The Wild Storm #2 Solicitation Meanderings + Reboot Tidbits

Official Solicitation

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Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT
Variant cover by AFUA RICHARDSON
1:50 variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
1:100 pencils-only variant cover by JIM LEE

All Angela Spica did was save someone’s life. And now hers is over. The rogue engineer lies bleeding in a place she hopes nobody will find – but she’s wrong. The people embedded in the secret power structures of the world are tracking her. Skywatch. Halo. International Operations. A covert operative called Grifter.
If only she hadn’t unknowingly foiled an assassination planned by her boss. If only her boss wasn’t the one person more interested in the Engineer’s transhuman implants than in her life.
It’s all going very wrong, very quickly. There’s going to be more blood.
On sale MARCH 15 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+


Awesome, more Jim Lee covers!  YES!

Oh, guess we now know that Angela Spica saved the guy who fell from the building from last issue.  Was it the Halo building?  Can’t recall.  I guess, she DID expose herself somehow since she’s described as “rogue.”  She sacrificed herself to save someone, exposing herself, and “lies bleeding?”  From saving that guy?  Why is she bleeding?  Is the technology in her body all messed up and not syncing with her body?

She “foiled an assassination planned by her boss.”  She probably works for I.O., and her boss, Miles Craven,.. was trying to kill,.. um, Jacob Marlowe perhaps? From Halo?  I’m speculating.

OH, they mentioned Skywatch, Halo and I/O!  Awesome!  Interesting.  They’re listed in a way that implies they may be the “secret power structures of the world.”  It’s like there’s a secret war going on that only these organizations know about.  Is it the Kheribium and Daemonite war?  They are all seemingly all looking for her.  WHY!?  It does say that Engineer’s “boss is more interested in her transhuman implants than in her life ” so I bet she found some alien technology which she may have used on her body, or she has some data that was encrypted in the technology she found or she’s embedded into herself.  Maybe Cybernary will show up after all (*see CBR’s top 15 things they’d like to see.  Grifter is also looking for her.  He’s described as a covert operative!  He he Covert Action Teams!  Please!

Sounds like this secret war is about to break open and heat up to the next level!  The stakes change, and rise to the point in which things change and begin to form,.. namely the WildC.A.T.s and Stormwatch?

Bleeding Cool reports that Issues #1 and #2 are not returnable like with the New 52, DC You, Rebirth, Vertigo and Young Animal launches.

Preview page courtesy of Bleeding Cool and

Oh, there’s Engineer perhaps saving someone from a falling building.  Then Grifter as seen on the 2nd preview art in a alley.  Then we have Michael Cray with a IV blood bag,.. hmm.  He definitely works for I.O. (his shirt).  And then we have Zealot.

Bleeding Cool also reported this!

“Following the success of Young Animal, DC is now pushing the Wildstorm imprint to launch with more books after Ellis’ titular series comes out. DC is looking to have titles written by Jonathan Hickman, Ales Kot, Jody Houser, and Matthew Rosenberg. All have been in Burbank recently to finalize the plans.”

I asked a very well-connected person at DC Comics who tells me

“two of those are never going to happen.”

Um,… I feel like Hickman might be the unlikely one, but damn would he be one I’d be excited to see for WildStorm OR DC!  I recall hearing that he loved the Legion of Super Heroes or Team Titans or something… right??  Yes, please!

CBR’s Top 15 Things they would like to see in the reboot!

Here are some highlights and my thoughts!

15. WildC.A.T.s

No matter what approach the new “WildC.A.T.s” takes, the title will almost certainly be a better showcase for the characters than the DC Universe provided.

I totally agree for obvious reasons.

14. First Contact

With aliens like the Kherubim and the Daemonites traditionally playing a central role in the WildStorm mythology, an “Orbiter” or “Ocean” influenced take on aliens would give the new WildStorm a conceptual strength that’s absent from many alien-focused comics.

I don’t recall having read “Orbiter” but I think I read atleast the first issue of “Ocean.”  Not enough to really comment about them.  But I agree with exploring space and aliens in a less seen way is a good way to go.

13. Deathblow

While Miles Craven has already been announced as a character in the new line, Team 7 is one of the few WildStorm concepts that’s been successfully ingrained into the new DC Universe. Although Deathblow briefly appeared in the short-lived “Grifter” series, the new Cray and his relationship, or lack thereof, to Team 7 should be a good indicator of what is and isn’t fair game for the new imprint.

