Marvel Tsum Tsum: Introduction and First Impressions

Wow,. so my favorite game, Marvel Avengers Alliance [MAA2], just announced it was ending today.  I have one more month to play this game.  Fortunately, I have DC Comics Legends, which has yet to come out of Beta, to look forward to, replacing MAA2.  Until then, I think I’ll try Marvel Tsum Tsum which was released yesterday, Wed. August 31st, 2016.

I played the original Disney Tsum Tsum and didn’t think too much of it.  To me, it was a little game made to support a product they wanted to sell.

When they announced a Marvel Tsum Tsum game and accompanying comic book, I thought, “ah, they are making Marvel Tsum Tsums!”

Either way, I figured I’d give it a try since it’s Marvel.

At first I wasn’t so sure I was going to get into it.  I don’t just love super hero games blindly.  I’ve stopped playing Injustice mobile, and I never got into Contest of Champions or Future Fight.  This is not normally the type of game I’m into, BUT, super hero games are usually the initial factor that draws me in.  From the start I could tell it was already more that what I thought Tsum Tsum was like.  And as I played more, I discovered there was a lot more to this game.  It’s almost as if the game had been out for months already.  Multiple levels of rewards systems in the game.  There was just so much going on.  Almost overwhelmingly, which I think was a factor in why MAA2 failed to get more players.  Maybe it was in Beta for a long time?

I also discovered there were elements of this game that I really liked.  It’s almost a dexterity game and a observation test.  You have to move fast, which means your brain has to process what you see really fast.  It reminds me a little of the brain training games that I play.

Thing is this game has so many features!  Here are a couple I loved about the game.

    Most games have this too, like Chapters in MAA2, but I like that they have it.  In this game, they are called Stages (so far 3), consisting of a number of battles with a 3-Star progress system.   In each battle a Mission is given that states a win condition, and requirements for 2 and 3 star completion.  This Mission is not to be confused with the Mission section found in it’s own menu which tracks your progress for Achievements which like most games, if completed gives you rewards like Orbs, Boosters , Energy , Iso-8 , etc. that show up in your Mailbox.There might even be a story, but I haven’t noticed one yet, though there does seem to be a progression.

    It’ll fulfilled my fix for earning new characters.  The question is, what is different about games like MAA2  and say games like Contest of Champions?  You’re earning characters there too.  I think it’s just a matter of play style.  I do like action games, and fighting games, but I REALLY like turn-based strategy games more.

    In this game you use either 5 Orbs or $30,000 in Coins to purchase boxes that give you a random set of characters for each method.  Orbs seem to mostly be used for this purpose, though you can use an Orb to continue a failed game.  So far, I’ve noticed the only other way to gain new characters is by completing timed events successfully and getting a random drop of a character.  It’s possible this could be the case in future Stages, I hope so.  Very much like MAA2, he he.  The first free character you get at the beginning of the game is Iron Man.


Note: So far I’m not sure all the ways you can earn Orbs, but so far there seem to be       three ways, Leveling Up as a player at specific Levels, like Level 20, completing a Stage or Mission Achievement or successfully adding a new friend.

    Most games you can do this.  It’s not unique, but being able to level up myself,and the characters and upgrade their abilities is something I really enjoyed in games like MAA2.  Like I mentioned above, those familiar with Marvel games will find this game’s system of leveling and upgrading very similar.  You battle to get random drops of Iso-8 , which is needed to upgrade and even unlock Skills, Specials and Abilities.  A Skill  is an ability a character can use when they’re your leader after it’s been charged up.A Special  is another ability that is locked on all characters until you unlock it with White Iso-8.  An Ability is a passive ability that is activated when a condition has been met.  The passive Ability of any character on your team can be triggered.  
    In this game, so far there are only 7 different kinds.  Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White/Silver, Purple and Pink?  Other than playing the game to level up characters, you can also battle to get random drops of Boosters , or obtain multiples of a character from the boxes you can get at the store.  Like MAA2, the characters have a tier system in leveling up.  Once a character reaches Level 5, you have to use $2000 in Coins  to unlock the next level, so that he/she can continue leveling up.

  Note: Regarding random drops, it seems a Luck stat on each character helps to                 determine it.  I’m not sure how many ways Luck can be increased for a character,           BUT, I did notice that when I got a second Agent Coulson has 2 Luck, while all my           other characters so far have only 1.  It also  Leveled him up to 5 immediately from           Level 1.  “If you max out a Tsum Tsum’s Luck (99), you’ll be guaranteed TWO Luck     rewards after each Battle.”  WOW, that’s straight from the official website!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is one I really love.  It has local based co-op mode in the Battle section of the game, where you and a nearby friend can team-up to do battles against event villains, and earn special rewards!While one player fights the opponent, the other provides support!

    I was able to play with my partner Jaysen (who also writes about games, including this one, and many other things).  We played side-by-side to fight against the same villain.

    When play with someone, you also add them as a friend, which will also be one of your competitors in Score Ranking which is unlocked after Stage 2.   Score Ranking  earns you rewards based on weekly Score Rankings among friends in the game.  You can invite friends in the Friends section from many social media connections and gain rewards (Orbs) for successfully doing so. Friends can also send eachother Energy  (send via Friend section and receive via your Mailbox once a day.

    One thing I love about the Marvel games is that they all share the same universe.  They mostly do this with stories based around the idea of Iso-8 , which in all the games is a resource that is used to level-up and upgrade characters.  Also, the use of energy , which is used in many games that limits a player’s time playing is here.  So there’s an added familiarity to this game other than characters.In addition, you also have a team of 3 that you go into battle with just like.. you guessed it, MAA2,.. well, and a billion other games.   When building a team, consider what passive Ability the characters have., as they can be triggered even if they are not the leader in the team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tip: Have you noticed sometimes after a battle, there are other characters NOT currently on your team that get experience [XP] also? And if you don’t have that character, then it just says locked?  What determines which characters will get XP?  I still have to test this theory, but I think it could be 1. so long as you have a P, S, and B character on your team from different sections of your team selection screen that will happen, or 2. that whichever characters show up in your game will also get XP when you finish?  But are those characters random?  Not sure, but I do notice a change in which characters get XP when I change my team.  If I figure it out I’ll let you know.  Or let me know if you have!

    Another “familiar” aspect of this game is this system.  It’s probably the biggest reason why I love turn-based games.  The idea that one’s Class, is good against one other Class, but not another, and it goes around in a circle.  In this game it’s Power, Blast, Speed or P.S.B.  Each character has one of these classes.

    That’s like the big thing for games these days.  These Timed Events and Challenges are in the Battle section of the game where you can either play solo or play with a friend using the Co-Op feature to get special rewards like  featured Characters, Boosters , or specific Iso-8  on different days of the week.  The first two Timed Events for are for Ronan the Accuser, which has 12 days left, and Age of Ultron, for the rest of September!Tip: Go grind on these battles to get multiples of these characters before they’re gone!

There’s definitely a lot of information to take in, but they do a pretty good job at telling you what everything is.

There’s an Information section that has links to news, tips, updates, social media, information about Score Ranking, what Iso-8 are, and The Battle Schedule  which tells you when Events and Challenges are happening, etc.

I’ve played the game for one day, and I have the following characters: Iron Man x2 , Captain America x2 , Black Widow x2, Agent Coulson x3 , Captain Marvel x3 , Spider-Man , She-Hulk , Ronan(Event), and Ultron (Event).

Update:  The “x#” I’ve gotten after, including Kate Bishop  and War Machine x2!

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