DC Rebirth Panel Live #NYCC2016

It’s Saturday October 8, 2016 at New York Comic-Con!  I’m live at the DC Comics Rebirth Panel.

Here’s some highlights:

Each creator was asked to tell one thing that no one knows about the comic yet …

Green Arrow:

Bringing back the boxing glove in an unexpected way.

Teen Titans:

Sixth secret member.

Wonder Woman:

Barbara Minerva before she became Cheetah was a cross between Indiana Jones and Lora Croft and her origins is very much tied to Diana like Two-Face is to Batman, also tragic.

Artist following Nicola Scott is Belquis (spelling? ) after the first arc I’m Year One (issue 14).

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp:

The artist created all new Yellow Lanterns in The background who will now get backstories.

Starro, Zudar, And a bunch of old school concepts and characters will appear.


Rogues are coming back and will not be helping the Flash anymore.




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