Crossbones [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Today, Wed. September 20, 2016, in the game, the Crossbones limited time Event started! 

Ends in 29 days: 10/18?/16 (PDT) – – including today, Sept. 20th.



CLASS: Speed

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 9/20/16

Level Score: 68 +NA/level [Max L50: 1244]

HP: 480 +NA/level [Max L50: 1509]

ATK: 280 +NA/level [Max L50: 1603]

DEF: 170 +NA/level [Max L50: 1150]


SKILL: Sticky Bomb

Random bombs appear!

Thoughts: 1-3 bombs randomly appear!  That’s really really good.  Probably the most bombs from a Skill/Special at Level 1 so far!  Requires 18 Tsums.  About average.






SPECIAL: Rapid Minigun

Targets appear to connect and clear surrounding Tsum.

Thoughts: sounds like a decent clearing ability.  Check out the video to see what it looks like!

 ABILITY: S Boost [Combo]

Briefly increase Speed Tsum score (triggers randomly with every 50 combo)

Thoughts: I was starting to think there weren’t too many S Boosts, but I was wrong and here’s another!

Here’s a preview of his Skill, Special and Ability!


His Skill looks great, and definitely gives Rocket Raccoon a run for his money as Bomb Clearing Mission MVP!

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