Jim Lee + Dan Didio on WildStorm, Rebirth, + Watchmen Speculation

So here’s what new info I got from the interview CBR did with Dan Didio and Jim Lee regarding the new WildStorm imprint.

Is this the official logo design on the left?  The red square.  And the logo design for The Wild Storm?!  FYI, I manipulated the art from the promo below.

So Jim Lee says it’s a “fresh start” from top to down of the universe.  In addition to the six issues they have in the drawer, they also have outlines for all four books (The Wild Storm, Michael Cray, Zealot and WildC.A.T.s).  And though it won’t launch until February, Jim Lee promises that they’re gonna tease “all sorts of crazy stuff” until the launch.

Make sure to check out my speculation on “The Wild Storm” in my post “What is The Wild Storm?

Hmm, Is this an actual cover?  For issue “7”?  Is that indication that Warren Ellis is on the 7th issue? ha ha jk, but more seriously, “24,” will there be 24 issues of The Wild Storm?  Is it a maxi-series?  AND, is “Forward Escape” the name of the first arc?!

Jim Lee also mentions that characters will be recognizable, but will be “slightly tweaked.”  Also that “the teams might not necessarily be fully formed and not in the order they were first conceived or published.”  As reflected by Warren Ellis‘s newsletter which I commented on in my post “Warren Ellis’s Challenge,” Jim Lee reiterates that Warren is “not gong to retread or redo what he’s already done.

In addressing how some WildStorm characters are already in the DCU, like Midnighter and Apollo, Jim Lee says that he doesn’t really want to give anything away, but that “this is a separate universe.”  Basically the WildStorm characters in the DCU won’t be the same characters, so essentially they could be existing in both if they choose.

In responding about the various imprints DC now has, including Young Animal and Hanna-Barbera, Dan Didio says that “you don’t want to fit them all into the same box, because they all don’t operate the same way.  But we know that we want to grab as diverse an audience as possible.”  Makes sense, verses trying to put everyone into the same universe.  They don’t have to.  This way, they have different outlets to do all kinds of stories.  And then say they all exist in the multi-verse ha ha.  Wasn’t that always the case anyway?

Dan Didio also mentions a lot of creators they’ve brought on the mainstream super-hero books will or could potentially also have books at Vertigo.  They want to be the place those creators go to create creator-owned ideas, which is also why they’ve been signing exclusivity deals with creators.  Basically, what Vertigo started out as in a way.

Also regarding line-wide event cross-overs, Dan Didio said they’re coming back to that, but not jumping from one to another, but when they have something that “drives our major storyline” or “moments … that we think needs to be elevated.”  The first major event to come out of Rebirth is the Justice League vs Suicide Squad which will start to address the overall bigger storyline which started with the Rebirth special, but there will be “slow reveals” throughout the DCU.

Obviously it’s going to drop some more hints and probably ask more questions about how the Watchmen are involved with either the New 52 and Rebirth.  We also know that the new Justice League of America will be coming out of this cross-over!  Little steps.  I’m sure they have ideas for slow reveals and some event books and cross-overs for the next two years that will culminate with something big regarding the Watchmen.

My speculation is that basically Dr. Manhattan created the New 52 universe,.. or the DC Universe and then the New 52?  Either way, he changed what was the DCU before New 52, into the New 52 as an experiment or  as a reflection of what he didn’t like about the original DCU, and now having created the New 52, has a better sense of what the DCU should be and created Rebirth?  I think that may be over simplification, so I hope there’s more to it.  I’m guessing Dr. Manhattan is the creator of the DC Universe and is responsible for the Source Wall and is the mysterious “hand” has been seen regarding the creation of the DCU.

Well that’s all for now.  Not too much, but some speculation and a look at a potential cover that revealed very little ha ha.  Check here for more speculation on “What is The Wild Storm?

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Here’s the original interview from CBR.


What is the Wild Storm?

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