Warren Ellis’s WildStorm Challenge

As reported on Newarama here, Warren Ellis talked about his new WildStorm pop-up imprint set to launch in February in his e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations.

In Newsarama’s article they quoted Warren Ellis as saying the following:

“I never look back. I very, very rarely return to things I’ve previously done.”

“I’d been thinking about that [never looking back, etc.]\over the last winter – what you don’t know, of course, is that I agreed to this job on February 1, after a long phone conversation with Jim Lee — and when this came up, not long after new year, it tied right into what I’d been thinking about during December.  One of those weird synchronicities.”

Sounds like fate!  If anyone could bring back WildStorm, Warren Ellis can! Continue reading Warren Ellis’s WildStorm Challenge