The Wild Storm #9 Meanderings + Solicitations for The Wild Storm #12 + Michael Cray #5

We are 3 issues away from the end of the first year; end of the first season (of 2).  I feel I’m a little more behind than usual with this issue.  So far, from what I hear, not much happens in this issue.  From the cover, it could be about Angela’s suit evolving or about her work in general.  From the alternate cover by Jim Lee, which is usually something related to the story, I guess there’ll be something about John Colt as a samurai!  That could be really cool!  Usually, the guest variant cover artist doesn’t really reflect what’s in the issue, and in Bryan Hitch’s cover, we see Grifter.  Will we see him featured more than usual?   

Since we are so close to issue 12, will this issue set up for something big to come for issue 12?  Let’s meander ….

What are Meanderings

On the spot, in-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation as I go through the material.


The Wild Storm #9 Variant Covers

The Wild Storm #9 Meanderings

The Wild Storm #12 Solicitation

Michael Cray #5 Solicitation



Variant cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair for issue #9


Hitch Grifter, nuff said!  With all those guns, it would’ve been cool to see his classic VADs!  I really liked those guns!

Interesting observation:  The black parts of Grifter’s red mask are shaped like the lines on Deathblow’s face.

As I mentioned above, I’m sure this image has nothing to do with this issue.

Variant cover by Jim Lee with Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair for issue #9


It’s alternate versions of Frank Miller’s Ronin or Samurai Jack by Jim Lee!

This looks to be John Colt.  I guess he’s been around for a long time.  What is this all about?  Guess we’re gonna find out in this issue.

I also want to know how he’s been able to live this long.  There has been no mention of him being a synthetic being.  Is he a robot in this version of the WSU?  I hope so!




She’s kinda like a technology goddess here!  Not sure what else I’m getting from this.

Released: November 15, 2017
 DC Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
 Steve Buccellato

Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: Jon Davis-Hunt
Assistant Editor: Diego Lopez

Group Editor: Marie Javins




This is Marlowe’s lab.  Lots of crates, giant robots, and alien gadgets.  This robot above has the number “52. ” Maybe a little shoutout to New 52?  The stripe across the robot’s chest kinda reminds me of the stripe in the costumes of the original StormWatch.

The Bleed + Void, Transportation Service

I think this may be the first time they’ve specifically called it The Bleed, right?

Angela is worried about using Adrianna as a transportation service.  Adrianna doesn’t mind.  I wonder if it’s because she really isn’t human anymore, so her needs and interests are very different.  In a way, she really reminds me of Doctor Manhattan!  What does she do all day?  She obviously has some interests, as she reads a newspaper at one point to just seem more human, and here she says she enjoys looking at The Bleed all the time.

Space Alien Stuff

I think it’s interesting that the “space alien stuff” is literally the most stereotypical-looking space gun.  I imagine it’s intentional, but why? 

It comes back at the end of the issue …

Whisky with a Shot of Polonium

So polonium is a radioactive poisoning substance.  For humans.  I suppose it’s ok since Marlowe is an alien.  Then again …

The Wild Storm #1

In the first issue, Marlowe is seen drinking this concoction and says that he’s “a little paranoid about radiation poisoning, so I’m building up a tolerance.”  So, it could kill him.  This might not be a bad idea with the threat of North Korea in the real world!

Wilson Flowers? – Names, and Repurposing Them

Hmm, who is Wilson Flowers?  Is that name significant at all?  I’ve noticed that if a name is mentioned in this title, especially full names, they usually are someone!  Though I suppose here, he isn’t anyone but an alias for John Colt while he was spying on IO at Hightower.

Man, I really do hope that Ellis isn’t just repurposing names without the intention of ever having them resemble what they were from the original WSU.  In this case, I’m talking about “Hightower,” and in other examples such as “Warblade.”

This Mitchell Saunders, and Original WSU Characters Only in Name?

This Mitchell Saunders aka Cannon is a lot different from how I remember him in the original WSU.  Though I am enjoying this new version of the WSU, part of me really misses the original characters, especially when I see them in this title.  In this title, the characters are only really loosely based on the original characters, some more than others.  It would’ve been really cool to see these characters and recognize them for more than their names.  My hopes are that the characters introduced in this book kinda of representing the character prior to what we’re familiar with.  Maybe there is a chance to see these characters grow into the ones we are familiar with.  In this case, Cannon is the opposite of how he was portrayed in the original WSU.  Here is timid, and in the original, he is somewhat ironically named Cannon, as he was a bit of a loose cannon hotshot. 

