The Wild Storm #2 Preview Meanderings

Here are my Meanderings on the 5 page preview of The Wild Storm #2 that the A.V. Club provided this week before the official release of the second issue next week!


In-depth analysis, questions, and speculation.

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Classic!  Very cool.

Yes!  We get Grifter in this issue!  I wonder if we’ll discover anything new about this iteration of the character!

Why’s he got his hands behind his back?  Does he have his VADs??  Why does he have the hood on,.. hmm, maybe it’s windy and cold.  He looks like he’s got a bulletproof vest on.

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Great cover by Afua Richardson!

I’m not familiar with Afua, but apparently, she is the “sister” to Caanan White, might be metaphorical, I’m not sure, an artist I’ve recently took notice of because he did some great Wilds Storm pieces, specifically Backlash!  Check him out on Facebook and Deviant Art

Either way, I love discovering the work of artists I’m not familiar with so I look forward to seeing more of Afua!!  I wonder if Grifter and Engineer actually fight in this issue?!

I wonder if Grifter and Engineer actually fight in this issue?!  I wouldn’t be surprised since Grifter is looking for her, she might panic and attack and he’d have to defend himself.

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Whoa, where is she.  Off some coast or an island!  Probably definitely far away from the city as possible.  Doesn’t look like there’s much civilization around here.  Can’t be an IO safehouse right?  Otherwise they’d be able to find her?  Unless it’s been decommissioned or something?

The colors here are beautiful.

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Ah, answers!  Montauk NY!  “Camp Hero!?”  Hmmm.  US Government.  Must be some old government “Hero” program?

So that was her first time flying!

How did she damage the suit?  Or is the technology just unstable?  I suppose she did fly through a window, BUT, it’s armor, it should be able to handle much more.  Probably just unstable.  The nano-organic tech seems almost like magic, since they can build things like blades straight out of her body/armor.  And then later on, you’ll see, it can just disappear as quickly as it appeared.

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Definitely abandoned.  Guess she knew there wouldn’t be any alarms?

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She definitely knows where she’s going.  Down at the bottom, there seems to be a section that has a really heavily armored door and within, something that looks to be a livable shelter.  Are those columns old school computers or canisters?  Not sure.  Looks like there’s also a computer terminal, some slightly odd chairs that look might be electronic?  And then there’s some cabinets and couches.

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Oh, in one of the cabinets,… some blue stuff.  Is that water or some kind of power source she needs for the tech?  And there seems to be some old-school looking monitors on the wall just right of the computer terminal thingy.  I’m thinking those are infact old-school computer columns.

See this is the part I was refering to early.  Her armor just magically dissappears.  That nano-tech just comes apart and goes away,.. into her body?  This new look for the Engineer is growing on me.  The original, when it first came out, I felt was a little bit cliche actually.  She was like liquid metal, computer, and machinery.  This look gives her more of a convincing look regarding being what she is cause it’s so recognizibly technology, versus smooth silver skin that morphs like Cyborg’s arms nowadays.

Oh poor Angela.  She must feel so alone, though Marlowe did offer her help.  She should’ve accepted, maybe he could’ve helped her, but I guess she didn’t really know “who” he really was I suppose.

I bet you Grifter tracks her down.

Preview from A.V. Club

Click on the link for my full Meanderings on The Wilds Storm #2!


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