Dr. Strange Event + Venom Battle Event [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Wednesday, October 27, 2016, the game  introduced the new The Dr. Strange: Becoming the Sorcerer Supreme Event, Venom Battle Eventand the announcement of the World Wide Launch Special Campaign!

The Dr. Strange Event comes on the heels of the introduction of Dr. Strange and Ancient One Update into the game, and I’m sure they’ll have advantages in the Dr. Strange Event.  Click on the link for more details!

Keep reading to see their powers, my thoughts and some tips!  Enjoy!


MARVEL Tsum Tsum World Wide Launch! Special Campaign Underway!

Official Announcement:

MARVEL Tsum Tsum is now available in over 100 countries!
To celebrate, we’re handing out a bunch of useful items.

The game is now playable in French, Italian, German, Spanish, plus a host of other languages.
*Language settings can be changed by tapping the language button on the upper left of the start screen.

MARVEL Tsum Tsum Game – Download For Free
iOS >> here
Android >> here

MARVEL Tsum Tsum World Wide Launch Campaign!

Log in during the launch campaign and get 1 Orb and 1 helpful item daily!

Get a haul of up to 16 Orbs and 14 types of different items just by logging in daily.

A collection of Coins, Iso-8, plus items that help in Missions and Battles await.
With different giveaways every day, don’t forget to check back to see what you can get!

Campaign Period (PT)
10/26 12:00AM – 11/10 11:59PM (16 days)

Where to Find the Gifts
Gifts from the campaign will be automatically sent to your mailbox. Head there to claim 1 Orb and 1 item each day you log in.

You will receive 1 orb and 1 type of item each day you log in.

Dr. Strange: Becoming the Sorcerer Supreme Event

This 2nd Event takes place in the Stages section of the game in it’s very own Stage, just like the Spider-Man Event, versus the Limited Time Event Battles in the Battle section of the game.

Look for this Icon in the Event Stage next to a points counter for “how to play.” 

This time there doesn’t seem to be as much going on.  It’s not quite as complex as the Spider-Man Event.  This one is a bit more straight forward.  So you complete “areas” and get 5 Energy, and when you earn all stars in an “area” you get 5 Booster Tickets!


The red ball up covered in snow with some magic hex is the Dr. Strange Event Stage.

The stage has a map of six areas that you can unlock as you complete “areas.”  Each area consists of a number of Missions, which include some that require you to destroy icicles, and atleast one Battle.  Once you complete all missions in an area, the next area opens up.  When you collect all the stars in an area, that area will be at 100%.


Above, is the screenshot of “Area 1.”  When you enter Area 1, you are greeted with this message:

There are 6 Missions of Area 1 for a player to play through.  The Missions can be repeated after each completion.

The following are the first 6 Mission winning and 3-Star conditions:

The beginning Missions will be easy and it might not matter which Tsum you use, but as they get more difficult, take a look at my tips for various Mission conditions at my Tips and Strategy page

Mega Charge Condition
Combo Condition
Bomb Clearing Condition
Coin Collecting Condition
Chain Condition

On the 6th Mission, the Ancient One returns to Battle:


In each Area, you will eventually have a Battle.  In this one, it’s the 6th Mission.  When you reach it, and click on him to battle.  Above is a little tip the Ancient One gives you before the battle.  If you normally can defeat an Event Battle Tsum in Hard, he will be very easy.

Then you begin the Battle.

I thought it was interesting how small he was.  Normally Battle Tsum are much larger, right?  Anyhow, this is the beginning of the Event, so it’s super easy!

Ancient One
CLASS: Blast

He’s the guy who trains Dr. Strange to be who he is.

If he begins to become harder to defeat, you might consider using a Power Attribute Tsum!  Perhaps one with Bomb Clearing powers as a Leader or Abilities for Teammates so you can use them throughout the Event.

Note/TIP: Right now, there isn’t a Power Attribute Tsum with bomb creating powers to use as a leader, but you can always use Tsum with Bomb creating Abilities as leaders too, and in this case, there is only one Power Attribute Tsum with Bomb Creating Ability – War Machine!  Then use other non-Power Attribute Tsum with Bomb aiding Abilities as Teammates. i.e. Rocket Raccoon, Howard the Duck.

After you win, completing all the Missions of Area 1, AND have 3-Starred them all, you’ll get these rewards!

Then …
Area 2 opens up.

When you enter Area 2, Ancient One returns yet again with a message:
There are 10 Missions total in Area 2 including 1 Icicle Mission and 1 Battle.

