The Wild Storm #6 Cover Preview and Solicitation Meanderings

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Ah Henry Bendix.  Boy does he look ugly and evil.  I’ll be honest, I like his original interpretation more.  Previously he was more like Captain Picard, not as old, and not so creepy.  Here he kinda looks like Weyland from Prometheus ha ha.  I suppose this is supposed to show that he’s a stereotypical evil bad guy who wants to control the world?

What I do like is that I think he’s looking down on Earth from space, and the Earth here is a reflection off the window Henry is looking through.  I didn’t really notice it until I thought about what I was seeing more.   It’s pretty cool and smart.  Otherwise I feel it’s easily overlooked by what it seems to be saying.

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Written by WARREN ELLIS—Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT—Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS—Variant cover by JASON MASTERS
Michael Cray, the world’s best professional killer, is going to get himself killed for refusing to assassinate an innocent.  Angela Spica, whose only mistake was saving someone’s life, is discovering that her life is over forever, and that the people in this strange new world she’s forced to survive in…may not be people at all. Treaties have been breached. Secrets are being told. There’s a war coming.
THE WILD STORM will skip shipping in August and return in September!
On sale JULY 19 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+


Michael Cray is showing his true colors as a hero and not just a cold assassin.  Who could the innocent be?  Angela?

Angela Spica’s life is over, and the Engineer’s begins!  And these people she’s surrounded by, could they be Kheribim or Daemonite?

Not too much given away here.  A war is coming!  Awesome!!

Meanderings from The Wild Storm #1, #2
Pre-Launch Speculation

Storm Warning: What is the Wild Storm

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