Good, great, fantastic, magical
Emotionally and physically healthy
Fully self-expressed
Great at something
My Best
On top of things
DC Comics related Media, Movies/TV shows
Video games
Movies – Grease 2, Pirate Movie, Scary Movie 2, Sci-Fi movies, Short Circuit, Sound of Music, Disney/Pixar, Kristin Wigg’s characters from SNL, movies I grew up watching with my sister
Music – Singing, 80s New Wave, Dance Music, Lady Gaga – Dancer in the Dark, Robyn – Dancing on my own, Pink, Grease 2, Pirate Movie, The Party!
Italian, Asian, steak, calamari, abalone, oysters, corn on the cob, BBQ, chicken wings, Korean,.. anything with rice or pasta
Beverages – Quenching my thirst, Cold Fruity, coke, mountain dew,
Candy – Laffy Taffy, Milk Duds
Chinese snacks: beef jerky, Squid, etc snacks
Buffets (Vegas baby)
California Pizza Kitchen
4 Rivers Smoke House
Friendy’s Jim Dandy
Fruit – mango, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, bananas
Desserts – that have fruit, nuts, fudge, peanut butter, popsicles,
brownies, brownie sundaes
Desserts – ice-cream: red bean, butter pecan, strawberry, pistachio,
black raspberry, mango, Chubby Hubby (Ben & Jerrys),
Chocolate Fudge Brownie? (Ben & Jerrys)
Desserts, Asian – Almond Tofu thing, various pastries, thai shaved ice
stuff, anything red bean, or any bean, and jellies, mochie
Getting up early naturally
Seeing/making/helping others (to) happy & succeed
Wonderful weather: Sun & breeze
All my friends!
Barbara Chan
Carol Li
Jaysen Headley
Sharmeen Jones
Me at my best


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