Deputy Director Ivana Baiul

Haven’t heard much from her.  I imagine she will have a bigger role in the future as she stirs up trouble in IO.  You can already tell from this scene that she’s going to a source of trouble for IO!  They aren’t all on the same page.  It’s like Baiul has her own agenda!   She does.  She’s previously implied that she wants to take Craven’s place!

Jumping ahead:  They mention John Lynch soon!  I imagine she will have a lot more to do with what’s going on with him! 

Project Thunderbook

Is this just another case where Ellis is repurposing a name?  And is he doing it here as an easter egg?  Thunderbook was a one-shot anthology from the original WSU featuring short stories of various WSU characters including Gen 13, Cybernary 2.0, Dv8, Grifter and Jet!  The jury is still out on what I think about this.  There isn’t enough information yet.  I’m curious how the logic will fit into why it’s called Thunderbook.  At least it’s not repurposing a name of a character as the name of a building!

Side note:  Craven is reading something titled “Against the Day.”  The book sounds like something Ellis may have read, and possibly has some influence on the creation of and some relevance to this new WSU.

John Lynch!

When they first announced this title and I saw that it featured Miles Craven, I wondered, what about John Lynch!?  I’m so glad he wasn’t forgotten!  John Lynch was the previous director of IO.  He had something to do with Project Thunderbook where Cole Cash was partially trained at.  Could Project Thunderbook related to this new WSU’s version of Team 7 and GenFactor?  Could they or Gen 13 be far behind?  This all makes sense.  The Wild Storm is the foundation book in which all other WildStorm books will come out of.  What else do you have up your sleeves, Mr. Ellis?

Craven says that it was John Lynch who changed the organizational structure of IO so that King (Director of Analysis?) reported straight to the Director, versus to the Deputy Director.  Make sense, if Ivana Baiul was the Deputy Director when Lynch was the Director.  In the original WSU, they were enemies.  It’s also fitting for Lynch’s character to have been paranoid.  The original WSU was full of untrustworthy people and shadow organizations like IO.

Sounds like in this case, Ivana was doing Craven a favor in regards to King.  King was running this event-shielded room without Craven’s knowledge.

Hope shines through, as the wild storm approaches!

Samurai John Colt

So many questions!  Ok, so John Colt has been around for some time now.  I’m going to assume it’s because he is a synthetic organism created by Jacob Marlowe, OR he could just be a Kheribum or another Century Baby?  I think in the original WSU, Hadrian 7, aka Spartan, aka John Colt, aka Yohn Kohl was a robot that was built by Marlowe as the body for the ‘real’ Yohn Kohl.  Yohn Kohl was a Kheribum who adopted the name John Colt and was in Team One.  When Yohn Kohl dies, Marlowe downloaded him into a Spartan unit.  For more specifics read here.

So, is this the real Yohn Kohl, or Spartan?  I think this must be Yohn Kohl since The Wild Storm seems to be in some ways a precursor to the WSU we’re familiar with.

So who are these guys?

I can totally see these next two sequences like a film.  This is like bullet-time actually.  Now that I think about it.  A lot of the fight sequences in The Wild Storm are basically bullet-time.

So who were those guys?  We may never know.  Looks like it may not matter.  What matters is that he too this gadget thingy from them!

What could it be?  Maybe it’s a suit?  Maybe it’s a device that is used in Project Thunderbook.  Maybe it’s something to do with GenFactor?  Maybe it’s something that put what’s in Michael Cray’s head?

Is John Colt here working for Emp (Marlowe), and has retrieved it after it was stolen, commenting on how easy it was stolen from him?  OR, has John Colt now just stolen this technology from Emp?

That’s pretty cool how Ellis has made the syllables in their names denote Kheribum class.  Does it work across the board for other characters?

8-syllable name?  Guess he’s not talking about ‘Yohn Khol,’ or any other known alias.  This might be something new, or some other original WSU name repurposed here, but what 8-syllable name with a “u” sound in the middle is there?


