DC Comics DC All Access Correspondent Giveaway

So, I’m entering into this contest to be a correspondent for DC Comic’s web series DC All Access at San Diego Comic-Con this summer!

We had to shoot a video about ourselves saying why we’re a DC Superfan, and why we’d make a good correspondent.

On May 2 or 3rd, they are choosing 8 finalists, two of which will automatically be anyone who has the most retweets on Twitter for their entry.

I just submitted yesterday, so I’m pretty late, but I’ve also decided to up my chances with a second video as well, as they are looking for creativity and originality.

Here are my original Tweets, so that you can find it and retweet away, asap!  ha ha


RT help me to be a @DCComics #DCAllAccess Correspondent #DCAAgiveaway https://youtu.be/pkWP1BQ3EWk SUBJ2Rules@bit.ly/1BshV1A TWITTER: @carlkli

RT my 2nd vid for the @DCComics #DCAllAccess Correspondent #DCAAgiveaway SUBJ2Rules@bit.ly/1BshV1A TWITTER: @carlkli https://youtu.be/wGlvL8M72F0

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