Warren Ellis’s WildStorm Challenge

As reported on Newarama here, Warren Ellis talked about his new WildStorm pop-up imprint set to launch in February in his e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations.

In Newsarama’s article they quoted Warren Ellis as saying the following:

“I never look back. I very, very rarely return to things I’ve previously done.”

“I’d been thinking about that [never looking back, etc.]\over the last winter – what you don’t know, of course, is that I agreed to this job on February 1, after a long phone conversation with Jim Lee — and when this came up, not long after new year, it tied right into what I’d been thinking about during December.  One of those weird synchronicities.”

Sounds like fate!  If anyone could bring back WildStorm, Warren Ellis can!

“I don’t return to old grounds too much. I don’t look back. I started asking myself if that had become dogmatic. Binary thinking,” the writer continued. “And then this popped up, and I thought, well, here’s a way to test the hypothesis.”

I think it’s great that he’s challenging himself by going back to something he’s already worked on, and see what he has to contribute.  I mean, the question is “why he doesn’t go back.”  We don’t know, maybe cause he feels bored by what he’s already done, or going back is like going backwards and he’s moved on, or he feels he’s said what he’s wanted to say with those ideas already and feels he has nothing to say.  Either way, I think it’s a good exercise in creativity, in proving that you can always create, that if you’re a creator, you have no fear of not ever having any more ideas or better ideas.

I feel that he’ll really make these titles worth reading.  That if he’s going to do this, he’s going to really take it on and make it significant since it’s like a challenge to see if he can resurrect the WildStorm Universe successfully.

[regarding WildStorm] “a weird mix of all the stuff Jim and his frends loved. And the things in that mix that gave the line its energy back then have all come back to apply to today.”

Sounds good to me.  Whatever those things were, I and many other loved, and miss.  I really hope Warren Ellis can bring those sensibilities back.

At NY Comic Con it was announced that Warren Ellis already has 6 issues written for The Wild Storm, the main book.  Newarama also reported that Warren Ellis is working with editor Marie Javins, and has roughly 2 years mapped out, and though he’s contracted for 2 years, he has “a notion of where the third year would go.”

Two years is adequate material to get the WildStorm up and running strong again for sure!  If it’s done right.  Think about the first two years of the original WildStorm!

I’m pretty sure he’ll try to bring back all the original ideas, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to spin it in a new way or add other elements to it.  And how exactly will he apply those thing that made WildStorm great to “today?”

Maybe applying WildStorm ideas to the climate of the world right now, with so much terrorism, racial tensions, debates on guns, political circuses, the state of the comics industry, or the establishment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the new Super Hero standard and DC Extended Universes‘s struggles?

What do you guys think?  Will it tie into the main DCU eventually?  Will it be like the DC equivalent to the Marvel Universe?  Will it be like Joe Casey‘s run on Wildcats, whose take I loved?  The whole corporate super-hero thing.


What is The Wild Storm? –  Speculation

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