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The Wild Storm #8 Meanderings

Off-hand, I’m gonna guess this issue is going to open some doors to some new ideas that haven’t been introduced into this new WSU from the original WSU!  Why?  Because of the various covers for this issue. 

See below under Variant Covers for some thoughts. [Spoiler Warning]

I have a pretty good idea of who I think is on the Jim Lee and Bryan Hitch variant covers, and if I’m correct, then we’re gonna see some of my favorite parts of the original WSU!

So much to look forward to in this issue.  Thank goodness this series is 24 issues long, otherwise, the thought that there’d only be 4 more issues would be sad!  BUT this IS leading up to the end of the first year, so the next 4 issues should be big right?  I think so!  So who is this mystery woman on the cover and what’s the deal with that pod-like ship?  Let’s meander ….

What are Meanderings

On the spot, in-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation as I go through the material.


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The Wild Storm #4 Meanderings

I’ve been a little behind this month because of my new job.  This month’s also shorter than my previous posts.  Just not as much to say about this issue.   It trods along, but as usual, the issues seem shorter than I’d like, or atleast not as dense as I’d like.  If the Authority was wide-screen action film, then The Wild Storm is like an adult TV show like those from HBO/Showtime/Netflix, etc in it’s pacing with the exception that it’s not an hour long worth of material, I’m not sure it’s even 1/2 hour’s length, but I still enjoy it.  I just want more!!!!  What do you guys think?

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The Wild Storm New Details, Interview: Warren Ellis, #1 Reviews + Reveal: #4 Solit

So, The Wild Storm comes out this Wed!  Here’s some last min info to absorb before the storm hits!

Storm Warning – New Info
Warren Ellis Vulture Interview
Covers and 8 Page Preview
Solit for The Wild Storm #4


9/10 Rating from Newsarama (Spoiler-Free Review)

5/5 Rating from Comic Bastards (Spoiler-Free Review)

Essential quote:

… not one that you should miss. Buy this book. Enjoy this book because my God did it remind me of why I read comics when I so desperately needed that reminder. The Wild Storm #1 may just be the first perfect comic of 2017

B+ Rating from Comicbook.com (Mostly Spoiler-Free Review)

The Wild Storm #2 Variant Jim Lee Pencils

Image may contain: drawing

Jim Lee reveals WildStorm master plan

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