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The Wild Storm #5 Meanderings + #7 Solicitation/Cover Preview + More

Almost to the quarter point to this 24 chapter story!  Warren had stated that each 6 issues would be an arc to the overall 24 chapter story!  What will it reveal?  What new ideas and characters will be introduced?  What set up and cliffhanger will it have for the 6th issue?  Lets find out in The Wild Storm Chapter Five!  And at the very bottom, I’ll link some other reviews and also a sneak peak at TWS issue #7’s cover and solicitation via Newsarama!

UPDATE: I just added a YouTube review that literally tears this issue in half,.. gulp.  I appreciate different points of view and opinions so thought I’d add it here at the bottom! Continue reading The Wild Storm #5 Meanderings + #7 Solicitation/Cover Preview + More

The Wild Storm #4 Meanderings

I’ve been a little behind this month because of my new job.  This month’s also shorter than my previous posts.  Just not as much to say about this issue.   It trods along, but as usual, the issues seem shorter than I’d like, or atleast not as dense as I’d like.  If the Authority was wide-screen action film, then The Wild Storm is like an adult TV show like those from HBO/Showtime/Netflix, etc in it’s pacing with the exception that it’s not an hour long worth of material, I’m not sure it’s even 1/2 hour’s length, but I still enjoy it.  I just want more!!!!  What do you guys think?

Well,.. please scroll down and check out my Meanderings in Chapter 4 of The Wild Storm! Continue reading The Wild Storm #4 Meanderings