Kinda reminds me of Alan Moore’s run on the WildC.A.T.s where we get to see Khera, and the various classes of beings there like the Titanthropes which Maul came from, and the Shaper’s Guild, a guild of shapeshifters like Warblade.

Warren Ellis is able to bring so much of the original WSU mythos and concepts into one book in 9 issues!  Pretty awesome!

Zannah aka Zealot

A little easter egg here.  Zannah is Lucy Blaze aka Zealot’s real name, and Kenesha’s sister in the original WSU.

So, is Christine Trelane’s absence explained by her appearance in the spin-off Michael Cray book?  Otherwise, why else would she be absent? 

Was Zealot also part of the expedition party from Khera led by Emp (Marlowe)?  Maybe she was already here and is one of the reasons why there was an expedition?

Being that she’s Kheribum, are she and Marlowe’s team on the same side?  Is she a spy for them at the Ground Division of SkyWatch?

Jackyln King and Mitchell Saunders

Here they are using public transportation again.

Priscella Kitaen aka VooDoo

There’s an ad for Voodoo’s new album.  It’s kinda simple.

Paul Kirk, Manhunter

Who is Paul Kirk?  Ok, in this world, he’s some spy action film star.  A ‘Paul Kirk’ in the real world is also a “chemist and forensic scientist who was also part of the Manhattan Project specializing in mircroscopy.”  What Paul Kirk really was a reference to is a old DC character “Paul Kirk, Manhunter.”

Is that Manhunter as in Kate Spencer, or Manhunter like in Green Lantern, or the Martian?  It’s the Kate Spencer one!  Here’s some history on the name and characters who took up the mantle!

Opsec = operations security

It’s interesting that Mitchell is working for the most secret organization on earth, and he doesn’t know much about security in his personal life.  I’d almost think they had some kind of contract or something that would require them to be super careful.

Kinda funny that the app is called “Overshare” ha ha

I guess this is the rebuff to my comment earlier.  This makes some sense too I suppose.  Could this be a red herring?  Maybe he does end up getting something leaked.  Maybe Mitchell Saunders is the weak spot that Lucy Blaze (aka Zealot) exploits to find more about this event-shielded room.

And there he is!  What is he holding?  Some kind of blade?  A little weird as it’s not a blade that is familiar with the original.

Awe, what a sad guy.  Maybe that’s why he becomes so cocky as a super-hero later on with powers?

See, there IS something to why they chose ‘this’ space alien gun!  Does it look like that because it’s old-school DC Comics Adam Strange’s gun or ?  And why all of a sudden does she think she needs to learn more about guns?  Maybe because she wants her suit to have guns?  Okay.   And there’s that alien device again.  What could it be?

Final Thoughts: … . . . 

This issue definitely plays more like the ‘calm before the storm,’ as something big could happen in issue #10 which will culminate to an end-of first-year issue in #12.  I’m still very excited to see where all this is going and what the 2nd year will bring!  Will there be a shift in focus?  I’m thinking too far ahead, we’re not even at issue 11 yet!

I guess I don’t have much of a final thought on this issue.  I think what I would’ve made my final thought is the whole thing about how The Wild Storm has in some cases original WildStorm characters only in name.  There’s still a lot of room for this version of the WSU to grow and change so anything can happen.  Like I said earlier, names which have been repurposed as non-characters can still be used for characters, and characters who don’t seem like anything their original counterparts could still grow to become more like what we’re familiar with.

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7.9 Critic and 8.2 User Rating


The Wild Storm #12 Solicitation and Cover

Angela Spica, retooling her drysuit in Marlowe’s hidden lab, has made many discoveries. But she’s still her, which means she’s also stolen stuff. Is she going to lose the only safe haven she has? The Wild CAT is in jeopardy, IO and Skywatch are inches from a hot war, and somebody, somewhere, has noticed that Jackie King has been doing things she shouldn’t have. The stakes in the world of The Wild Storm have never been higher—and Project Thunderbook is going to make things much, much worse.


Michael Cray #5 Solicitation and Cover

As Michael Cray continues to learn about the powers given to him by his tumor, he uses them to go after Trelane’s next target: a genetic scientist that’s splicing himself with the DNA of aquatic predators: Arthur Curry. But when Cray dives into the depths to defeat
this sea monster, will his powers give him the advantage or grow out of his control? 



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