Spider-Man Event [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

October 1, 2016 – The first Marvel Tsum Tsum (International version) Event begins!  Introducing the Spider-Man Event which ends on October 21, 2016.

This event follows on the heels of the release of the Spider-Verse (Spider-Women) Update.  UPDATE: Also the new characters Spider-Man Miles Morales and Iron Spider in addition to regular Spider-Man will also have an advantage for this event!  More on that later…

This first event takes place in the Stages section of the game in it’s very own Stage, versus the Limited Time Event Battles in the Battle section of the game.

I’ll explain a few things here, but they do a good job of it in the game if you can find it.  Look for this Icon in the Event Stage next to a points counter.  It’s also where you can go to exchange points for various goodies!  More on that and points in a second.


The red ball up there is the Spider-Man Event Stage.

Day Time

The Spider-Man Event Stage consists of 10 Day/Dusk/Night Mission.  Above, is the screenshot of ‘Day Time‘and below, is ‘Dusk‘ and ‘NightTime.’  A player goes from one into the other after completing the 10 Missions of the Stage.  The Missions can be repeated after each completion.  Each Mission requires you to defeat Symbiotes.   I’ll explain that in just a second.


TIP: If you notice below at Night, Venom appearance rate goes UP!

Night Time

While in a Mission black goo appears randomly, which is supposed to be part of Venom‘s Symbiote.  (basically it’s like Venom‘s skin or costume, which is alive).  But who is Venom?  We’ll get to him in a second.  You destroy these black blobs with either direct or indirect hits from Tsum Skills or Bombs.  I specify indirect because because though it doesn’t have to be a direct hit, it also can’t be too far from the target.  For every Symbiote you destroy, you will gain 10 points.


As you can see, you can only have 9999 points at a time.  Points are used to exchange or purchase Boosters, Orbs, Coins, and various Iso-8.  You can find this “store” by pressing on the little Spider-Man Event Icon which is to the right of the counter which tells you how many points you currently have.


As I’ve mentioned above, the Spider-Verse Women and Spider-Man are awarded bonus points when they are used as leader, seen below as the Leader Bonus.  I have yet to figure out what, or how the Bonus amount is determined, but it varies from 2-20 points for Missions.

Which Spider-Woman should I Use?
Regarding which of the Spider-Women is better to use power-wise check out my Spider-Verse: Spider-Women Update for details.  For the most part, all three of the Spider-Women’s Skills don’t cause damage but aid in making chains creating bombs, otherwise you have to be able to get enough Tsums to activate their Special to do damage, which makes it a little tricky.

BUT they do try to help you out by giving all three Spider-Woman a +500 stat boost to their HP, ATK and DEF for the rest of October!!!  But those stats are only good for Battles right?  Yes, you’re right,… enter, Venom, the antagonist of this Event!  Will the stat boosts be enough?

What do I do?
At first my team consisted of Spider-Woman or Spider-Man (Leader for now until I can get Spider-Gwen or Silk), with War Machine and Rocket Raccoon as Teammates for their Ability to create bombs.

TIP: Spider-Woman’s Skill can be tricky to use for these Event Missions, but if you focus on activating it so that you can make a chain Bomb, it should work decently.  In general, if a Symbiote isn’t on screen, make your chain from the lower end going up, so that you can make a bomb higher up on the screen and have the option of clearing Tsums under it if you want the Bomb lower as you won’t be able to make a Bomb move upwards if it’s towards the bottom of the screen.  Otherwise if there is a Symbiote on the screen, start from the far end of your target towards your target so that you can get a Bomb near the Symbiote.  

TIP: If you have Spider-Man, consider him for 1. his Skill which could seem more useful than Spider-Woman’s and 2. his a point bonus albeit a smaller one.

Over time, I experimented with using Crossbones as leader, and using the Rocket Raccoon  and War Machine as Teammates for an ultimate Bomb Team forgoing the bonus you’ll get with a Spider-Tsum.  Is it worth it?  Sometimes, but I’ve gone back to using Spider-Woman (or any of the other Spider-Women) for their bonus and focusing on using their Skill to make Bombs.


