DC Comics Legends Mobile Pre-Launch Details + Speculation

New York Comic Con DC All Access panel announced DC Comics Legends Mobile game and showed a trailer.  I also had the chance to talk to lead designer at Warner Brothers Interactive!


This page will be updated with information as I get it but will eventually start a new post as a guide and also a tips and strategy post for the game when it launches on November 3, 2016

It’s officially launched!: Initial Thoughts, What I’d Like To See and Thoughts on Changes [Ongoing]
Also check out my Introductory Guide, Character Summary and Fragments, and upcoming Tips and Strategy posts!

Launches November 2016 [Nov. 3rd]!!

DC Comics Legends is what some would call a strategy RPG.  You have a team of four characters who has turn-based battles against another team in either campaign missions or in PVP.

What’s Familiar

Like other games similar in genre, you can unlock or earn characters as you play, and you can upgrade abilities.  In beta, you were able to get duplicate characters, but with the latest update, that’s changed.  You now get Fragments of a character, and with enough of them, you will be able to recruit the character.  In the game you can level up a character, and “Rank up” to five star status, Legendary (more on that later).  Different alternate variations of the same character will be made available, who have a different set of abilities.  In various screen shots in this post you’ll already see versions of characters from different worlds/the multi-verse.

Gameplay will be either in Chapter mission campaigns with multiple waves of opponents per Mission Battle, or PVP matches.

There is also difficulty levels.  During Beta, there were 3, easy, hard, and heroic.  Now, in the newest update, there are only 2, Normal and Hard.

Team Make Up

4 against 4 (which might be different depending on the games you’re familiar with.  Marvel Avengers Alliance had 3 characters, 1 leader, 1 teammate, and 1  teammate from an online friend and then two back-up teammates  you can switch them out with).  According the the new Update 1.8 Team Leaders will now give the team a buff.  

Auto-Play and Speed-Up

Also when Sean was demoing the game for us I noticed at the top left corner there were options for auto-play and what looks like a Speed-Up button which will speed through character’s power animations so you can play faster.

What’s Familiar but Different

It so great to talk to a developer of a game who seems to really enjoy the game their working on and talk so passionately about it.  Sean explains that unlike some other games of this genre, it won’t be overwhelmingly complex to jump into and understand.  The game will allow a player to just play so you can get how it works, and then you’ll discover more complexities in the game as you go along.  Some games of this genre in my opinion can get really meta heavy in the game play.  I for one love it, but I think for the general mobile gaming crowd that you want to be on board for your game, figuring the ins and out of all the different parts and pieces that effect this thing or that under specific conditions and such can be overwhelming, and eventually push more casual gamers away.  R.I.P. Avengers Alliance.  😦

The team really took the time to put this game out in Beta and really figure out what works and what doesn’t work for this genre of gaming, and they may have some other ideas they’ll implement.

There are a bunch of other things either at the launch of the game or in development to help it stand out from the rest.


For starters, the team is really aiming to make this game as cinematic as possible.  The animations for the characters and their powers based on the trailer seem pretty impressive.  Sean says they’re still tweaking some things even now.  If you look at older videos on YouTube that Beta gamers have posted, you can really see how much the game has changed in the quality of the art and visuals!

Also, a twist on leveling up a character is that each character will also change aesthetically.  Sean didn’t want to reveal too much but says the characters referred to the story in the game where something will allow them to tap into some kind of mystical power that can power them up to a concentrated form of themselves which the game is considered Legendary (5 star).  So as you level up you become stronger, more powerful and look more epic!  From the official site it specifies “Collect(ing) iconic and powerful gear for your hero, like Batman’s Batarang, Sinestro’s Power Batter, or Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite Ring, to upgrade their combat abilities.”  Kinda reminds me of gear from the Injustice mobile game, AND esprecially from the upcoming Injustice 2 console game regarding gear AND change in appearance!


From the screen shot above you can see these littler stars abover the “rank” stars on the bottom right.  Hmm, what are those stars for?

Rank is raised by getting Fragments.  Fragments can be obtained on Hard difficulty in the Campaign.

On the left you can see the Max level of characters seems to be 28.

Level up a character by using Meta-Agents.

And it looks like each character can have up to 6 gear that they can upgrade.

Gear is leveled up by filling all the slots at each level.


We also see two types of energy, resource or currency that can be collected.  Is it for leveling up or upgrading?  Is that the mystical energy (Essence)?

