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The First Time I Saw You, You Knew

First Time I Saw You:
I need to preface this by reminding some and informing others of you who may read anything I write, that I normally begin with a Free-Write; free-associating, and exploring thoughts and ideas with little to no filter.   I write in a voice that is very detached from feelings sometimes, cause I’m really just exploring objectively and philosophically.  Please try not to read my words as anything else.

The First Time I Saw You Saw Me See You See Me
You said, the first time you saw me, “you knew.”  What is this that you “knew?”  People often say this referring to having known the outcome of something previously.  I fear if it’s not something quantifiable, and just based on ‘feeling,’ that it could be wrong.  In the context of a relationship, IF a couple didn’t stay together,… what exactly did they think they knew?  That they wouldn’t be together?  I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t imagine that to be the common case.  Does that mean it’s not true?  When someone says, they “knew,” is it only true for when it IS, conveniently, true, but otherwise really just not true and based on nothing reliable?  Is it then just something someone comes up with to add significance and meaning to something, to make it ‘romantic,’ but in reality, they never “knew” anything at all? Continue reading The First Time I Saw You, You Knew

Networking, Preparing to Act & Other Strangers With Friends

Sometimes, we have to be “friends” with strangers.  
As business people, as actors, or if you need help with something, or sell anything, networking is a skill we all need.  In a setting where we can mingle and network we try to connect to people who are strangers.  It’s almost like going into an audition, or in any place where you want people to like you, so you’re careful, and self-conscious. Sometimes it could be harder because of the setting.  If it’s at a party, it could be loud AND there could be a lot of other people vying for each other’s attention. I try to look at it as an exercise in trying to be as open and comfortable as possible, so I can truly be myself, considering the circumstances. Continue reading Networking, Preparing to Act & Other Strangers With Friends