Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone [Book and Film]

Just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and then watched the film!  On to the second?  Well, before that, here’s some meanderings on what I thought of the two.

I wasn’t ever a big fan of Harry Potter.  I remember seeing the first film and thought it was just okay.  I think I didn’t even bother watching the next one or two of films, though I think I saw the third or fourth because friends went to see it, or because it was on TV something.  Then I recall having seen the 4th or 5th one and thinking that it was pretty good and actually went back to watch the ones i missed and watched the rest as they came out.  I guess for me, they were getting better, maybe due to the story or because they were darker films?  I remember not understanding why each film they fight Voldermort but the threat is never resolved, like each film was just filler to get to the next film, creating what is essentially an endless movie.  As compared to say, Jason Vorhees, who comes back in another film, but for the most part isn’t a necessarily a continuation of the previous film.  It just seemed odd to me that they were still fighting him.  And not only did it seem like an endless film, often I couldn’t differentiate one sequel from the other as they seemed like a remake or rehash of one story.  This is of course not true of the films themselves, and more because I never really paid attention to them.  I’m sure if i continued to read the books and watch the films in order, I’d have a different perspective.  In any case, I ended up being interested by the time the last 2 or 3 films were coming out.  Even when it was all over I still felt the whole Voldermort thing was odd, but I did think the last film was good.

Years later, after meeting Jaysen, and going to Orlando, experiencing the Harry Potter attractions there, he wanted us to read the books, of which I never read.  I wasn’t particularly interested, but I also wasn’t opposed to it, so here we are now.

2015-08-22 21.48.56
Izzy was really into the book too!!!

I finished the first book, and then we watched the film.  I actually really enjoyed the book, more so than I remembered seeing the film.  I was excited about seeing the film again.  Though by the time we did, I think I was tired, so my enthusiasm waned.  The film came across better this time around I think because I could appreciate it more, but I couldn’t help feeling like it wasn’t as good as reading the book, even though I read it while envisioning the film.  Having just finished the boo, it felt like I had already watched it, which I had years ago, but almost like, I had JUST watched it.  Seeing the film now for some reason wasn’t as much fun as I had anticipated.  I did find it interesting though, seeing how young the kids were in this film.

At this point, if Jaysen wanted to stop reading the books I might just be fine with it, unless a lot changes in the second book, maybe I’ll just have to give it a shot, ….

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this, we still haven’t gotten to the second book.  I’ve asked Jaysen about it, and he still has an interest, but we’ll see.  We’re all very preoccupied with other things right now.  For now, it looks like the second book will just be sitting there by the bed until Jaysen’s next mania for Harry Potter ha ha.

Ha, I just made Jaysen out to be like Mr. Toad from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.  Interesting,… is that what Jaysen is like?  He has this mania where he’s obsessed with something new to him?

One thought on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone [Book and Film]”

  1. I used to read all the Harry Potter books when I was a kid . . . But now my mom’s in love with the movies! I’d rather watch Matilda 🙂


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