Comics Meanderings This Week

SO this week is another week of catching up,.. I think I”m kinda getting close, but I’m still doing DC Comics,.. the DC You stuff.

This week I read Batman #43, Starfire #2, Teen Titans #10, We Are Robin #2, Superman Wonder Woman #19, Gotham Academy #7, Green Arrow #42

CMCS this week 100115

Spoilers and Ramblings ahead!

Batman #43

So much to talk about here.  I remember at first, after the Endgame storyline, I wasn’t so sure about this new storyline with no Bruce Wayne as Batman, and Gordon as Batman in a robot suit.  Alas, I read the first two issues of the arc, and they were good.  This thrid issue I feel is really good too.  We get to see what happened to Bruce Wayne, and it’s a doozy!  WOW!  I love it.  Very unexpected, and you just feel that anything can happen.


It’s also nice to see Clark Kent in this book, especially cause this book is kind of in it’s own universe.  Seeing Clark here, I imagine, it’s the same Clark that’s in the Superman/Action Comics, who is depowered, and outed as Superman.  It’s also nice because Clark has been having interactions with Gordon’s Batman over in ‘Batman Superman.’  Even though Batman is in it’s own corner of the DCU,… it’s still very much still a part of it.  So, Clark comes by asking Alfred about Bruce, and no, he’s not dead, but he DID die.  It was the Dionesium that basically rebuilt his brain, and brought him back to life.  Bruce is not the Bruce we knew.  It’s not that he lost his memories, it’s apparently not even the same brain.  WOW.  It all seems so tragic, especially the way Alfred tells it.  Sure, it’s great that he’s alive, but he has no memory of who he was, and it was so heartbreaking for Alfred to have to tell him everything, slowly building up to the final truth; he was Batman.

And this new Bruce wants to be who he is now, not who he was.  It’s as if he were never Batman, because in his mind, there is no history or training as the Batman.  Fascinating, and fun, to see Bruce like this. He’s kinda like some regular guy now, but still very much a product of his parents who were philanthropists, who represented the good and hope of Gotham City.  Bruce wants to help the city the way his parents did, and not as an angry vigilante.  Not that he could even choose to be Batman again.  He is a different person now.  He doesn’t feel the pain and anger of losing his parents at all.  It’s as if all the reasons that made him into Batman were gone.  He has been cured of his curse!!  BUT, we know our Batman WILL return,.. right??  But how will Bruce Wayne EVER be Batman again?  I suppose if this were Morrisson, I could imagine that maybe it’ll be some crazy trans-dimensional alien thing that’s some back-up trigger that will send his mind back in time to when he found his way from the past to the present after Darkseid killed him or something.  But this isn’t Morrison,.. this is Snyder,.. what other way will he come up with to bring Batman back?!
It’s revealed that before Bruce died, had invented a machine basically to clone himself so that there would always be a Batman.  Very cool. Though now I think about it, it seems too convenient.  How was it so easy for him to develop this, out of nowhere, when Lex Luthor had so much trouble with cloning in the past.  I suppose at some point Bruce will have to decide to BE the Batman again, and probably uses the machine to get the training and memories of The Batman back.

Meanwhile, Gordon is Batman; this time he is out of the robot suit, and in the slick black Batman suit he wears on the inside, with Julia as his Alfred/field support.


Ok, it was already spoiled for me, but apparently all this technology developed for Gordon’s Batman, is connected to the origins of the Batman Beyond suit, which will be revealed in a future issue here or in the Beyond title, which is also pretty dame good!  THAT IS AWESOME, and EXCITING.

End of THIS particular spoiler

It’s been fun seeing things that are unique to Gordon as Batman, and some of the other fun stuff that we normally wouldn’t or haven’t seen yet with a Batman.

Then there’s Mr. Bloom, another aspect I didn’t expect to like.  Thing is, I’m only liking this bit a little more than NOT liking it.  SO far I’m intrigued as to who this person is, and how he fits into everything.  Is it the Joker in his primal form, without the Joker, as Bruce Wayne is just Bruce Wayne without Batman?  Interesting right?  And by the end of this issue, well, Mr. Bloom might as well be an alien.

SO, I’m totally on board and sold!  Great job for never failing us guys!

I’m very excited to see where all this leads, and how this will eventually fit in with other books,.. atleast in the Bat Family.

Stars 4.5

Starfire #2

Kinda reminds me a little of the 80’s Starman and Splash films.  They were both about a fish out of water, with lots of curiosity and charm.

They both had charming, clueless and funny characters.

I love how we see Kori’s thought bubbles as she tries to make sense of things humans say literally.  The book manages to be light and fun, but not kiddie.  To me at least.  I like this version of her much more than her originally outing on the New 52.   She’s kinda the same, except she just isn’t as cold.  She’s naive on the book, kinda like how she is on the Teen Titans cartoon (which I love), but less silly, versus in Red Hood and the Outlaws, she was naive like a Terminator.  Not so cute, or fun.  She just has a lot more heart now.

The art is phenomenal.

I love the tone of this book. I hope it takes off to be another top tier female character!

