DC Comics News: Meet the Publishers Panel Live #NYCC2016

It’s Saturday October 8, 2016 at New York Comic-Con! I’m at the DC Comics Meet the Publishers Panel.

BTW, Dan and Jim are so fun and funny! And Real. They’re great!

Note: The following are not quotes of what they said, it’s more what I could gather from what they said.

Here’s some highlights:

Success of Rebirth

They talked about the success of Rebirth and how they don’t want to take any of it for granted and are being careful to maintain the quality of the titles and keep vigilant.

Kamandi Challenge 

For Kirby Anniversary

Each creative team takes on the ending the previous team leaves them with (short synopsis).

First Issue: Bruce Tim

Second Issue: Neal Adams

Note: They mentioned a few other names, but as I’m not on the press list I don’t get all the info, so I missed a couple names.


UPDATE: Wrote original title hoping for new news, alas,.. Sorry, was posting live, but here’s what little I got …

Warren Ellis’s take.  Jim and Dan  says he really gets it, is passionate about it and has a voice and vision.  Characters are familiar but might not start where you’re familiar with at first.

6 issues written already for the lead book.

Lucy Blaze IS Zealot.

Q&A question regarding WSU in its own universe with existing WSU characters in the current DCU.  Jim Lee basically said it’s its own universe. Regarding existing WSU characters like Apollo and Midnighter will exist in both fit now, kinda”have or cake and eat it too”

Planetary, might not be a part unless Warren chooses to, but for now, not as part.

Launches February 2017

Not much new news, see the original announcement post for details and more Updates here!

Other WSU Social Media
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Me on Twitter
WildStorm Addiction Web Site
WildStorm Addition on Twitter
Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios on Twitter
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American Way

John Ridley writer of ’20 Years A Slave’ follow up to previous WildStorm book. 2017

Goodnight Batcave

From MAD


Jetsons #1

By Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

and a Garth Ennis book .. sorry missed the name, might have been a mention of something else maybe not part of Hanna Barbara? Sorry.

DC Direct Currents #1

A publicatioook that tells you what’s coming out. Free!!

In November 2017

Some other Q&A stuff


Moving, coming, but slow, more news next year.  It WILL be in it’s own,.. Earth M.

Shazam in Rebirth

He’s in there, but taking our time. He’s part of the story


Re: diversity

Lots of steps taken to finding new voices verses diversity for diversity sake.  (I’m simplifying what was said). They have a program to find, mentor talent.

Re: DCEU Concept art And Cross Ideas on look if characters etc

They look to source material, and kinda pick what they want and make it their own.

And the publishing end also have been influenced by other media also

Watchmen in Rebirth, Why 

A little shock and awe, but because we had a story that mattered and and worthy of the characters.  they take it very seriously, and carefully.

Q: will thus open doors to other Alan Moore characters to enter like V for Vendetta. A: no

Helena ‘Huntress’s’ ethnicity

Part of a conversation,.. definitely Sicilian, but also possibly biracial. Re: portrayal in Grayson and current version.

Legion of SuperHeroes

My impression of what they said.

In the plans, but taking time. They love the Legion.



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