Currently freelancing as an editor.

I am a native English speaker.  I took English and a grammar course in college but only really started proofreading and editing when I met my husband who is an author published through an imprint of Random House (2013).  I have been content editing and proofreading his books including “A Love Story for Witches,” “A Home For Wizards,” and currently editing his fan fiction “The Kingdom” on his website and his 3rd novel “Apollo’s Landing.”

Editing Credits


by Jaysen Headley [Random House] – 2018


by Jaysen Headley

Apollo’s Landing

by Jaysen Headley

The Kingdom

by Jaysen Headley [jaysenheadleywrites.com] – 2016

A Home For Wizards

by Jaysen Headley [Random House] – January 23, 2016

A Love Story For Witches

by Jaysen Headley [Random House] – October 31, 2014


In college, I majored in theater and acting which became very useful in developing my sensibilities in editing. My skills in breaking down text for information aids in determining the clarity of setting, intent, continuity, and consistency in tone, pace, and voice of characters. If I’m editing fiction, I know that artistic choices can often be confused as a grammatical error and tread lightly, but in some cases may suggest rewrites for clarity or strength of intent.

Proof Reading

For basic proof reading I’m only really looking for cosmetic grammatical and spelling errors.

Copy Editing

In addition to proofreading, I also look for the overall tone, flow, clarity, and enjoyment.

Content Editing

In addition to proofreading, and copy-editing, I look for everything else including structure, and overall concepts — The whole package.  Ideally, I’d work with someone from the ground up starting with a summary and outline.  Then as we work, I look for clarity of intent and ideas.  I ask questions and see if they’re answered.  What’s missing or too much?  I look for inconsistencies, continuity, logic gaps and make suggestions in content.

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