I have a feeling it won’t matter whether or not Wildstorm IPs have been mentioned in the DC Universe.  Ellis is gonna do whatever he wants, and if there’s overlap, either he’ll find a way to explain it or it’ll be ignored.  Existing WildStorm concepts and characters I feel will remain separate from this new reboot as if they coexist.

12. Tao

Although he was used to great effect in the spy thriller, “Sleeper,” the definitive Tao story hasn’t been told yet. Tom King and Tim Seeley gave Tao an extended cameo as a caged, Hannibal Lecter-esque mastermind in “Grayson,” but the character hasn’t had a starring role since the WildStorm line ended. Tao would make a perfect, horrifying antagonist for the new WildStorm, especially if he shows up in an Ellis-penned book, given the writer’s fondness for geniuses and whip-smart dialogue.

Oh yeah, I’d like T.A.O. back,.. good or bad, whatever, he was interesting.  It’s almost like he was too smart to be just good or bad.  He had his own agenda.

11. Tokyo Storm Warning

With art by James Raiz and Andrew Currie, the series takes place in a world where an atomic bomb was dropped on Tokyo at the end of World War II. Later, giant monsters and giant monster robot hybrids plagued the rebuilt city of tomorrow, with the mech-suited ARCangels serving as the only line of defense. The series plays out like a surreal take on the action of “Pacific Rim” with an unexpected super-power at its core. The world and the concepts developed here are too exciting to leave dormant, and these characters should show up again, either slotted into the main WildStorm Universe or in another series of their own.

I remember this title,.. but can’t remember how much I read of it.  I guess it didn’t stick enough for me to feel the same way.  Either way, the more outlandish variety which tonally still fits in the new WSU, the better in my opinion.

10. Wetworks

The core idea of “Wetworks,” a golden strike force that fights the supernatural world’s most fanged and fearsome foes, is a brilliant high concept with a lot of potential. Nothing here would be entirely out of Warren Ellis’ wheelhouse either. The golden symbiotes that power Wetworks aren’t all that different from the Extremis armor Ellis introduced with Adi Granov on “Iron Man,” and he created Gravel, a combat magician with Mike Wolfer for Avatar Press. Focusing on some of the more supernatural elements would certainly differentiate the new WildStorm line from its predecessor, and dropping a science fiction concept into the plot of an “Underworld” movie could be an intriguing set-up for ongoing stories.

Oh yeah, no doubt Wetworks should come back somehow.  But I’m sure Ellis will put his on spin on it to reinvent it, which could be exciting!

9. International Heroes

International heroes have always played a role in the universe, especially with the United Nations-run Stormwatch team. Even if these stories stay out of the WildStorm Universe, the kind of attention to cultural detail should absolutely inform it. Given Ellis’ continuing interest in telling stories about cleaning up the mistakes of the past and the central role of paramilitary organizations in the old WildStorm, neither of these concepts would feel out of place in the new imprint either.

Sure, why not, yes yes to global storytelling and characters.

8. Global Frequency

While details of the new imprint remain unknown, the tactical-inspired character designs seem to indicate that the previous WildStorm’s emphasis on paramilitary organizations will carry on into the new universe. If that is the case, a new “Global Frequency” could fit right in with the rest of the line and serve as a quick way to reintroduce old characters and concepts.

Yeah, it was a cool concept, and if Ellis fits it into WildStorm that’d be cool, but I feel like it’s not likely as there are SO many ideas and characters already to play with starting out, unless he uses this as a launching pad for some of the more classic WildStorm concepts or characters.  That I could see.

7. Cyborgs and Technology

Perhaps no title is ready for revision than “Cybernary.” Originally created by Steve Gerber and Nick Manabat, the book was a dark technological tale of Katrina Cupertino, a human who became part cyborg in a back-up feature to “Deathblow.” Despite fusing with the consciousness of Yumiko Gamorra, the daughter of a major WildStorm villain, the character eventually floundered in relatively minor roles in the WildStorm Universe and even more minor cameos in the New 52. Under a deft hand, there’s limitless potential here to tackle any of a number of issues that intersect with an increasingly-technologically focused real world.

Yeah, a reboot of this concept is right up Ellis’s ally.  Unless it really plays into the main premise of what he’s creating, I don’t see her popping up anytime soon.  BUT, we’re not really sure what the main premise is yet, SO, anything is possible, especially with the character’s connection to a main villain like Gamorra.

