The Wild Storm New Details, Interview: Warren Ellis, #1 Reviews + Reveal: #4 Solit

So, The Wild Storm comes out this Wed!  Here’s some last min info to absorb before the storm hits!

Storm Warning – New Info
Warren Ellis Vulture Interview
Covers and 8 Page Preview
Solit for The Wild Storm #4


9/10 Rating from Newsarama (Spoiler-Free Review)

5/5 Rating from Comic Bastards (Spoiler-Free Review)

Essential quote:

… not one that you should miss. Buy this book. Enjoy this book because my God did it remind me of why I read comics when I so desperately needed that reminder. The Wild Storm #1 may just be the first perfect comic of 2017

B+ Rating from (Mostly Spoiler-Free Review)

The Wild Storm #2 Variant Jim Lee Pencils

Image may contain: drawing

Jim Lee reveals WildStorm master plan

A “Storm Warning” was in DC Comics the week before the launch of The Wild Storm on Feb. 15. Scans provided by Joseph Esposito

Image may contain: text


You know, I always wonder what kinda guy Warren Ellis was.  Sometimes, I wonder if he’s anything like Alan Moore.  I don’t know anything really about Alan Moore, but off-hand I think I might be intimidated to talk to Alan Moore ha ha.  Looking at this, it looks like Warren Ellis might be more approachable?  Maybe ha ha.  I know he’s just being funny, but I really hope he doesn’t feel forced into doing this ha ha.

Image may contain: 1 person

What does “Alternate-reality story on a parallel Earth” mean?

That’s interesting, so what exactly does this mean?  Doesn’t being a parallel earth already mean “alternate-reality?”  I think more recently, the Multiverse had expanded into an Omniverse, meaning, there are multiple Multiverses.  SO, if there was an original Multiverse of 52 parallel Earths, one of which I believe was the WildStorm universe.  Or was it folded into the main Earth, which is why there were WildStorm characters in the main DCU?  Oy, I’m forgetting.  Maybe it’s THIS confusion which is why perhaps THIS new WildStorm universe is in another Multiverse of 52 or whatever parallel Earths?  Is THAT what it means?  OR, since there already IS a WildStorm universe in the Multiversity,.. THIS is that parallel Earth, but, an alternate-reality of it?  Oy, my head.

Image may contain: 1 person


It really is interesting how he’s a little self-deprecating.  He’s human!  A true artist!  Hre he suggests that not only are there 4 titles but a “surprise or two.”  Hmm, maybe one-shots, or specials involving a crossover where some exciting familiar WSU properties will be reintroduced perhaps?  The four titles will be staggered more than a month or two apart.  I think that’s good.  He also mentions that there WILL be some “hooks’ into the DCU here and there.  That’s promising to always have that option!  Love it, esp. if Midnighter and Apollo from the DCU are the same in this Universe!  We’ll have to see.

So it’ll be 4 books for 2 years.  The Wild Storm, WildC.A.T.s, Michael Cray and Zealot.  And then “on the first month of year 3, one book will become another.”  My guess is either The Wild Storm becomes Stormwatch, or Michael Cray becomes Deathblow!!!!

It’s really exciting to hear how he works.  He says he made “a list of what he considered to be the central ideas behind the original WildStorm books.”  Apparently, X-Files reboot was on his radar, I wonder if he watched it.  He also said he did tons of research on the current state of things in para-politics literature!  All this stuff is right up his alley, isn’t it?  He was always interested in technologies and stuff.  He also seems to want to recreate the tone of the original books!  That’s promising!

I like that he asks himself what purpose it serves to bring these ideas back.  That’s really important I feel.  It adds more reason for people to care.  His reasoning for the revival is solid.  We DO live in a more paranoid world now and we do need some new views on the world right now.  So in a way, the new WildStorm will be very relevant and reflect the current state of our world a bit.  I know here in the U.S., politics and the state of the U.S. and it’s government is very uncertain, and has the country divided.  Thought the new WildStorm may be relevant, it sounds like it hopes to also provide the epic escapism that some of us need.  There’s a good and bad thing about his comparing the new WildStorm to Game of Thrones.  One one hand, that means we’ll get some great high stakes shocking drama and entertainment.  On the other hand, that may also mean a very grim and morally devastating tone, which isn’t necessarily what I personally think comics or the world needs right now, even though it reflects it.  Right now, I think we need the bright colors and hype of the original Image launches, to bring some positive energy and inspiration into our world.  Maybe the WildC.A.T.s will come out of the other end closer to what they started as originally, versus this new washed-out, overcast gray and depressing tone that they’re starting with.  I have no doubt it’ll be cool, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Game of Thrones!  It’s just something to keep in mind.