For tips for various Mission conditions, check out my Tips and Strategy page for …. Skill Usage Condition
General Mission Teams or High Scoring Tsum
Chain Condition
Mega Charge Condition
Coin Collecting Condition
Combo Condition
General Mission Teams or High Scoring Tsum


Area 2: Mission 8

On the 8th Mission you’ll get an Icicle Mission and get this message:

To pass these Icicle Missions you are required to destroy a given number of Ice Blocks, usually with a Skill, Special or Bombs.  So far with Bombs, it’s been taking 3 hits for each Ice Block to be destroyed!

Eventually you’ll be required to destroy a large number of Ice Blocks which you will probably not be able to do all at once.  Luckily the game will keep tabs on how many you have destroyed.

Can anyone confirm how other powers effect Ice Blocks?  Does each Ice Block take 3 hits each to be destroyed with a Skill or Special also?  

Who to use:

Ideally Dr. Strange.  His Skill was made for these Missions, as his Skill: Mystic Magic creates bombs which you can move to a desired location before exploding when you let go.  Here are some other Tsum suggestions that would be good for this and for the Bomb Clearing Condition Missions.

Otherwise, use a Skill or Tsum with a Special that is great for Tsum clearing.
General Mission Teams or High Scoring Tsum

Also, for a limited time,.. Dr. Strange and Ancient One have Boosted Stats!  +500 stat boost to their HP, ATK and DEF for the rest of November!!!  BUT, those are only really relevant for battles,.. so against the Ancient One then.

Also, *DROP RATE UP + LUCK 5 for Doctor Strange and Ancient One  until 10/29/16 11:59PM (PT)

Question: Do the Icicles serve any other purpose?  Not sure yet…

Area 2: Mission 9

Large Tsum Clearing Condition

On Area 2: Mission 10, you are confronted by the Ancient One again to do Battle

Actually I think it must be his astral form that you fight, cause you have yet to find him still.  Maybe that’s why he’s also so small and ghost-like!


Upon completing Area 2, and possibly other Areas, you may also unlock Extra Areas with harder Missions!

Ah ha, it is his astral body!  And on to the next Area!!!


Venom Limited Time Battle Event

14 DAYS ONLY – Ending 11/10/16  

Official Announcement:

Do you have what it takes to defeat Venom? Face him in battle from 10/26 (PT)!

Match the might of Venom in battle and he may just join your team!
Suit up and get ready for when he appears in battles!

When will he appear?

Venom will appear continuously between 10/26 12:00AM and 11/10 PM11:59 (PT).

Venom is scheduled to appear again in future.


CLASS: Power

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 10/27/16

Level Score:
82 +NA/level 
[L50 Max: 1552]

680 +?/level 
[L50 Max: 1856]

[L50 Max: 1603]

130 +?/level
[L50 Max: 1012]


He has a below average HP, a very low below average DEF, an average ATK, above average Level Score, which is common for Battle Event Tsum.  I think we have better options if we’re going to use him for Missions, as there are other Tsum with better Ability and better Level Score, but if you don’t have then, he might be one of your highest Level Score.  Otherwise, you’d want to consider him for Battles for the fact that he is now only 1 of 3 Power Tsum you can really get 99 Luck for, AND, his stats aren’t horrible, his abilities are pretty great, and he’s a good alternative to Destroyer if you didn’t want to use Ultron.

SKILL: Symbiote

  • A symbiote absorbs the center Tsum to create XL Venom


Pretty cool.  So it takes a few Tsum in the middle and changes them into this huge Venom, bigger than Large, XL!!  I suppose when you use it, it may be double the worth of the regular Large??  Question is will it work for Large Tsum Clearing Missions!?

SPECIAL: Deadly Surge

– Symbiote tentacles clear Tsum Tsum
in its hurling fury!


Seems pretty powerful.  A tentacle slams down on a random part of the screen 4 times!  It kinda looks like it may clear an equivalent to almost about the whole screen of Tsum.  And it aids in Combos and creates Bombs (Chains?)!

ABILITY: Bomb Range [Tsum]

  • Briefly expand Bomb range
    (triggers randomly with every 100 Tsum Tsum cleared)


Ok, so good for Bomb creating Tsums and damage.  100 Tsum, is that the same with others?


His Skill is pretty cool if you’re looking to create Large Tsums because you’ll be creating an XL one, which would mean more Coin Collecting, Chains, and Combos.  Question is will it work for Large Tsum Clearing Missions!

The Special seems pretty powerful, striking the screen 4 times in medium size blasts aiding in Combos and creating Bombs (Chains?).

Overall, he seems pretty useful for Missions and possibly Battles.  He has an above average Level Score, and he’s good for Large Tsum Clearing (potentially, have to confirm), High Score, Coin Collecting, Combos, Chains, and creating Bombs as leader, and for Battles as your Power 99 Luck alternative to Destroyer (who has Set Large Ability) and Ultron, with an average ATK, but below average HP and super low DEF.


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