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The Wild Storm #6 Cover and Solicitation Meanderings

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Ah Henry Bendix.  Boy does he look ugly and evil.  I’ll be honest, I like his original interpretation more.  Previously he was more like Captain Picard, not as old, and not so creepy.  Here he kinda looks like Weyland from Prometheus ha ha.  I suppose this is supposed to show that he’s a stereotypical evil bad guy who wants to control the world?

What I do like is that I think he’s looking down on Earth from space, and the Earth here is a reflection off the window Henry is looking through.  I didn’t really notice it until I thought about what I was seeing more.   It’s pretty cool and smart.  Otherwise I feel it’s easily overlooked by what it seems to be saying. Continue reading The Wild Storm #6 Cover and Solicitation Meanderings