I do like what he had to say about the world-building.  I’ve always been a fan of creating logic between things, and creating a world where everything is connected and has grown out from something else.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


Ah, speaking to the gloom tone  I mentioned, he said “the first two ears to the top of year three is into the dark and out again to something aspirational!”  Awesome!  I hope the line makes it to year 3, and I hope the tone of the universe or atleast part of it will change.  Afterall, if you’re going for some of the original tone of the WSU, Gen 13 was very fun, bright and optimistic!  Bring the colors back!!!

It’s admittedly “dark,” but sometimes going to one extreme lends to going into the other, and in some cases is very smart writing!  And if you’re gonna go dark, Game of Throne kinda set the new standard for popular culture.  I love his comparison that “instead of houses, there are covert organizations, secret societies, secret space programs, and ancient cults. Instead of sigils, … mission patches, corporate logos an mystery symbols.  I’m actually excited for that last part.  I hope there are lots of design elements of the original WSU that can be explained here in the new WSU.  ie. the stripes on Deathblow’s face, and the many other symbols from the WSU.  Again, I love finding and/or creating logic between things.  It’s like what Geoff Johns did with Green Lantern Rebirth, creating the logic with regards to the weakness to Yellow, and then just expanding out from that.  There was so much excitment in that.  Making some old new and exciting again.  In a way, this IS WildStorm Rebirth!  It’s taking all of it that we loved, reworking it and adding to it.  I believe, whether they know it or not, it’s what they’re going for.  He promises us layers, a shape to it all, teams to root for, mavericks to fear, villains to hate/love, and new ground!

Image may contain: text


Very interesting how they reframed the WildC.A.T.s!  Make sense.  It’s almost like a prequel to the original which started with the formation of the WildC.A.T.s with Jacob Marlow of Halo.  HERE, it’s starts with C.A.T.s, still Covert Actions Teams, but originating from I.O.!  This is so smart.  Those C.A.T.s that go rogue,… they’re “Wild!”  LOVE IT!  And ofcourse they probably end up with Halo as the WildC.A.T.s!  Awesome!  Just like I said,. it’s WildStorm Rebirth!  Taking something that already existed, and bridging ideas, making them new again!  So cool!  And ofcourse there’s more!  Michael Cray also begins at I.O. as one of their soldier killers.

Yes, mention of mission patch or identifying symbols! ha ha, I love that stuff!  I’m so glad for that attention to detail, his interest and research!

No automatic alt text available.


Hmm, I.O.’s C.A.T.s are 4-body units!  I wonder who they could consist of even if there are only 2 units of 4, we’ve only seen Zealot and Voodoo, …. and who else?  Miles Craven is the director or I.O.  Michael Cray wasn’t mentioned as being in a C.A.T. but could be even though he was mentioned as just an I.O. killer.  The Engineer was literally an engineer for I.O. gone rogue.  Grifter is on a “Wild” C.A.T., so who could the other members be of this WildC.A.T. be?  There is room for SO MANY MORE characters!  Atleast 4!   Who haven’t they shown?

Hmm, Skywatch is mentioned here as a secret space program,.. but of whom?  I.O.?  Of  itself?  No longer of the U.N.??

Ok.. here he mentions the overall design and tonal look of the books.  He recognizes the original tonal look, which was sharp, “best-in-class,” and colorful commercial superheroes.  BUT, he’s actually more speaking to the technical aspects of print quality, which he said can’t be replicated, or topped.  Ok,.. fine, but instead of keeping the bright superhero tonal designs/looks, his answer was to have them be “stripped-down, stark and authentic.”  Ok.  That could be cool.  It IS cool, but I still think that by year 3, they go all-out superhero tights and colors.  Like I said, this is almost like a prequel to the original WildStorm where everything starts out more “realistic.”

