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The Geekery HQ [Gayme Night] + BLINDSPOT

BLINDSPOT – This Monday, 10pm NBC

Blindspot is blowing up everywhere.  Make sure to check me out this Monday, Sept. 21, 10PM, on NBC for the pilot episode premiere!  Petition to bring my character Wai back ha ha Continue reading The Geekery HQ [Gayme Night] + BLINDSPOT

What I learned from my first paid job

11 - 1

This week’s #WeeklyWrites, we’re talking about our first paid job, and what we learned from it.  I can’t really recall which paid job I had first in my life.  It could’ve been the comic book store, Omni Comics and Cards, my grandma’s restaurant China Jade at a flea market, or Debbie Wong’s, a friend of the family’s Chinese restaurant, but I think it might be one of two others.  I’m going to tell you about both of them.  These two jobs were the beginning of my experience in the performance & service industries.

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Letter to myself 10 years ago/10 years from now

To: Carl in 2014
From: Carl 10 years in the future:

Carl! CARL!  It’s Carl from the future.  10 years in the future, 2014.  You’re 28 now and graduating college, 2004!!  Time to get the hell out of CT!  Time to wake up!  Break up with Mike, fuck trying to get a real job, save that money, call um, Fran, … WAIT WAIT!  CARL, we just landed a commercial directed by Martin Scorsese!!  YES!  We did!  Sorry, I just got the call!  See,.. it may take time, but you’re gonna be doing things.  Let hope I can move you along and cut out the crap you don’t need.  Oh, speaking of Scorsese, we also did a film he executive produced, and it’s coming out in Oct!  It took us 10 years to finally get some legit work.   Continue reading Letter to myself 10 years ago/10 years from now