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DC Legends Guide

Work in progress!  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  I’m also currently working on a Tips and Strategy page if there’s anything you’d like to contribute!

The following will be a general Guide and a Walk-through for the Chapter 1 Tutorial. Both are intermixed with information on various topics of interest.  Start at the top or use the CONTENTS below to jump to any section.  There are also links to MORE information on other pages.

After this Guide/Walk-Through, also check out my Initial Thoughts on the game at launch, What I’d like to See and Thoughts on Changes [Ongoing], and  Tips and Strategy page.

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Update: October 18, 2017

***Checking in on some old posts,… realized ALL images that I had attached are gone!  It might take forever to replace them if I get to it!***

Sorry I’m so behind on updates.  Finally settling in after the wedding and move, and now looking for work.  Since I’ve last posted there was a podcast introducting 3 new characters for February: Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman!
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DC Comics Legends Mobile Pre-Launch Details + Speculation

New York Comic Con DC All Access panel announced DC Comics Legends Mobile game and showed a trailer.  I also had the chance to talk to lead designer at Warner Brothers Interactive!


This page will be updated with information as I get it but will eventually start a new post as a guide and also a tips and strategy post for the game when it launches on November 3, 2016

It’s officially launched!: Initial Thoughts, What I’d Like To See and Thoughts on Changes [Ongoing]
Also check out my Introductory Guide, Character Summary and Fragments, and upcoming Tips and Strategy posts!

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