“It’s A Small World” Movie Announced but What’s it about?

It had to be done, with every other ride/area in the park having a film counterpart!

I kid you not, as Carl, myself and my mother stood in line to ride the classic ride, “It’s a Small World,” Carl turned to me and posed this question: If you were going to make a movie based on this ride, what would it be about?  We proceeded to brainstorm some ideas, all of which were more ludicrous than the last.  After all, how could anyone turn this no-story ride about the varying people’s of the world into something tangible that people would want to go to the movies and spend $20 a ticket to see?  Not a day after landing back in frigid NYC was it announced that writers Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio would be writing a script for the live action adaptation of the ride.  Even Jon Turtletaub has been tapped to direct the flick.  SO, let’s explore some ideas as we attempt to get…

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