In some other screen shots of the main screen of the game, which looks like the Justice League Watchtower in space, there are various modules you can go to such as Story Campaign, Essence Collector, PVP Wraith Arena, Inbox for news, etc, and Live Events.  On that screen I see that there are about 5 different resources, a green one from the character profile screen (but not the pink one shown in my screen shots from the launch trailer, maybe it’s new), a blue lightning bolt (Energy/Essence for Campaign Missions and Quest Battles?) and other resource or currency in screen shots of PVP ranking you’ll see later (red lightning bolt – PVP Energy/Essence, and some other Red resource which I think may be the game’s currency).

Speed Force Coins
Yet another resource you can gain.  I imagine it’s used during Campaigns to replay Missions without actually playing them. OR it refills energy.  Anyone know?

There seem to be all kinds of rewards also that can be used to level up or upgrade it seems like.

Character Profile: (refer to photo below)

Under the stars you see in the bottom are the words “Collect more Hero Fragments.”  Under that are the current Hero Fragments you have collected from completing battles and missions (used to unlock a character) and quantity of pink Essence, both of which are used towards Ranking up.  The fraction indicates how much of each resource is needed to Rank Up.  

The green Essence might be for Leveling up or upgrades?   In other screen shots I didn’t take, there seem to be only the green Essence.  But since I took my screen shots from the launch trailer, it’s possible, the green used to be the pink Essence shown below,. .but now the pink Essence is some new unknown resource.

Below are the buttons “Buy” and “Find.”  Hmm,.. buy and find what?   Click the “Buy” button to go to the store to purchase Essence and Hero Fragments?  Use “Find” to find out where a particular character’s Hero Fragments can be found.

From some other screenshots not shown, it looks like each character has 5 Stats and a Power level represented by a number.  The stats are STR = strength, AGI = Agility, STA – Stamina, INT = Intelligence?, and HP = Health

XP Meta-Agents
I’m getting this info from screenshots, which might not be accurate, but it looks like XP Meta-Agents use your XP and Essence to activate Meta-Agents that level up your character.  The bottom left of the character profile above has the button labeled here as “At Max Level” which otherwise would say “Level Up” if you could.  


Another difference is ability upgrades.  Instead of a set number of abilities you can choose from and level up, new abilities will be made available to you in a Skill tree as you level up, but which ability you unlock could determine the abilities made available to you along your way to Legendary status!  I imagine where the abilities branch off may determine a style of play.

Looks like there’s something also called Ability Materials which are used for Abilities.  How?  Not sure yet.  Maybe it’s one of the resources used to upgrade?  Ability Materials can be obtained in the in-game store, and possibly elsewhere, not sure yet.


Like many games of this genre you’ll have Classes that determine how they fight.  It’s a paper-rock-scissors mechanic where one class is strong against one, but weak against the other.  In this game so far there are 3 Classes a character can have.

UPDATE: It’s possible the the green Class is called Science, red is Skill, and blue is Mystic.

You can see the 3 symbols at the lower right.  Those are the Class symbols representing 3 categories of characters based on how they fight.  1. The red fist is the “bruiser/Skill” type with attacks that are more physical based, like Batman who doesn’t have powers, but he does have gadgets.  2. The blue eye-looking thing I’m going to guess is Mystic(al) type with attacks that are more magic (Mystic) based like Zatanna. Though Cheetah, you might think would be a fist/bruiser/Skill type,.. it’s possible that it’s because her powers come from something mystical.  3. The green dna-looking type thing which I’m going to say represents “power/Science.”  Though initially I might not consider Superman as this class, I guess his powers are technically Science based?

On top of the three Class types, there the abilities you choose could determine a characters overall role on a team.  Most commonly, gamers describe these roles as Tank, for those characters who can take focus from the team and absorb a lot of the damage while the other team members may take on roles such as Damage, whose main role  is to deal out damage, and/or Support/Control, who has abilities which can either aid the team with health buffs, or debuffs to opponents that hinder their abilities.

I think this is a screenshot or art for the Beta version of the game where you can see at the bottom, the 3 classes, but with different art representation.  These must be earlier versions.  The green one here almost looks like Cosmic.

With these options there’s a lot of opportunity to mix and match the exact type of team you want to have for PVP, or to create the perfect team to go against a specific enemy for an event, which by the way they plan on having often.

From the website under the TEAM UP section it says “Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or build your own Lantern Corp.”  I’m not sure if they just mean figuratively based on the team you put together, or if they mean you can actually join a group, like a clan in Clash of Clans.  Right now, I kinda think it’s the first, but it would be cool if you could join teams.

PVP: Wraith Arena

Also, I asked about PVP.  From the photo above, I guess it’s called Wraith arena.  Interesting.  It shows on the right what the “Enemy Affinity” and your “Advantage or Disadvantage” against your opponent.  You can also see there is a resource used for PVP battles, the red lightning bolt (PVP Battle Energy/Essence?).