Seemingly randomly, Venom will appear on one of your upcoming Missions with a Timer above his head indicating how much longer he’ll be available to battle.

When you reach him and click on him to battle, the game till tell you to beat him before he runs away.  If you normally can defeat an Event Battle Tsum in Hard, he will be very easy.  I’ve never seen him run away, yet.  Unless their referring to his timer.

Occasionally, you’ll get this message instead.  In the game, he becomes kinda invisible, but I have yet to determine what effect this has on anything.  Anyone?

CLASS: Power

He’s one of Spider-Man’s nemesis.  There have been many incarnations of this character which you can look up pretty easily.  But basically, he’s a guy who hate Spider-Man, and is wearing a “live” suit (Alien Symbiote), that give him his appearance and powers.

So you might want to use an “S” Tsum like Spider-Man, Spider-GwenSilk (all for Bonus points) OR, possibly, Crossbones, as leader.

FYI: When I didn’t use Crossbones, and didn’t have any of the Spider-Women except for a very low Leveled Spider-Woman who is Blast Class, I still used her for her Points Bonus and easily defeated Venom.  Yes, I said Venom‘s easy, if you can defeat Event Battle Tsums on Hard, but it doesn’t hurt that the Spider-Women have that +500 stats boost I mentioned earlier!

This is why you want to defeat Venom as many times as possible.
There are two reasons actually.  The first are the points defeating him rewards!  I’m not sure how the points are determined but I have seen him reward 200-600 Points!  And if you have a Spider-Tsum, the bonus points are just as impressive!

Here’s a case where defeating Venom rewarded me with 600 points with Spider-Man as Leader giving me a Bonus of 120 Points!!!!  Oh, and you’re also often rewarded with Level Boosters.  This is where your leader’s Luck would come in.

Here’s another reward of 600 Points with Spider-Woman giving me a Bonus of 300 Points!  WOW,.. definitely worth switching her in for the Battle.  Oh, and here you see you can also get Experience (XP) also!

TIP: Make sure you remember to switch a Spider-Tsum in as Leader for the Battles.  

My Current Battle Team for this Event

I have Captain Marvel and Spider-Man as Teammates because they are my default Battle Team with the highest ATK I have in my roster so far.  Also, Captain Marvel has the Ability: ATK UP [Combo].  

*Look out for a Tips and Strategy post soon where I talk about how I make my team.

Here are some stats for the Spider-Women to consider for Battles.

Both Spider-Woman and Silk have an ATK stat of 1733 Max Level 50, which is higher than Spider-Gwen‘s.

Both Spider-Gwen and Silk have about 1300 Max Level 50 DEF, which is higher than Spider-Woman’s.

Spider-Gwen is tied with Vision for the highest HP in the game.
Check out my Spider-Verse (Spider-Women) Update for more details.


Here’s the second reason why you want to defeat Venom as much as possible, rewards for the number of times you’ve defeated him.  What I don’t know right now though is if the rewards continue after the 20th time.  I may find that out soon, but for now,.. idk.


Here’s why we’re doing all of this!  The exchange!

Point Exchange Period (PT)
Until 10/23 11:59PM

As you can see below, you can exchange your points for almost every resource in the game, but you can also see that on the left, you can only get each offered item so many times.

Note: The quantity is not accurate as I’ve spent Points on stuff already.  I finished Orbs and Coin.  Then I started working on Red, Green, and Blue ISO-8.  I think they each started with 10!

I think once you’ve reached that limit, it’s done.  At first I didn’t love that you could play the Missions endlessly to gain points.  The game is already a bit of a grind with the constant release of new content, so I was hoping this  Event would change things up a little.  With no end in sight other than the end of the event, well, I think I just might burn myself out because I’ll want to make the most of it and get everything I can out of the event.  BUT, the limit that they have put on the exchange items I think is great.  Thiss way you can grind to your hearts content knowing that once you have exchanged points for all the exchange items, you’ve gotten the most out of the event.  Yes!  Now I could be wrong about this,.. maybe it resets.  I’ll have to see.  But for now, I don’t have to feel bad that I’m not playing every minute of the day, and can be confident I’ll still get everything the event has to offer.

Question: Do we eventually get Venom??



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