The Wild Storm #2 Meanderings, Interview: Jon Davis-Hunt + Reveal: TWS #5 Cover + Solit

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What are Meanderings

In-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation.

DC All Access Interview with Jon Davis-Hunt


Oh, he explains the Engineer’s look.  It’s supposed to be a first generation look for her.  Cool, so it’s bound to evolve right?!

He mentions that the end of issue #2 has a really cool, awesome ending he didn’t want to spoil…. keep reading and I’ll address that later.

He also reveals that the first 6 issues are one arc and the next 6 issues basically sets up a whole new cast of characters as some of the characters introduced in the first 6 go off to do their own things.   This makes sense as Michael Cray and Zealot are slated to have their own books also.

The Wild Storm – Chapter Two Meanderings

Publisher: DC Comics – March 15, 2017
Warren Ellis
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colorist: Steve Buccellato
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Variant Covers: Afua Richardson, Jim Lee with Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair
Assistant Editor: Brittany Holzherr
Group Editor: Marie Javins


I spoke about the first 6 pages of this issue in my preview post here.  Most of my questions there have been addressed now.  She definitely is in a decommissioned IO location.  It seems like it wasn’t really a good choice as everyone still has a pretty good idea where she is.  I suppose she didn’t really have the chance to really think this all through.  I would think going to a place IO didn’t know about would make more sense.

I do like that this location is a real location in real life, Camp Hero in Montauk NY.

Q: Perhaps this location has some resources that she’ll need?  It does seem like there is a bunker below with some computers and tech down there.

Q: Was IO involved with the Montauk Project at Camp Hero in Montauk NY?

Q: What is this cabinet of IO labeled bluish stuff?  A fuel?  Resource?

Maybe it’s just all water?  In one panel you do see that there’s a bottle of spilled liquid by her feet.

Ivana (Baiul)

Ivana is introduced here.  In the previous WSU, she was definitely a “bad guy.”  I remember her as someone who had a hand in creating Gen 13 and Dv8.

Who is this woman?

Q: I still have no idea who the short dark-haired woman by Miles Craven’s side is.  She has never been named.  Did Warren do this on purpose to surprise us later, is it just an oversite or is she an irrelevant character?

CAT?!  And Black Razors Easter Egg!

Q: Why haven’t we seen a CAT yet?  Why is it that Miles Craven says he’s tasking a CAT and it seems like a difficult thing to put together?  I got the impression that his CAT wasn’t ready to go.  When when later on Miles asks “we have a CAT prepped?” it’s met with the response, “Ivana Baiul has tasked Razors 3?”  Are the Razors 3 a CAT?  Or are they saying that they still don’t have a CAT, and Ivana got Razors 3 instead?

Razors 3!??!?!  Black Razors!!!!!!

Q:  I wonder if there’s anything to the distinction that there isn’t “Black” attached to them, and that it’s “3.”  Does the “3” refer to there being “3” Razors, or is it the unit, like Razors unit 3 or is it just their name, like “Razors Three.”

Kenesha (aka Savant)

Gasp, Kenesha?!?  I had to take a moment to remember who this was!  Sounded familiar, but who is she?!  RIGHT, she’s Savant!  Daughter to Majestic and Zealot in the old WSU!!  Interesting.  She is no longer blond and has dark hair and darker skin tone.  It is possible that Majestic, her father is not fair-skinned also?  I know Majestic and Zealot are Kheribum, but for the most part they’ve been portrayed as “caucasian” or “white.” Based solely on how she looks, she actually could’ve been mistaken for old-school Voodoo and if not careful, mistaken for Angela Spica too.

Later on she does don a, more Savant-distinct feature, pair of goggles.

Marlowe’s “Main Project”

Grifter is concerned that bringing Angela Spica in will expose Marlowe’s “Main Project!”

