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Huge WildStorm 25th Anniversary UPDATED News, The Wild Storm #3 Preview & Variant Covers Meanderings + New Instagram video

What are Meanderings

In-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation.

There’s a lot going on in this post… click and jump to where you want…

WildStorm 25th Anniversary BIG News! UPDATED

The Wild Storm #3 Variant Covers

The Wild Storm #3 Preview

Meanderings of Jenny’s board! UPDATED

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New Instagram Video


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DC Legends Guide

Work in progress!  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  I’m also currently working on a Tips and Strategy page if there’s anything you’d like to contribute!

The following will be a general Guide and a Walk-through for the Chapter 1 Tutorial. Both are intermixed with information on various topics of interest.  Start at the top or use the CONTENTS below to jump to any section.  There are also links to MORE information on other pages.

After this Guide/Walk-Through, also check out my Initial Thoughts on the game at launch, What I’d like to See and Thoughts on Changes [Ongoing], and  Tips and Strategy page.

SN: thelyght4

Update: February 9, 2017

Sorry I’m so behind on updates.  Finally settling in after the wedding and move, and now looking for work.  Since I’ve last posted there was a podcast introducting 3 new characters for February: Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman!
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Marvel Tsum Tsum – Tips and Strategies Guide [Regularly Updated]

What You’ll Find Here:

General Tips, ‘How To’ get Orbs, Energy, Iso-8, High Score, Ranking Rewards, Where to Find Tsums and suggestions on Tsum Tsum teams for the various MissionsBattles, and 3 Star goals.

Note: My suggestions are based on a few possible factors: Stats, descriptions of Skills, Specials, and Abilities, game-play experience, theory, or other sources.

Use the Contents  below to help navigate this page, and click on links of Characters to see more details.


Check back for updates with new characters and adjustments with further experience and information.

Tsums in this post INCLUDES up to the Dr. Strange and Ancient One Update, October 25, 2016.


Added Dr. Strange, Ancient One and Destroyer
99 Luck Battle Event Team/Leaders
Battle Event 99 Luck Tsum Stats
Battle Event Tsums to 99 Luck
Where to Find Tsums
Swiping Technique
When to use Bombs in Co-Op
When to use Skill or Special in Missions and Co-Op

To Be Added Soon:

Venom adding now
– Color-Coding Info:
Thought about possibly color-coding some information to show at a glance what are Potentially Helpful Attributes or Not so helpful Attributes in the context of each section.
– Skill and Special Counts

Do you have any tips, questions, strategies or suggestions?  

Do you have a swiping technique you’d like to share?  Is a Link broken?  Have an idea to make this info more helpful?  Leave a comment below or message me privately and if it’s a tip or strategy I’ll consider adding it to the post, otherwise let it live in the comments if it’s helpful.

Feel free to add me for co-op battles.
I play all the time, and will send Energy!  Let me know if I’m full I will see if I can add you.
I’m Level 60   … as of latest Update.

I’m not as concerned about 99 Lucking all the Event Battle Tsums anymore, just occasionally ones I feel are the Best Event Battle Tsums to 99 Luck.  I just want to meter to get Alliance rewards to get Orbs, and collect all the Tsums.

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What is The Wild Storm?! Is the WildStorm Universe better on it’s own? – Speculation

Oh Wildstorm fans, this is a great day!  October 4, 2016 it’s been announced that in February 2017 DC Comics will launch another pop-up imprint, Wildstorm, like Gerard Way’s Young Animal with Warren Ellis as curator and writer of the main book THE WILD STORM with artist, Jon Davis-Hunt, the artist of Vertigo‘s Clean Room.  2017 also happens to be the 25th Anniversary for WildStorm Studios!!

Update: This is all my speculation on the new WildStorm pre-launch.  For new details read THIS too!

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The New Super-Man #1 – Super For The Soul [SFTS 2]

This is my second “Super For The Soul” post, and my first official post not about ‘what it is.’  I haven’t really nailed down the format yet, and still playing around with what this will actually end up being even after having written a statement about ‘what it is.’
What is “Super For The Soul?”

2016-07-30 13.43.24
The New Super-Man #1
Publisher: DC Comics (Rebirth initiative)
Release Date: July 13, 2016 (On my birthday!)
Written by Gene Luen Yang
Pencils by Viktor Bogdanovic

Official Solicitation:
“MADE IN CHINA” Chapter One: An impulsive act of heroism thrusts an arrogant young man into the limelight of Shanghai as China begins to form its own Justice League of powerful heroes. Rising from the ashes of The Final Days of Superman, award-winning writer Gene Luen Yang and on-the-rise art star Victor Bogdanovic introduce readers to Kong Kenan—the New Super-Man! When the world needed a new hero, China made him!

There is so much that can be discussed about and explored about this book in general. like the cultural, societal, racial, political, and global contexts, and their implications in real life and within the DC Universe.  What does it mean to be a hero in China?  How does China view Superman?  Is he their hero too?  Does that effect China’s views on this New Super-Man?  All these questions, but alas, that’s not the focus of this post.


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