BLACK CANARY #1 [First Impressions Comic Review] – Fantastic!

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Awesome variant cover by Tula Lotay, a favorite artist of mine!

I finally read issue one of Black Canary by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu, under the DC You branding just as the New 52 ended.  Yeah, I’m behind, but whatever.  At first I really wasn’t sure about this take on the character, but, it totally makes sense here, with that she has vocal related powers, AND, the fact that she wears leather and fishnets.  It all makes sense now.  Which is the reason I want to write this is cause I was really impressed, and want to put my two cents in on it and help promote it!

Ok, the premise is Dinah, has somehow left her previous life behind.  I get the impression she lost her team, or something.  Whatever it is, she’s been estranged and penniless.  The last time I saw her, she was in the newest incarnation of Batgirl by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr!  Another great book.  If you like this book, definitely check out Black Canary, and if you like Black Canary, definitely check out Batgirl!

Batgirl #35 First Issue by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr

I can’t recall how her character in that book leads into this one.  In anycase, she’s in a band now.  In the beginning, it’s established that she’ll been causing a lot of trouble; getting into fights, putting fans in danger, and destroying venues. They’ve been losing pay due to damages.  Her band and management are have about had it, and they have a talk. They actually don’t know much about her, and who she is, but they are guessing there’s a lot more to her, considering her skill-set, and the trouble that seems to be following her.
We don’t know how they all met.  But there are 4 other characters introduced as her supporting cast.  The band is all female, and there’s a guy who is their new merchandise guy.  After my first read, I didn’t catch all their names, but one character that stands out is Ditto.  Ditto is a child musical prodigy on guitar, who doesn’t seem to talk much.  In anycase, before their next show, their differences aren’t completely resolved, but they move on in their tour, and Dinah promises to have a peaceful show.
It’s hinted that perhaps, Dinah isn’t really loving what she’s doing; being in a band.  There’s something really emo about it.  She’s like this loner cowgirl, riding with some other drifters; together to survive.  To make it through this tour they’re contracted to finish, so that they can get paid and move on with their lives.
When they start the show,… Dinah is just great on stage.  The opening panel, with her head down, throwing off her cape.  There’s just this sense of melancholy angst.  Something very noble, as if she’s fighting with her music, for the future!  Ok, I’m getting carried away, but Annie Wu is great, and only gets better with more and more action.

Ofcourse, the show doesn’t go peacefully.  Aliens show up and she’s gotta clear the crowd and kick their asses, cause they attack.  It turns out that the aliens are after Ditto.  Dinah, decides to break up the band, so they can all go home and not be in danger, while she cares for Ditto, who doesn’t have a home.  But, the band decides to stay, and they decide to stay with the tour, with the caveat that they run if something like that happens again.  Dinah, seems to have regained a sense of purpose, and we start to see the leader we’ve always known her to be.  She tells the band that starting the next day, they’ll need to train to fight, hand to hand,… and then with weapons!

Ok,.. by that point, which was the end, I was totally on-board!   Just envisioning what this title could become was so much fun; a rock n’roll martial arts comic!  I mean, we may end up seeing a band of badasses, who all can fight and play instruments, lead by a Dinah and her insane martial arts skills, and Canary Cry.  It’s gonna be like Charlize in Mad Max: Fury Road!!  SO, I can’t wait to see what we have in store.  And on top of all the great visuals and action, I’m also pretty confident about characterization, and fleshing out of all of these characters, so it won’t just be a straight up action/fighting comic.

Thing is, I held out on reading this book for so long cause I wasn’t sure I’d like it.  Even in the first few pages, I was still hesitant, but I’m really glad I finally gave it a chance, and you should too, if you haven’t!

I think it’s gonna be a fun ride!

4.5/5 Stars!

5 thoughts on “BLACK CANARY #1 [First Impressions Comic Review] – Fantastic!”

  1. Wow this review is so helpful! :O The comics look really cool definitely gonna give it a try and add it on my to-read comics. 😀 We are huge comics fan ourselves . It means the world if you can check us out a new books/comics reviews blog, comment and give a follow 🙂 We follow back too!
    Thank you !


      1. Thank you! My boyfriend is into Batman series New 52 comics issues( he could probably give you more details about it LOL ) and Im collecting the Ultimate Xmen and Daredevil for now haha 🙂 I just made a review on ultimate xmen on the blog too its our first comics series review! We are collectors at heart 😍 But as you know comics are a huge world to swim in so we try our best to target and collect the good ones of course . So your reviews are helpful for this matter :)!!-Trang

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  2. Oh that’s great. Batman is excellent, you should check that out too!. I’ll make sure you check out your Ult.! X-Men and DD reviews. So you’re going through all of them?


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