Olive Hui a.k.a. Pineapple O [Super of the Day]

My first Super of the Day, Olive Hui, really is a Hero for every day.  So what makes her Super?

Who is Olive Hui, a.k.a. Pineapple O

She is the creator of New York Real, an actress, artist, musician, content creator, student and warrior of life, and human.  She’s been an inspiration and good friend to me for years.  I think I met her through acting, and we connected instantly as if our souls had known eachother from previous lives.  Right away when I met her, talking and connecting, I knew she was a super caring and thoughtful individual that experienced life deeply.  Since we met, I’ve always known Olive as someone who constantly was learning new things and discovering how she could put them to use in her life.  She would see something that inspired her, and she would investigate and inquire, always experiencing and connecting with new people to learn from.  She would take what she’s learned and make it a part of who she was, and set out to learn more.   Continue reading Olive Hui a.k.a. Pineapple O [Super of the Day]