Update: Supergirl, Firestorm, Arrow Ep. 100 Pack and Hotfixes.. [DC Legends]


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Updated 12/3/16

  • Firestorm The Nuclear Man (NM) [E] Special Offer
  • Supergirl Last Daughter of Krypton (LDK) [E] for December login bonus and PVP!
  • Arrow You Have Failed This City (Episode 100) Pack
  • “Opponents” tab in PVP, when “refreshed” puts opponents who are of the same League as you.  At the release, initially all opponents will be BOTS with +9 Trophies for defeating them to flush the system.And some other PVP updates.  PVP battles are now held in Metropolis: Centennial Park.  Previously it was at Oa: Guardian Council Chambers.
  • Zatanna Mistress of Magic (MM) [M] and Wonder Woman Champion of the Amazons (CA) [M] stats got fixed!
  • New Heroes attainable through Saturday Daily Dungeons!
  • Here’s a link to the official hotfix announcement

Firestorm The Nuclear Man Special Offer (November 30, 2016) – 1 month (ends in 4 weeks, 2 Days)

Premium Offer – 8,000 Essence Gems (20% discount, Limit 5) – 100 Hero Fragments + 1000 Legendary Essence to upgrade to Legendary Firestorm.  3 Packs to Legendary Firestorm.

You Have Failed This City (Arrow Episode 100) Pack (December 1, 2016) – 3 Days

5,000 Gems.  Best Value.  50 Fragments of 1 character.

Green Arrow Emerald Archer (EA) [P]
Green Arrow Castaway (CA) [P]
Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance (DLL) [P]
Flash Fastest Man Alive (FMA) [E]
Hawkgirl Champion of Thanagar (CT) [E]
Huntress Zealous Crusader (ZC) [P]
Deadshot Hired Gun (HG) [P]



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