Welcome to KCRRLives! –
The personal blog of Carl K. Li and
the K.C’arl Omniverse 

Hi I’m Carl Li!
a.k.a. Carl K. Li, Carl Ka-Ho Li, K.C’arl, K.C. Randall Rick [KCRR], theLyght4

Feel free to privately message me below.

Thanks for checking out my personal blog.  I am an old and young being, who enjoys playing at pretending, frolicking around, laughing, being childlike, being happy, making senseless noises, and organizing.  I do not enjoy for beings to suffer.  I am superduper passionate about ideas, inspiration and expression through the arts.  I am self-trained, and professionally trained in the creative arts and am a performer who acts, sings and dances, and a creator in various mediums.  I’m currently living the life of an artist with my husband Jaysen Headley, and our dog Izzy, trying to survive solely through my creative pursuits, which is why I’m broke.

Other than writing about the various things outlined below, I’ve been designing board games, editing, pursuing acting, writing and other creative endeavors.  Oh, and playing lots of video games, board games, consuming TV and film, reading, keeping up with social media [Twitter/Instagram: carlkli], and practicing loving myself and others.

As an actor/performer, I have another website  HERE, where you can learn MORE ABOUT ME.

In This Website You Will Find:

Why KCRRLives?
K.C.R.R. is the initials to my alias, K.C. Randall Rick. KCRR is also an ideal of myself representing me at my best. I created it to use towards being who/how I want to BE.

K.C. had been the name I used to represent everything I did creatively not relating to my acting and ‘official’ career. Over the years, people started getting confused as the two worlds started to merge,… and so I started throwing around K.C’arl, to bridge the gap. Anyhow, K.C. Randall Rick is a big part of who I am and was so I still use it.

KCRRLives is what I used to call my mailing list to keep friends and family updated on my life,.. and to remind them I still Live …

I believe that everyone’s journey is different.  This is just mine.

KCRRLives Logo

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About Life, Comics, Games, etc. Everyone's Journey is different. This one's mine.

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