I like the uniformity ideas for the covers he has.  I think that at the start it should be cool, but eventually, they’ll probably evolve a bit.  Titles with the same font may or may not look cool.  IDK, I’ll have to see it.  It might just make the identity of the various books seem too one-note where I feel they should fit within the same universe of course, but still stand out.  Sometimes more of the same is great if people love it, but ideally, I’d prefer that they be in the same world, but have something new/different to offer.  A different voice or outlook, AND still be great, and awesome in the context of the whole universe.

Warren Ellis Interview at


This is a really cool article/interview where Ellis talks about how he started at WildStorm, and what he was thinking back then.  Fun.  You can also go to the link to see an 8-page preview of the first issue of The Wild Storm!  But then come back here to read the rest of my blog he he.

He says his time on Stormwatch was good, and WildStorm was great to him except for when his editor on Dv8 rewrote chunks of his scripts without telling anyone.  Ellis walked off that book, but stuck with WildStorm and Stormwatch.

Again, these interviews are so revealing of Warren Ellis as a person.  He talks about WildStorm continuing to publish his Stormwatch even when no one was reading it because they all liked it and would continue so long as he was willing to write it.  Ellis said it was it was “one of the most wonderful, kind things anyone in publishing had ever said” to him but he felt guilty cause they were losing money to keep him and he “felt terrible.”  He just sounds like a really nice, normal guy!  His desire to want to give something back in return resulted in the Authority!

It’s also interesting how he talks about how he never goes back (to old stuff he’s worked on) and how he was thinking about the merits of going back or not going back.  What it meant, if it meant anything, and then Jim Lee called.

Another interesting bit is him saying he knew how the U.S. election would turn out.

On the old WildStorm, he said the characters came upon the true nature of things and were broken.  On the revival he said …

“What I’m doing is gathering up the entirety of the previous material, making it a coherent whole, and recasting it in the present day with an original story line that serves the legacy of the work and, hopefully, says something new.”

Can’t wait!  Tomorrow!!!  And he continues,.. “I mean, there were a

“I mean, there were a lot of Wildstorm books. And remember I said it was a pirate ship? The world-building was all over the place. I had to sit down and write a fucking cosmology for this project. Jim Lee made me invent 12,000 years of intergalactic history and I will never forgive him.”

ha ha… love it!

There’s a part where he talks about having had to read so much archival material in the past for other books and how he used Planetary to get it all out!  Makes so much sense, as at that time even with Authority I think, there were characters introduced and situations where you KNEW it was a reference to something else existing.  i.e. Marvel characters!  They were so cool.

Midnighter and Apollo and WSU Earth from another Multiverse or Origins in Rebirth Storyline?
Oh, and he addresses Midnighter and Apollo!!!  He says he loves Steve Orlando’s book and doesn’t want to effect it, so it’ll be coexisting essentially, in the DCU and in the WSU.  Ellis plans on using them both, but they will be very different!  Ok, I can live with that.  But does that mean the WSU characters in the DCU, have unique origins that stem from Flashpoint bringing in the previous WSU into the DCU, whereas, the new WSU is a NEW WSU Earth?  I guess like I mentioned before, a WSU Earth from another Multiverse.  So unlike the current DCU which acknowledges it’s previous incarnations because the current universe stems from them via Flashpoint and various Crises, the new WSU does NOT stem from the evolution of the original WSU unless it’s like some remnant of the old WSU cause it created a vacuum when the original WSU folded into the DCU or something?  It’s possible and Ellis DID say there were hooks into the DCU.  Maybe it gets created having to do with what’s currently happening in the DCU regarding the truth behind “Rebirth!”   Perhaps it really IS WildStorm Rebirth.  Maybe the Watchment are involved somehow.  Either it’s that or a non-convoluted new connection to the DCU from this other Multiverse.  I don’t know, we don’t even know if my theory that it’s in another Multiverse is true.

Who will show up and Planetary?
Apparently we can expect anyone who was intergeral to the original WildStorm.  All the original characters from the first year or two of the Universe especially, or any characters he created in those books.  Henry Bendix will appear shortly.  Probably along with Skywatch, which has been mentioned as a secret space program!  But, we shouldn’t expect anything from Planetary to come in.  He says …

… you can expect a few more of my old Wildstorm creations to show up. But, for now, this is a book about the characters and themes that Jim and his friends created, way back when, and me, trying to do right by them. 

