Loki [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Today Wednesday, September 28, 2016, the game introduced the Loki Limited Time Event and teased an image for the next one: Doctor Octopus!!

Loki Limited Time Event

13 DAYS ONLY – Ending 10/10/2016 including today Sept. 28, 2016

Loki Profile


CLASS: Blast

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 9/28/16

Level Score: 82 +30/level [L50 Max: 1552]

HP: 540 +21/level [L50 Max: 1569]

ATK: 240 +27/level [L50 Max: 1563]

DEF: 180 +20/level [L50 Max: 1160]

His stats are ALL below average, except for Level Score.  I’m starting to see a pattern for these Limited Time Events.  The Tsums from these Events have all had below average Stats with exception to Level Score, or Ronan so far who has 1100 base HP.


 SKILL: Illusion 

  • Duplicates of high scoring Loki Tsum Tsum magically appear on the screen!

It sounds a lot like Visoin,  Ultron or Spider-Woman‘s Skill but with “high scoring” Tsums which could be good for missions.  BUT, if you’ve seen the preview video below, you’ll see how it’s different and, I think, better!  1. yes, it does make duplicates like Ultron’s Skill but it appears to do it in a single row so you can immediately make a chain, which aids in creating a bomb, powering up your Skill or Special as well as combos!

SPECIAL: Energy Bolt

  • Electrocute random surrounding Tsum and blast middle Tsum with an Energy Blast.

It seems to be a trend for Limited Time Event Tsums to have a very powerful Special.  Loki is no exception.  It pretty much clears the screen with one big randoms shot of electricity that takes out a lot of Tsums and then a very BIG blast from the middle that almost clears the screen.  It’s very much like Ultron’s Special, but the blast at the end seems bigger!  Sound like a decent Tsum clearer, which seems to be expected of Limited Time Event Tsums.


ABILITY: Extender [Chain]

  • Briefly extend reach to connect Tsum (triggers randomly with 16+ chains)

The second Tsum to have this Ability.  Spider-Man is the other.  Spidey is a great Tsum, but Loki can totally compete with Spidey with regards to his Skill and Special. 


Note: Loki is the first Event Battle that has Chaos mode in the International version of the game.  Don’t be intimidated, it’s actually not all too different from Expert.  Maybe just longer is all.  So if you don’t have a problem with Expert, you should be fine in Chaos.

Like I’ve mentioned, Loki can really give Spidey a run for his money.  1. Loki is more likely to have more Luck than Spidey since he’s from a Limited Time Event. 2. If you compare their Skill and Special, Loki in both cases I feel is better.  Spidey’s Skill is awesome, as it can really gather a LOT of like Tsums togther, but it’s not as reliable because it only gathers whatever Tsum there’s the most of, and that could be a little or a lot.  Whereas Loki’s Skill is much more reliable in that it’s a row, and it’s ALL Loki, so it will proc his next Skill or Special also.  The only limitation is the amount of Tsums that appear.  You might not get the potential numbers Spider-Man’s Skill could possibly get, which is helpful if you’re trying to complete a really large chain for a Mission that Loki’s Skill cannot accommodate.  As for Loki’s Special, it’s definitely more powerful than Spider-Man’s.

It’s not a surprise that the only other thing Spider-Man might have on Loki is his stats, especially his super high ATK stat which is tied with Rocket Raccoon‘s as the highest ATK stat at Level 30 in the game!  But, as with all Event Tsum, Loki‘s Level Score is much higher!

Note: Drop rates for Loki boxes seem horrible on all levels of difficultly.  Sometimes it seems Expert is better than Chaos, but other times not.

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