The Wild Storm #1 Solicitation Meanderings (Speculation) + News Update

Update: New Image! And News!  December 5, 2016
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December  2, 2016
Various sources have now posted upcoming #1s for the new year including The Wild Storm, JLA, and Super Sons.

Here’s one source that posted this news, go there to see the other solicitations:

Below is the official solicitation for The Wild Storm #1 for February 2017 and below that are my thoughts!

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Written by WARREN ELLIS • Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT • Variant cover by TULA LOTAY • 1:50 variant by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS • 1:100 pencils-only variant by JIM LEE

Retailers: This issue will ship with four covers. Please see the order form for details.

A troubled woman, barred by her employer from continuing her research, walks miserably through New York City. It takes her a moment to notice that everybody else is looking up. A man has been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper.
And that woman—Angela Spica, sick from the transhuman implants she’s buried in her own body—is the only person who can save him.
What she doesn’t know is that the act of saving that one man will tip over a vast and secret house of cards that encloses the entire world, if not the inner solar system. This is how the Wild Storm begins, and it may destroy covert power structures, secret space programs and even all of human history.

New York Times best-selling writer Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, RED, THE AUTHORITY) returns to DC to curate Jim Lee’s WildStorm world, with this debut issue resetting the WildStorm universe with new iterations of Grifter, Voodoo, the Engineer, Jenny Sparks and others.

“I couldn’t be more excited to see these characters that are so near and dear to me reintroduced under the guiding hand of Warren Ellis. WildStorm represents an incredibly fun and exciting period in my career, and I can’t wait to see what Warren and Jon have in store for fans in February.”—Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher

On sale FEBRUARY 15 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

Preview page courtesy of Bleeding Cool and


Awesome, Variant covers by Tula Lotay and Jim Lee?!?  Amazing!  Also we finally get a better look at this cover.  I haven’t read the solicitation yet, but there’s a splatter trail of blood either going in or out of this train station that they are coming out of.  Hmm.  Looks like maybe a murder mystery might be a topic of the first issue.

Hmm, so Angela Spica, the Engineer is the “troubled woman” who is barred by her employer from continuing her research which has got her “miserable” and walking through NYC, when she see’s a man who had been thrown from the upper floor of the Halo skyscraper!  Wow.  I can’t recall what Angela’s previous profession was. In some wikis, it says she was a physicist and/or technologist.  In any case, I wonder if she is already the “Engineer.”  Otherwise why would she even consider “she is the only person who can save him?”  Either way, she has SOME abilities since she’s sick from transhuman implants she put in her own body.  Question is WHY is she putting these implants in her body that’s making her sick?  Is she addicted to body modifications or something?  Or is there something else.  And what could this research that she’s now been barred from continuing be?  Probably something to do with what she’s done to herself.  She must be obcessed with technology, and it’s now bled into her work and she’s gone too far.

And does her thinking she’s the only one who could save this man mean anything?  Is a reluctant hero, or is this something she’s been building towards?  Does she want to be a hero, and her employer is deterring that, or does her employer want her to be a hero, and has let her go as far as she has with her implants, except that it’s not why she was doing it, and was deviating from their agenda?  If she doesn’t want to be a hero, then what is it she wants?

Is this man falling to his death a chance to prove herself, or is it setting a precedent she doesn’t want to set.

And then the secret.  The man she will rescue will somehow either expose or mess up something really big.  REALLY big.  Apparently saving this man will fuck up a bunch of secrets of the world, or “inner solar system.”  Sounds like this “world” is insular right now, and this rescue will expose all the secrets of this world and it’s history, and who runs it.

Bleeding Cool also reported this!

“Following the success of Young Animal, DC is now pushing the Wildstorm imprint to launch with more books after Ellis’ titular series comes out. DC is looking to have titles written by Jonathan Hickman, Ales Kot, Jody Houser, and Matthew Rosenberg. All have been in Burbank recently to finalize the plans.”

I asked a very well-connected person at DC Comics who tells me

“two of those are never going to happen.”

Um,… I feel like Hickman might be the unlikely one, but damn would he be one I’d be excited to see for WildStorm OR DC!  I recall hearing that he loved the Legion of Super Heroes or Team Titans or something… right??  Yes, please!

And here’s a cool top 15 Things CBR would like to see in the reboot!  I think I may post a blog in response to their post 🙂


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