Destroyer Battle Event[Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Wednesday, October 20, 2016, the game  introduced the new The Destroyer Battle Event.

Keep reading to see their powers, my thoughts and some tips!  Enjoy!

 Destroyer Limited Time Battle Event

29 DAYS ONLY – Ending 11/18/16  

The official site says Destroyer is scheduled to appear again in future.


CLASS: Power

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 10/20/16

Level Score:
68 +NA/level 
[L50 Max: 1244]

1060 +33?/level 
[L50 Max: 2677]

[L50 Max: 1180]

140 +18?/level
[L50 Max: 1022]

His Level Score is below most Battle Event Tsum, but overall not bad.  His ATK is the lowest of the Power Attribute Tsums, and his DEF is 2nd lowest of the Power Attribute Tsums and in the game overall, but he has the second highest HP of the Power Attribute Tsum.

SKILL: Ruin Wave

– Clears outer rim Tsum with a shockwave of destruction.
Charge: 23

It’s ok, clears the amount of common Skills except it’s all on the outer rim.  The description from the official announcement describes the Skill as “Clear rows of Tsum with an annihilating beam to collect Combos!”  So maybe it’s good for Combos?

SPECIAL: Destroy Beam

– Clears rows of Tsum with an annihilating beam.  Beware of the lingering beam!


Seems pretty powerful.  It’s a pretty large beam that takes out almost 2/3 of the Tsums.  Not exactly sure what the “Beware of the lingering beam” is though.  Creates a Bomb.

ABILITY: Set Large [Skill]

– Large Tsum appears randomly (triggers randomly when using a Skill)



Seems like he may be good for combos, which makes sense as other powers often clear Tsums, creating Combos or even Chains and Bombs.  He’s definitely good as a Teammate for Large Tsum 3-Star Missions!

For Battles, he is the 2nd Power Attribute Tsum from a Battle Event that could get 99 Luck.  For a while Ultron was the only option for 99 Luck (P), but he could be considered challenging to use since his Skill does no damage and his Special required a very high amount of Tsum to activate.  Luckily Destroyer came along to take his place, BUT unfortunately Destroyer also has the lowest ATK of the Power Attribute Tsums, AND the 2nd lowest DEF in the game overall.  Is it worth replacing Ultron with Destroyer for his Skill that can do damage when he has such a low ATK, or a DEF that is only 20 higher than Ultron‘s?  Is 23 Tsum to activate his Skill or Attribute Advantage enough to compensate for the low ATK?  I’m not sure.  I’d have to try him out, and perhaps use Teammates who were very high in ATK or had ATK UP?  He does have a great HP!  Another consideration over Ultron is that atleast Destroyer has an Abiltity that can indirectly aid in Battles.


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