6. Desolation Jones

As recently as 2012, Ellis had stated that the series would not return. But a reinvigorated WildStorm could prove to be an opportunity to revisit the character, or at least a similar world. With so many former and washed up soldiers, spies and commandos, characters from the WildStorm Universe could easily populate a similar set-up.

A lot of CBR’s ideas here are from the WildStorm imprint but not the main core concepts of the WildStorm Universe.  I suppose titles such as Desolation Jones, could be a part of the WSU, but I don’t think that it was.  Ellis would really have to want this character back to fit him into the new WSU.  I do remember really liking Desolation Jones, a lot, so i’d love to see it.  Here’s hoping Ellis will use the new WSU as a playground for ALL his WildStorm creations.

5. Gen13/Dv8

In a world where live-action media like “Misfits” and “Chronicle” have offered compelling takes on teens with powers, the comics industry is ready for an unbridled response. While many “Gen13” characters have appeared in some of the New 52’s teen hero books, they seem redundant in a world that already has several dozen Titans running around. While a focus on younger characters might seem out of place for the new WildStorm at first, Ellis was the first writer on the original “DV8” series, and several of the characters and concepts the teen teams are built on are already set to appear.

Absolutely!  Ofcourse, no way these guys won’t be included eventually.  Especially since Ellis wrote the original run of Dv8!!

4. Automatic Kafka

Although nine issues were released, the book was canceled well before its conclusion and it shockingly remains uncollected in English. The book had a few loose connections to the wider WildStorm Universe, which is a good as reason as any to hope for its return. Casey dealt with similar themes throughout his career, even during his run on “Uncanny X-Men,” but his layered, complex storytelling paired well with Wood’s stark, almost abrasive art. In a world that’s somehow even more obsessed with celebrity in the social media age, more “Automatic Kafka” could be more relevant than ever before.

I vaguely remember this title.  I remember reading it and liking how odd it was.  Man CBR has so many ideas here.  I think some of these might work as part of the main book or something, but few of these will get there own book in the first year atleast.  If the new WSU imprint does amazingly well, then I can see some of these coming in like year 3.

3. Jack Cross

The character is still practically a blank slate with a solid premise, and that’s exactly the kind of character who could thrive in a new WildStorm Universe. Again, there’s no shortage of spy outfits Cross could team up with, and Cross seems like a conceptual fit with the new imprint’s espionage tilt.

I don’t recall reading this book, so I’m not sure it was any good.  This CBR list really seems to just point out ALL of Ellis’s previous work at WildStorm as potential IPs for the new WSU.  Ok, I get it.  Like I said, fine by me if Ellis just uses all characters and fits them in somehow, but they can’t replace the characters that we expect to see in a WSU reboot.  Jack Cross is a BIG maybe.  A cameo perhaps at first.  We have to establish all of everyone’s favorites first ha ha.

2. The Authority

After somewhat neutered versions of “The Authority’s” characters appeared in the New 52’s version of “Stormwatch,” Midnighter has been the only character to make a successful transition into the DC Universe through “Grayson” and his own solo title. The future of the Authority looks divided, with Apollo and Midnighter reunited in a just-released DC Universe miniseries and the Engineer already announced for the new WildStorm. It’s still unclear how these titles will split the characters up or whether different versions of the characters will simply coexist. Either way, “The Authority” was a revolutionary response to the superhero comics of the 1990s, and could return as an equally provocative response to the heroes-turned-corporate icons of today.

I feel the Authority will return, but perhaps reinvented almost as neither heroes or villains.  Some gray area.  Bigger picture type of role.  And I’m pretty sure Midnighter and Apollo will exist in BOTH DCU and WSU, either as the same versions or new versions existing in both.

1. The Monarchy

“Stormwatch” has always been an important title to the WildStorm Universe. Although it was a launch title for DC’s New 52, “Stormwatch” didn’t really do much beyond introducing a tamer version of the Authority to the DC Universe and give Martian Manhunter a place to hang out before “Justice League of America” started. The WildStorm characters work best when creators can stretch them into the weirdest shapes imaginable, and there’s not a better place for old “Stormwatch” heroes to get weird than in a revived “The Monarchy.”

 I LOVED The Monarchy!  So, I’m really happy to hear CBR having it as it’s #1!  I would love that.  It WAS weird, and different.  Something on another level, which I feel is where the NEW Authority will possibly be.  But who really knows.  Either way, something like this is bound to be a part of the new WSU!  It’s books like this and Authority that really reinvented super hero books.  And now, I’m sure Ellis will try to do it again with a new version of the WSU.


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