Q:  What could Marlowe’s “Main Project” be?  In this issue they are at this abandoned-looking building in Brooklyn, and it was referred to as being the “heart of” the “Main Project.”  I’m pretty sure it’s NOT the WildC.A.T.s.  They aren’t a project, they are a means.

John?  John who?!

Marlowe at one point says “Get John.” to Grifter!

Q: Who is John?  My first guess is John Colt, aka Yohn Kohl, BUT, is it really him, or his robot counterpart Hadrian, aka Spartan?!?  I imagine it’s the alive John Colt, who later on in the series will die or something and become Spartan/Hadrian.  Other possibilities for who John is could be John Lynch, or maybe even John Stone from S.T.O.R.M. Watch and Planetary!

Henry Bendix

We get a cameo by Henry Bendix, the man behind Skywatch, here as we only see him yelling at Christine Trelane from a distance through glass.

Christine Trelane, aka Synergy and Division/Skywatch

Awesome, I’m very glad to see her here!  I really liked her character in old WSU Stormwatch!  She had the power to activate “seedlings” who were affected by some special comet.  She was also the romantic partner of Jackson King, aka Batallion! YES!  I hope this means we’ll see him soon!  Her rank in Stormwatch seems to be intact.  She is in the upper ranks, but she’s been relegated to being in charge of things down on the planet, versus up in Skywatch.  The department “down on the planet” is apparently called the Division, whose goal is to “examine unexplained phenomena and unusual occurrence.”

Lucy Blaze, aka Zealot and Coda Easter Egg?

In her conversation, Zealot expresses that she has a code for living, “protect the deserving, no matter what.”  It certainly is a motto for a hero which I anticipate we’ll see be a factor in her future actions, and motivations for changing alliances.  Perhaps this is a nod to her Coda training and background.

Voodoo and Backlash Easter Egg?

In this issue, it looks like we get a glimpse of various promotional images from Voodoo’s albums or maybe music videos as it says “Stills from Blue Book.”  “Blue Book” is either the name of her album, or a song and music video.  Also, a little easter egg, “Lady Backlash Records.”  I certainly hope this doesn’t mean “Backlash” won’t be considered for this new WildStorm, unless in this incarnation, Marc Slayton is a record executive and Backlash is a cover organization for Skywatch??

Q: Ok, what does this say on her arm!??!  “natus ad currere”???  “born to run”

I suppose this gives us insight into Voodoo that perhaps she’s a free-spirit?  She can’t be caged.  Or could it mean more like “on the run” cause she’s rebellious and will always be running away from those trying to stop her?!  Or is it a reference to Bruce Springsteen?!  Escape??

It seems from the accompanying text in these images, Voodoo is somehow on to some of what’s going on behind the scenes regarding aliens and all these secret organizations.  “Death from the sky that we don’t even see” could be referring to aliens and to Skywatch.  “I know who you are and I know what you owe me” could refer to her knowing that these secret organizations exist, and that one of them had a hand in doing something to her.  Perhaps she was abducted, and mind-wiped, or she doesn’t know where she came from literally.  Maybe her parents were somehow involved with these organizations.

In one image, she is seen hanging upside-down from the bottom of an UFO, maybe like she’s being birthed from it.

Dr. Mary Cross and Michael Cray

Hmm, who is this in relation to the old WSU!?!?  Could she actually be Sister Mary, an agent from Order of the Cross from old-school Deathblow?!?  In this incarnation, she is a therapist that Michael Cray goes to as mandated by IO.  She could be undercover and still be an agent of Order of the Cross!!

In this issue, we see that Michael Cray is a “good” man cause he talks to her about “remembering where he came from,” “what little people need” and “always trying to do good.”  He has a conscience and is now looking back on all the people he’s killed and reflecting on finding out he has an inoperable brian tumor.  I think the brain tumor is right in line with the original right?!  Does it have to do with the manifestation of his impending powers as Deathblow?

Majestic Easter Egg?

