“What’s a good game for a night with friends?”

GAYME NIGHT with Carl Li and Jaysen Headley, takes a look at games, to BUY, just PLAY or PASS!

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GAYME NIGHT is a new weekly YouTube show by JOMP [Carl Li & Jaysen Headley]. Each episode we’ll talk about a games ins-and-outs, what we like, don’t like and whether or not we recommend to BUY, just PLAY, or PASS!

“As a sublet of First Impressions, Carl and I have decided to start reviewing board games, but here’s the trouble.  You can’t very well get a first impression of a board game that’s anything more than “Holy gawd, why are there so many pieces in this box.  I want to cry.  Please make it stop.  Oh look, the instruction manual is 38 pages.  We couldn’t even finish the Ikea instructions, let along this!”

That’s why we’ve decided to delve further into these fantastic boxes are really show you what they have in store in a new show we call Gayme Night.  (It’s a play on words…)

This series is part of our newly formed production company “Just One More Productions” or as we fondly call it, JOMP.”

– JaysenH


BoardGameGeek: thelyght4
Instagram/Twitter: carlkli


2 thoughts on “GAYME NIGHT”

  1. No problem. Yes, we saw that, thank YOU. I’m sure it’s not new to you that people love this game! It’s inspired me to work on my own game actually.


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