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Michael Cray #1 Meanderings [WildStorm]

The first spin-off book to come out of The Wild Storm and the 2nd book for the new Warren Ellis curated WildStorm imprint!  I gotta say, it’s nice to see another book on the shelves staring a non-white lead!  I think it’s exciting to have comics of diverse faces and voices.  There are a bunch of Black leads on the shelves today who have their own books (though mostly male).  Black Panther, Black Lightning, Falcon, Cyborg, Spawn, Luke Cage to name a few.

This is another maxi-series with 12 issues!  It really makes me wonder where the WildStorm will be in one year.  We are still expecting at least 2 more series to spin out of The Wild Storm; Zealot and WildC.A.T.s!  Will each series just overlap another as it’s ending, or will what’s ending be replaced to maintain four books in this new WildStorm Universe?  I suppose the success of this imprint will determine that.

As for this series, last we saw Michael Cray, he was being recruited by Trelane who works for SkyWatch’s Earth Division.  What new areas might we discover in the new WildStorm Universe in this book?  Let’s meander ….

What are Meanderings

On the spot, in-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation as I go through the material.


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