Stars 3.5

Teen Titans #10

It’s Titans vs former Titans who are with S.T.A.R. Lab’s superhuman team, the Elite.   They split over whether or not Superboy is innocent or guilty of killing people.  They’re causing a lot of damage.  They sure don’t communicate like a family or good friends.  Maybe that’s one of the points, them being teens, in the first year of the new run by Will Pfeifer.  I really liked his take during the first arc, but I’m not completely sold on this one yet.  They aren’t all completely brash and irresponsible I suppose.  There is a moment where Wonder Girl pleads for Superboy to stop before people get hurt.  It’s logical and not just acting hastily.  Superboy agrees but decides to grab her and plummets toward a bridge.  Wonder Girl pleads calling his name. What is he doing?  They crash through the bridge with cars into the water, Superboy pushing her down with remorse, until she passes out in disbelief.  Um, why?!  Seems like she may have been willing to talk and figure things out.  And why then smash through a bridge with innocent people and basically drown her?  Doesn’t make him look guilty at all!

There’s a new or fill-in artist.  Filipe Watanabe could be someone to watch for.  So far it’s part Tony Daniel, part Timothy Green, a little Jimmy Cheung, Oliver Copiel and something else. I’m curious how his art will develop.

This issue, this arc so far is just average for me.  The art is good, but at this point I may drop it until Titan Hunt begins.

Stars 2.5

LOVE this cover! Lee Bermejo is awesome!

We Are Robin #2

As I recall I was pleasantly surprised by We Are Robin #1, I think.  I can get with the premise.  I think my problem is that I’m not really invested in the characters, and there are many. Maybe too many at first?

In this second issue, I feel the same, though, in both issues there was a little more focus on Duke Thomas, and I don’t find him interesting enough yet.   So there are a lot of characters I don’t care enough about.

The covers are great, the art is okay and I do like the premise.  I like the mystery behind the person bringing them together.  This whole other mystery plot is what’s interesting.  This preacher guy, I’m not sure there’s much to like yet.

Hmm. If by the third issue it doesn’t draw me on significantly, I don’t know, I may end up waiting for the Robin War.

Stars 2.5

Superman Wonder Woman #19

So, Clark and Diana fight the Suicide Squad. We see now that Clark is so weakened that the individual members of the Suicide Squad can take him on.  But they’re also taking on Wonder Woman who is no light weight.  I’m going back and forth about whether or not Wonder Woman alone could be too much power for the Suicide Squad to handle.  Maybe Reverse-Flash could be challenging for her??


Clark decides he has to take care of the missing Smallville residents and the fact that it’s open season season on Superman.  So he breaks into the White House, knocks some people out to get to the President so he can talk to him.  WHAT?!  Then the issue ends.  I guess I’m curious as to what he plans to do now.

It’s interesting how I and maybe others, including comic characters gravitate to using “Clark,” rather than “Superman,” now that he’s weaker and now that Superman is outed as Clark,… Or is it the other way around?  It’s like we are saying that it’s Clark who is Superman,  not Superman is Clark.  I guess it’s been a trend for a while now, but I thought Superman is the real guy, and Clark is the disguise.  I suppose that fits more with previous incarnations of Clark, where he’s put on as stumbling and slightly incompetent.  Now, Clark is portrayed a bit more like the ‘real’ guy behind Superman, which IS Superman, ha ha.Stars 2


Gotham Academy #7

Hmm, Damian Wayne joins Gotham Academy this issue. Is it permanent? Ha, I think it’s funny Maps is so crushing on him.  It’s a cute Maps story. Normally I’d call it a fill-in issue, but for some reason maybe because I enjoyed it, it felt a little different.  They had a lot of fun with Maps and Damian. They were bound by magic to hold hands which accounted for done fun moments. It’s light for sure, Damian seems to only be in this issue.  Maps was just super cute, but not much progresses in the story unless the quill or Damian comes back later.

I liked the spooky feel of this issue which feels perfect for Halloween. The whole Raven poem and how it fits into the story and myth that is later revealed made the story very tight.  I also liked the idea that some of these professors, like Professor Scarlet, cannot be trusted and that there were strange things happening in this place, with ghosts and magical items. It kinda makes me think of Harry Potter.

By the end, Professor Scarlett tries to tell them that the variety quill was not magic, but was carrying a virus or something that caused various people to act funny. As for why Maps and Damian’s hand was stuck together, Scarlett said it was merely a choice!  Ha ha, nice. Messing with all these kids’ minds, though I think Damian was smarter than to believe that.

One this that bothered me a little was how careless Damian was with his alter ego and involvement with Batman. There are a bunch of moments where he basically gives himself away. Didn’t seem right, but I suppose were expected to overlook that in LEW? of the fun that was had.


Is this a new permanent artist or a fill in?  So far, I don’t mind the art change except that sometimes Maps loss like Damian except for a small detail in her hair.

All-in-all a fun issue as a little break in the run. Wouldn’t want it to be a regular thing.

Stars 3

Green Arrow
Green Arrow #42

This book is slick, thin but weightier than its predecessor.  In part due to the fantastic art.  The art IS art!!  There are some great artistic choices made that serve the story and themes so well. The tone of the book is great.  And though there is a familiarity to the tropes of a hero, his sister and his dog, I like it and it works.  They are kinda bringing Ollie back to his roots of fighting for the people.  The idea isn’t new, but I’m really enjoying the execution. It’s solid.  I love the exposition with Oliver talking about the only way he knows to help people; in increments. The analogy is great; dealing with problems while they’re still small, in a small town, with smaller, street folk who need the help.

There are some other interesting things too, like the Albino Man,… wait, can’t recall if that’s actually his name or what, but he’s intriguing. I looked at him among all these non-White people and thought, whoa, are trying to say something here, with him being SO White?

My only gripes I guess are that the robots made me think of Robocop and that the issue went by too fast.  I find the length of comics to be a little on the short side nowadays. Though there is something to be said about books that are quick cause they are fun and easy to read. I prefer that over reading a book that drags.

Stars 3.5

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