The ‘Super For The Soul’ Project [SFTS 1]

I need a super hero.  I want Superman back.

Of late, I’ve been really feeling that I need more hope and inspiration in my life.  Hope in humanity and in my dreams.  I KNOW there is hope in humanity, I see it once in a while, but I can’t even watch the news anymore, it’s so depressing.  Even our super heroes have gotten too dark.  I feel like I’ve gotten to a place in my life that I thought I’d never be, a place where maybe I’ll have to accept that the dreams I’ve grown up pursuing will not come true.  I’m very grateful for all I have, I’ve VERY lucky, but I have always told myself that I’d rather die than be depressed without any hope for my dreams, to live only to survive.  In my mind, there was no other outcome, no alternative.

I don’t think I’m too old, but I feel like time has beaten me down.  I feel  worn, and too tired to keep up the fight. It’s as if I’ve awoken from a dream that’s slowly fading out of memory.  I know I can still daydream, so I know that they’re there, but the sparks of hope and bursts of inspiration seem to have less effect.  It’s like I’m jaded.  I’m 40 years old and I’m still as lost as I ever was and don’t know what to do with myself.  Is this a mid-life crisis?  This illusion that I could be someone special is wearing thin.  I’ve come to the realization that maybe not everyone is meant to be special.  Whatever special means.  In many ways, we’re “special” to other people in our lives.  But perhaps we live in a fantasy where we think that we are or should be more special than we really are?  My friend Olive said that we are all unique, not special.  We’re all given what we’re given.  Some people are lucky and some aren’t.  Just like some people will succeed, and others will not regardless of attitude, outlook, perspective, working hard, or deserving it etc.  Some people will just not succeed, not for lack of trying, or having a positive attitude.  BUT does that mean we shouldn’t try.  I guess, that’s the whole point.  We’re taught to keep trying.  And I want to support that.  But is it a lie?  The Disney film, ‘Zootopia,’ is all about “trying,,” despite everything.  It’s those who don’t give up, who may eventually “make it.”  Sometimes, that’s the distinguishing difference, not giving up.  I never felt that I’d ever give up.  I couldn’t even imagine it.  BUT, as I got older, one day, I did.  And now I can see how others before me, maybe at different points in their lives, may have also felt.  Maybe most people understand these things, and I need to learn to accept them.  Maybe that’s “normal.”  Maybe it’s time to leave fulfilling dreams to others and … and …. that’s the biggest problem.  As much as I’ve dug deep and explored possibilities, I don’t know.  Maybe we aren’t all meant to “be” anybody.  Maybe I’d be relieved to stop trying, and happy just to work and make a living, while being a good human and husband.  Am I giving up, or is that ok?  Maybe this is all a little over dramatic, but you get the point.  What I really need now are examples of hope and inspiration in my life.  In my entertainment.  I need to see good people doing extraordinarily good things.  Right now, I need more heroes.  I think we all do.

Calling all super heroes
We have always needed heroes, in some cases to save our lives literally, and to be a source of inspiration and hope, reminding us the good we’re all capable of and the heights we’re able to achieve as humanity.  We need these heroes, whether they are a friend, relative, stranger, or even just an idea from a comic, game, tv show, movie or any other medium, to give ALL people someone to aspire to, a common heart to unite us, and help us all find the Super Hero within.

No matter how positive you are, no matter how much you know about self-help techniques, as humans, we will occasionally lapse and that’s ok.  Sometimes, it’s just a moment, a day, or a week.  But for some, it could be half a year, two years or more.  What do you do AFTER learning self-help techniques to support a particular state of mind?  Practice, yes, but like working out, or dieting, it’s not immune to lapsing.  Learn MORE self-help techniques?  Yes, sure, but eventually you’ll come back to this point, and everything you learn seems to only serve to remind you of what you already know, which in itself can be helpful, but you might feel like you’re not learning anything new anymore, and feel like you’re in an endless cycle.  A healthy state of mind can be difficult to maintain.  At some point, you’re going to already know all you need to know to have a healthy state of mind, and it’ll just be about keeping the train on the tracks or getting back on them.  On those occasions, I feel we need a cup, or bowl of delicious inspiration to reignite what’s already within us, this undeniable positive energy and hope.  Inspiration is fuel for the soul.  We can never have too much.  I’d like for you to try some of the of inspiration I’m cooking up.  It’s inspiration with Super added to it.  Super Hero inspiration.  Try some of mine, and if you like it, come back for more or you can cook up some of your own!

“Super For The Soul” came about when I began to not really care about what I was blogging about anymore.  It began to feel like I was just doing it to do it.  I began to explore what things I would really enjoy blogging.  I already know that I naturally gravitate to self-help topics, psychology and philosophy when I free-write and that I thrive in creating stories when writing fiction, and can be obsessive in writing about ideas and finding logic between them in the writing I do for such things as game design.  So, what can I blog about.  Outside of writing, what do I really get excited about?  I get excited about entertainment news, but that’s really broad and I feel a lot of people already do that.  More specifically, I feel I’m generally excited about anything having to do with Super Heroes!  Comics, games, TV, film.

I don’t know if this is sustainable and haven’t really nailed down the format yet.  I’m still playing around with what this will actually end up being.

Inspiration in my daily life has always been very important to me and I’m pretty passionate about it.  Though as a creator, you can’t always wait for inspiration, I’m here to say that you CAN be inspired all the time.  You just have to find it or create it.  Inspiration and hope go hand in hand.  They can be found anywhere if you know where to look.  One common place to look is heroes.  Heroes are a source of inspiration.  What about Super Heroes?  Super Inspiration?  Super Hero Inspiration.  In this new section for my blog, I’ll be looking for inspiration and hope in all things Super Hero: comics, games, TV, Film, etc.  My partner Jaysen Headley came up with the name, Souper For The Soul.

“Super of the Day and Other Specials” is a sub-section of “Super For The Soul” where I will play with a couple other ideas. 1. some exploration and life coaching with various characters from Super Hero related media.  Kinda like an advice column. 2. feature someone of something of inspiration or heroism; heroes.

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