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Marvel Tsum Tsum – Tips and Strategies Guide

What You’ll Find Here:

General Tips, ‘How To’ get Orbs, Energy, Iso-8, High Score, Ranking Rewards, Where to Find Tsums and suggestions on Tsum Tsum teams for the various MissionsBattles, and 3 Star goals.

Note: My suggestions are based on a few possible factors: Stats, descriptions of Skills, Specials, and Abilities, game-play experience, theory, or other sources.

Use the Contents  below to help navigate this page, and click on links of Characters to see more details.


***Checking in on some old posts,… realized almost ALL images that I had attached are gone!  It might take forever to replace them if I get to it!***

Unfortunately I haven’t updated much since what’s been added under “NEW.”

Tsums in this post INCLUDES up to the Dr. Strange and Ancient One Update, October 25, 2016.


Added Dr. Strange, Ancient One and Destroyer
99 Luck Battle Event Team/Leaders
Battle Event 99 Luck Tsum Stats
Battle Event Tsums to 99 Luck
Where to Find Tsums
Swiping Technique
When to use Bombs in Co-Op
When to use Skill or Special in Missions and Co-Op

To Be Added Soon:

Venom adding now
– Color-Coding Info:
Thought about possibly color-coding some information to show at a glance what are Potentially Helpful Attributes or Not so helpful Attributes in the context of each section.
– Skill and Special Counts

Do you have any tips, questions, strategies or suggestions?  

Do you have a swiping technique you’d like to share?  Is a Link broken?  Have an idea to make this info more helpful?  Leave a comment below or message me privately and if it’s a tip or strategy I’ll consider adding it to the post, otherwise let it live in the comments if it’s helpful.

Feel free to add me for co-op battles.
I play all the time, and will send Energy!  Let me know if I’m full I will see if I can add you.
I’m Level 60   … as of latest Update.

I’m not as concerned about 99 Lucking all the Event Battle Tsums anymore, just occasionally ones I feel are the Best Event Battle Tsums to 99 Luck.  I just want to meter to get Alliance rewards to get Orbs, and collect all the Tsums.

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DC Comics Legends Mobile Pre-Launch Details + Speculation

New York Comic Con DC All Access panel announced DC Comics Legends Mobile game and showed a trailer.  I also had the chance to talk to lead designer at Warner Brothers Interactive!


This page will be updated with information as I get it but will eventually start a new post as a guide and also a tips and strategy post for the game when it launches on November 3, 2016

It’s officially launched!: Initial Thoughts, What I’d Like To See and Thoughts on Changes [Ongoing]
Also check out my Introductory Guide, Character Summary and Fragments, and upcoming Tips and Strategy posts!

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