When that female agent who is always shadowing Miles Craven refers to a pressure sensor event at a Majestic-level shelter site, is “Majestic” in reference to THE Majestic of old WSU!?!?!  If so, what does that mean?  That this shelter is capable of sheltering against Majestic-level of power?  If so, then this also indicates previous encounters with Majestic on this Earth.  In old WSU, there was a backstory of Majestic’s that indicated that in the past something horrible happened because of his power, which caused him to hide away from the rest of the world until his introduction in the comics.  It’s possible Majestic on this Earth was active a long time ago, but was only known about by certain organizations, but unknown to the public and rest of the world.  Maybe he was a part of a secret Team One?

Void and the “cool, awesome ending?”

At the very end, Void, uses her signature power, teleportation.  The actual power looks a little different, but the color is a familiar fuschia.  They seem to disappear into a space with lots of spherical things like bio-organic cells and electricity of the same fuschia color. Could this space be the Bleed?  Or something new?

THIS is the cool, awesome ending Jon Davis-Hunt couldn’t spoil?  Maybe I’m missing a page?

Final Meanderings

Ok, I wasn’t blown away by the ending.  There wasn’t anything to be blown away by, but for some reason I had this expectation that there was something in the end to be excited about.  Alas.  Regardless, I’m loving the book so far.  It’s not perfect, but for anyone who loved the old WSU, this is absolutely awesome!  For thos who aren’t fans of the old WSU or just not familiar with it, this book definitely still holds it’s own.  There’s just so much to be intrigued about, though some people unfamiliar with WSU might be a little lost.  They just have to be patient and trust that there’ll be a payoff.  I suspect and anticipate there to be a LOT of payoff.  Knowing what WSU fans know, there’s just so much to anticipate.  It’s very exciting, especially because you can see the threads Ellis is using and connecting.  Previously, the WSU, was a sum of a lot of parts, whereas here, you begin to see the WSU as a whole, with everything organically connected all at once.  Here, the WSU has be distilled and refined into something stronger and more powerful.

Can’t wait for more!

The Wild Storm #5 Cover and Solicitation!

From Jon Davis-Hunt’s Twitter account! And Newsarama!


Very nice!  The art here kinda makes me think of Brett Booth!!  Ahem, speaking of Brett!!

Anyhow,… looks like we might be introduced to the new Daemonites?!?  Maybe?  What else could that be?  If it’s a Daemonite, it looks like we’ll be seeing a new interpretation.  There are parts of it that seem very bug-like, but not like the Alien Xenomorph.  As you can see above, there look to be bug-like limbs, and on it’s face, some talon/tooth-like stuff, pointed stinger-like mouth, a less rounded head, maybe some small horns and looks like two sets of ears.  I bet that mouth opens up to something pretty terrifying.

Written by WARREN ELLIS • Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT • Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS • Variant cover by DECLAN SHALVEY
Retailers: This issue will ship with three covers. Please see the order form for details. Includes a code for a free digital download of this issue.
Michael Cray is dying. This doesn’t stop IO from giving him one final job, to fix the world he’s spent years killing for. Michael Cray, the best assassin in the world, is sent out to kill Angela Spica, the engineer who saved Jacob Marlowe’s life and exposed the secret state she worked for. Lucy Blaze, investigating the chaos caused at Camp Hero by IO and a wild CAT, meets an old enemy—and realizes an ancient war may be entering a new phase, at the worst possible time.
On sale JUNE 21 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+


Ok, so we know Ivana sent Razors 3 after Angela,..

Q: so maybe Miles Craven also sends Michael Cray?!?  Or is he part of Razors 3?

Oh, but some new info here!  We know that there will be a battle at Camp Hero between IO, probably the Razors 3 and a wild CAT, which is probably Grifter!

Q: Who is this old enemy that Lucy Blaze meets,.. I don’t think it’s Michael Cray.  It has to be someone that has to do the the whole Daemonite/Kheribum war!  A Daemonite is on the cover after all.  Pike maybe?

Q: Could that be the same war like in old WSU?

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