I’ll put the preview pages at the bottom

8-Page Preview From Vulture

Image may contain: 3 people Image may contain: 1 person Image may contain: 1 person, text

Disclaimer: Forgive me, I’m going to be commenting AS I READ the preview, so you’ll be getting my literal first impressions which aren’t always correct which means I’ll end up correcting myself as I read further, sorry if that’s annoying,… I won’t be doing that when I read and talk about the comic when it comes out.

No automatic alt text available.

Ah I was right, in the last preview we saw, we saw these pages without dialogue.  There IS a cleaning team.  And is the Division the same as I.O.?  I don’t recall the Division.  To see my thoughts on these first initial pages click

To see my thoughts on these first initial pages click HERE!

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: 1 person

Hmm, I assumed Voodoo was in the same C.A.T. as Zealot,.. maybe I’m wrong.  Based on this dialogue, it doesn’t seem she’s with Zealot, though if you look in the backgroud, you DO see Zealot there.  I now think Voodoo and this other girl are with Halo.  They develop and sell state-of-the-art products.

Image may contain: 3 people, text

Hmm, the need to use “call-signs” is prevalent and people’s lack of using them it seems ha ha.  What is The Working?  Or was Pris just referring to Jacob Marlowe,.. her boss?  Then again,… cause I’m writing this as I read, .. idiot,… now it sounds like she’s part of a band, and just thinks it’s a cool location, which just so happens to have a photo of Jacob Marlowe.  The significance of alien connection seems to make this location ideal for Voodoo.  Is it cause she’s just a fan of that stuff, like her passion or obcession?  But otherwise she’s in a band where she calls herself Voodoo?

And ofcourse, this universe is so tight,.. within a block of Zealot, and Voodoo is ALSO Miles Craven and Michael Cray looking like their holding hands at a cafe!

Image may contain: 2 people

Oh, my mistake,.. he was Black and drawn by the same artist who drew the art of Michael Cray I saw, so I thought he was Michael Cray … err… ok so this guy is Julian, but are they together?

Wow, Miles thinks Angela, his employee is on crack!?!  Um.  And she IS a mess!

Image may contain: 4 people

OH, Julian is his husband!  Hmm, so she is going above her superiors to talk to him, cause they aren’t listening.  She sounds crazy,… but aparently brilliant.

Image may contain: 3 people

Angela IS crazy ha ha.  Sounds like Craven has a liability on his hands.  He can’t possibly not see it right?  And it’s not the first time he’s interacted with her.  They seem to know eachother enough to speak without having to introduce themselves or remind eachother of who they are.  And he referred to her earlier as a crackhead.  How is this not taken care of?!

Image may contain: 2 people

We kinda already know what happens next cause it was in the solitciation.  It was nice to be introduced to all these characters and hear them speak and interact and start to see their relationships.  Kinda weird they were all there in the same place though.

This next page wasn’t part of the preview,. .. but from a previous preview of this issue’s page 11!!

No automatic alt text available.

Solit for #1 and Thoughts

I’ll do a full write-up on the first issue when it hits!!

Issue #2                                                                               Issue #3

Image may contain: outdoorImage may contain: drawingImage may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes
#2 Solit and Thoughts                          #2 Variant                        #3 Solit and Thoughts 

The Wild Storm#4

Image may contain: sky, tree, basketball court, outdoor and nature


Written by WARREN ELLIS • Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT • Variant cover by JASON HOWARD—Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
There’s a covert action team out in the wild, and I.O. has proof of it for the first time. This changes everything. The woman who tipped the first domino in this cascade of secrets and lies is on the run. And the other great power of the hidden world is on the scene. Henry Bendix is noticing things from on high, and that doesn’t bode well for I.O., Angela Spica or the planet. The storm is building.
On sale MAY 17 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

Courtesy of Newsarama!


After reading the interviews, so much is revealed,.. kinda.  Well, we know Skywatch is run by Henry Bendix, and it’s a secret space program ha ha.  But why does all this concern him?  It’s probably the technology leaking by Engineer that’s a problem cause it’s probably from Aliens, and Skywatch is probably monitoring it.  They’ve probably been monitoring I.O. very closely, and not it’s all out in the open!  Looks like this is the first time I.O. officially knew of a rogue C.A.T. since Angela made herself public, Grifter also came out of the woodwork to save her, revealing himself as part of a “Wild” C.A.T.  


Wild Storm Pre-Launch Speculation

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