WildStorm Update + Speculation, + Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios

New The Wild Storm Images!

Bleeding Cool News reported from the MCM London Comic Con with some new images for the upcoming Warren Ellis book The Wild Storm with artist Jon Davis-Hunt, the flagship title for the pop-up imprint WildStorm which Warren Ellis will be curating for DC Comics.

They have also reported that the new WildStorm Universe will be more of a reimagining, vesus a “rebirth” as with the main line of DCU comics.

Below we see two photos Bleeding Cool got from a DC panel where Dan Didio showed these images in relation to The Wild Storm.

Looks like Lucy Blaze a.k.a. Zealot, Michael Cray and…. Voodoo?!  Priscilla Kitaen?  I think so.  The tatoo sleeve kinda gave it away.  Nice.  She looks great.  Very sleek with that new hairdo.  If you look at the photo below, Angela Spica, the one with the long hair, I had originally thought was Voodoo, but I was wrong.

I think the art looks great.  I like how we just see these characters casually walking up from the subway in NYC.  What could that be all about?  The quality of the photo is low so I couldn’t zoom in too much, but really there isn’t too much info there.  Maybe you could analyze their demeanor to get some idea of what’s going on ha ha.  Definitely seems Lucy Blaze has got to be one of the leaders, especially with her own solo book coming out of The Wild Storm.  Both Lucy and Michael Cray have their hands in their pockets, one of the shows of casualness.  Priscilla seems to be holding something in her right hand,.. a cell phone?  And they’re coming up out of the Subway in Central Park South, NYC.

Looks like in this take of the WildStorm Universe or atleast in this flagship title at first, it’ll be more of the plain clothes vs colorful spandex heroes.  I’m down for that, though I can’t lie, I would also love for there to be the colorful sort as well.  There’s room for it all right?  It’s possible the trends of the 90s could be returning.  With WildStorm , there’s also supposed to be a new Youngblood title and X-Men are returning to the Blue and Gold teams of the 90s.  I know for a fact the X-Men books are bringing back the colorful, superheroes behaving like superheroes thing!

Other than naming the Engineer as a character, they so far haven’t named any of the characters by anything but their pedestrian aliases.  I don’t think they mentioned Grifter by name.  Actually, they did name Zealot, duh, it’s one of the 4 titles, but otherwise…  I’m sure the “codenames” will come later if not at first.

Another interesting observation is the introduction of these 7 characters as being in The Wild Storm book.  It’s possible they don’t know eachother at all, but it’s likely that if they didn’t, that most of them will atleast meet sooner than later.  In the cover above, we already see Lucy, Cray and Voodoo together.  In fact, they look like they all work together, perhaps for I/O (International Operations) lead by Miles Craven.  In the original WildStorm I don’t think any of them worked for I/O,.. atleast not in the beginning.  If they had any connections, it was either in their past, like as part of Team 7 or maybe meeting later on.  I think Zealot was already with Lord Emp (Jack Marlowe), Michael Cray was Deathblow, doing his own thing in his book.  And Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo) was a stripper!  I have a feeling Warren Ellis is going to change how they kinda all come together, and where they all started, but will probably keep some things that are essential to the character, like Zealot‘s history as a previous leader of the Coda, and her having lived on earth for centuries, etc.  And then maybe Warren Ellis will give a couple nods to the old WildStorm too, maybe adding Voodoo going undercover as a stripper or something ha ha.

So, do these three, atleast, or all of them start off together working for I/O and Miles Craven and then Zealot and Voodoo run into Grifter or something and eventually WildC.A.T.s are formed?  And will it be Wildcats or WildC.A.T.s or even W.I.L.D.Cats?  And then there’s also Angela Spica, the Engineer, who wasn’t even introduced to the WSU until around when Warren Ellis came on to Stormwatch and created the Authority.  She has to be a part of I/O.  No doubt!

Anyhow, I can speculate ALL DAY!  ha ha… click on the link for more of my speculation on What is the Wild Storm?!

Original Bleeding Cool Article


Official Announcement:


Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios is coming!
The Kickstarter will launch Tuesday, January 3rd– just in time for WildStorm’s 25th Anniversary and the return of the imprint under the watchful eye of Warren Ellis!

The manuscript has been completed and the final proofreading edits and design layout will be finished well before the end of the year. Even the Kickstarter project page is being finalized now so everything will be ready to go!

In order to assist with the publishing costs, today I am launching a special sale of some items from my personal WildStorm collection. The proceeds from each sale will go towards lowering the overall Kickstarter goal before the launch so I hope you will take a look and follow the progress via the project’s social media accounts.


Thanks for all your support and please share this exciting news!

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