Q: what is this 4/5 red bolts up at the upper right for… I think that represents how many you have in relation to how many you CAN have, which will be raised higher as you level up.

Also, on another screen shot I saw that there is a button that says Use Battle Essence, perhaps that’s what the red bolts are?

I asked if it was the type of PVP where when you aren’t playing and another player beats your team, your rank falls and you have to come back and compensate for the lowered rank by winning a bunch of times JUST to get back to your previous rank, OR, will rank only be effected when you actively are playing PVP and lose or win a battle.  His answer is more like the 1st, but not quite as frustrating, that there will be a little bit of losing rank while you’re away, but not quite as important for lower ranking than those in the higher ranks where players are competing at super competitive levels like the top 100 in the world.

Apparently it will not cost additional PVP Arena Battle Essence/Energy when you do a “revenge” Battle.

There will be an overall rank that is maintained over PVP seasons, but I believe there will also be PVP season-specific ranking which places you in”14 unique Leagues with escalating rewards.” (from the official site).  It sounds like PVP season length is still being ironed out, but they may vary, and might be from 1 week, 1 month or more.  We’ll have to wait and see.

It shows your opponent rankings, your “battle log“, the top heroes of the game,.. and “League Awards.”

The League Awards must be the Leagues in ranking I mentioned earlier.

Also, you can see at the top 3 other types of resource or currency in the game that seems to be earned through PVP.  Looks like some trophies, maybe that currency?  Trophies gained in PVP is what raises your rank in PVP.

Then there’s the yellow crystal and red resource.  As mentioned earlier, I think the Red resource shown above is the in-game currency which can be used in the game’s store.  What could the yellow crystal be for?  Upgrading?  OR maybe it’s the resource that is needed to unlock new characters!!??

And then there’s that little picture of a character x1 called Hero Fragments that you see in character Profiles used to unlock and raise a specific character’s Rank.  I think a specific character’s Hero Fragments are awarded in PVP Seasons.

Of the resources show here or up above in the character profile,.. one or the other must be for leveling  up, upgrading and the other for unlocking characters.  I previously mentioned that Sean said something about the characters collecting mystical energy (UPDATE: Essence) which helps them level up,.. maybe that’s what we see in the profile screen.


According to the latest update 1.8 there is a new combat system which included new combat stats: Intelligence, Speed, Critical Hits and more.  Is this different from the regular stats I mentioned above?  Or are those what this is referring to.

Also, since this is a turn-based game, I had the question of what determines the turn order?  Based on general stats I had up top I guessed Agility.  But now it seems that there’s a Speed stat.  If so, it’d be nice to be something on screen that shows the turn order, and if it changes due to a boost in Agility/Speed, etc.


From the site it also says you can “Earn new characters and additional rewards through daily and weekly special events tied to the latest in DC comics, movies and TV.”  That’s fun!  So Daily Missions, and Events!  Yes!  Also, I guess we’ll have members of the CW Arrow/Berlanti-verse, some Rebirth stuff and Wonder Woman and Justice League films to look forward to this coming year.

DC Comics seems to really be supporting this game too.  They had people with DC Comics Legends t-shirt at the DC booth with ipads demoing the game, and passing out pins!  It’s also featured on DC All Access, their YouTube channel


Here’s the official site’s description for the storyline.

“As the shadow of the Blackest Night prophecy falls on every world, sheer will alone cannot save the shattered DC Universe. It’s up to you to lead a team of DC’s greatest champions to victory, but know this: peace can only be restored with a strategic mind.  Experience the ultimate role-playing game packed with all of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Join Superman, Batman, The Joker and more in a battle against Nekron. How will your choices affect the fate of the DC Universe? “

Seems like so far the whole game’s premise is set in the world of Blackest Night, a universe-wide story-line that began in Green Lantern.  

The gist of Blackest Night is that the Black Lanterns, being lead by Nekron is making dead super-heroes and villains come back from the dead to fight for him.  To what end?!  You’ll have to read the book.  But in the story, they also introduced a whole bunch of new versions of existing heroes and villains with Power Rings, the instruments in which different colors of the emotional spectrum make up the various Lantern Corps:  the Green Lanterns (Will), Indigo (purple Lanterns – Compassion), Red Lanterns (Hate), Sinestro Corp (Yellow Lanterns – Fear), Blue Lanterns (Hope), Orange Lanterns (Greed), Star Sapphire (Violet – Love), and in this storyline, Black Lanterns (Death), White Lanterns (Life)!   I don’t think it’s that storyline, but it’ll take place around then, OR perhaps it doesn’t, but that’s where they come from.  All we know is it’s Nekron who has somehow brought back Manhunters, robots from the Green Lantern mythos.


Get Striker Wonder Woman by preregistering at www.dccomicslegends.com


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