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Letter to myself 10 years ago/10 years from now

To: Carl in 2014
From: Carl 10 years in the future:

Carl! CARL!  It’s Carl from the future.  10 years in the future, 2014.  You’re 28 now and graduating college, 2004!!  Time to get the hell out of CT!  Time to wake up!  Break up with Mike, fuck trying to get a real job, save that money, call um, Fran, … WAIT WAIT!  CARL, we just landed a commercial directed by Martin Scorsese!!  YES!  We did!  Sorry, I just got the call!  See,.. it may take time, but you’re gonna be doing things.  Let hope I can move you along and cut out the crap you don’t need.  Oh, speaking of Scorsese, we also did a film he executive produced, and it’s coming out in Oct!  It took us 10 years to finally get some legit work.   Continue reading Letter to myself 10 years ago/10 years from now

Where I’ve Been Waiting To Be [Once Upon a …..]

Where I’ve Been ….
A while back, I talked about how after shooting “Revenge of the Green Dragons” that I stopped doing the regular “work” I normally did for money, and only did commercial background work as I pursued acting more.  This was an experiment to see what else I can do, and if I could survive without the work I normally did and only pursue legit acting work.  I finally finished my reel.  I started coaching actor friends.  I made a point to always hire a coach for every legit audition.  I made a postcard that I sent out, started my website, and I got a new agent!   My goal was to land some more legit work by the end of the year. Continue reading Where I’ve Been Waiting To Be [Once Upon a …..]

My first blog: Creative Discipline – [KCRRLives]

What is KCRRLives?
I’ve always used “KCRRLives” as the name of my updates for friends and family,… “K.C.R.R.” is an acronym for my alias, K.C. Randall Rick.  “KCRRLives” is supposed to say, “yes, I’m still alive,.. and here’s what I’m up to.” For this blog, I might do a little journal writing, creative writing, maybe a Vlog, or a photo or illustration, whatever I want.

For the accompanying videos for this blog, go to KCRRLives on YouTube

For other exciting stuff, go to www.carlkli.wordpress.com

I believe that everyone’s journey is different.  This is just mine. Here’s my first blog entry….  KCRRLives Logo

How to get yourself to do “____________.”  In my case, “something with my creativity.”

When I was young, I wrote, drew, sang, danced, and created,… early childhood education, and feeling like an outsider encouraged creativity.  In school I was in a “Prodigy” program, and there were always opportunities to write stories, or to create art.  My creativity had no bounds.

Mice are living in them now...
Mice are living in them now…

Continue reading My first blog: Creative Discipline – [KCRRLives]