“Know Your Strengths” [blog entry] + The Outreach Web-series Ep. 5




Gallup Organization’s ‘Strength Finder’
When I’m at my best, I have no problem being me and confident, and networking organically.  This is going under the assumption, that at your best, you can be too.  I do believe everyone is capable of so much when they’re at their best, but we all have our strengths too.  Being aware of our strengths helps us to use them as tools and use them as selling points in pitching ourselves to others.

I did the Strength Finder test once after reading the book by the Gallup Organization that a friend of mine bough multiple copies of to give out to his friends.  That’s how much be believed in it!  What a guy!  The book is great, and fun to discover what innate talent and skills you have that really inform what you’d be really good at.  I think they took many successful people and figured out individual traits they all had.  The test figures out which ones you also possess, then with all the traits, you can sort of see what type of job would be good for you.  Many organizations use this test to figure out how best to place an employee, based on their strengths.  You can even take all of your traits and design the perfect job for yourself.  They narrow you down to 5 traits.

My traits were: Woo, Intellection, Arranger, Inclusiveness, and Ideation.  I think they may actually be in that order also.  The book has descriptions of all traits, but this is my own interpretations.

  • Woo – This means that I like to meet new people, get them to like me, and then go meet more people.
  • Intellection – I love to think.  In my case, I love to problem solve, and find logic in things or fill gaps in logic.
  • Arranger – I like to organize things to be at the best arrangement possible, and reassess and rearrange as needed in order to keep things in the best arrangement possible.
  • Inclusiveness – This one works on two levels.  As a strength, it means I can be very through, and inclusive of every idea, factor and angle of something that I can come up with, otherwise, it could be a detriment as in some cases, I have difficulty editing myself and  I try to include everything.  On another level, I’m sensitive and aware to wether or not those around me feel left out, aren’t contributing but may want to, or if certain factors are not being represented.
  • Ideation – I’m fascinated by ideas!  Ideas excite me!  I was called the Idea Fairy in college for my ability to come up with ideas.  The inclusiveness I feel really adds to this strength, as then I become really resourceful because I leave nothing out to be considered.

Now, if you were to put all of these traits together, can you imagine an ideal job for me given my interests?

I came up with something like Educational Training & Orientation for organizations.


#TheOutreach Episode 5 “Smiles for Stephanie”

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