We’re ALL alone, so we’re not. + ‘RotGD’ Immigrants/American Dream + ‘ALSFW’ Signing Dec. 3 & Jaysen Headley Interview

We are all not ‘alone’ in being ‘alone.’

I feel that we are all really alone.  No matter what.  In the end, we really can’t rely on anyone, sometimes, not even ourselves to be there for us.  I think it’s important to find support, and find others in your life who can be there for you, but more importantly, we all should learn to be there for ourselves.  But then, you might say, but, what if I need someone else to be there for me because I can’t be there for me.  Ok, well, you work on what you can, do what you can do, and get what you get.  In the end you want both, so work on both, and if one comes easier, fine, work on that, but also, please work on you.  That one is the most important, cause when the day comes when that good friend or family member isn’t there for you, or can’t be there for you, you’ll need YOU.  I’m not saying people in your life won’t be there for you cause they’re bad people or something.  I think it’s just life.  It’s just the way things are.  People just can’t always be there for you, as you cannot possibly always be there for others, especially when you aren’t always there for yourself.  Though, if you are always there for yourself, man, you’ve got a great head start.  You’re free, independent and like financial freedom, you’ll have emotional freedom.

Maybe I’ll write more about this sometime, and go into more about how we may go about achieving this…

Though off-hand,… I gotta say music is one thing that works for me.  Anger and the clarity it brings.  Anger at fear, or circumstance, or purpose, stagnancy … more another time…

we create purpose

Revenge of the Green Dragons: Immigrants/American Dream

The immigration story isn’t specific to any race.  We all have the need to belong.  And growing up, even in CT, myself, as an immigrant I felt that need.  Many immigrants come to America for their children’s future, but they sometime end up being here, just working to full-fill the promise of a better life and future.  They end up working so much, in some cases, they aren’t really raising their children, cause they’re just struggling to provide for them.  The children in some cases feel ignored, and alone in a new world full of people who they don’t feel they relate to.  Growing up in America, one can feel like they don’t belong as an American or in my case as a Chinese.  Identity issues arise and they feel “different.”  It’s only natural that we search for those we can identify with.  With so many “lost” children in a community, some with absent families, they tend to turn to eachother and become eachother’s family and support to survive in this world, and though, right now, it’s oversimplifying, I feel that’s one place gangs culture thrives and begin at.

These blog thoughts are for the week of Dec 2nd, 2014.

A Love Story For Witches‘ Signing

by author Jaysen Headley and editor Carl Li

ALSFW - FP 102914 10156041_638509792932915_8204591564527563021_n

Dec. 3, 2014 – NYC
Carmine Street Comics

Facebook invite for more details

Jaysen Headley – Interview pt 1 Edit

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