Doc Octopus Event Battle and Spider-Verse: Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen + Silk [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Today Wednesday, September 30, 2016, the game  introduced the new Doctor Octopus Event Battle, announced the arrival of Spider-Verse (Spider-Women): Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen and Silk and teased an image for the upcoming Spider-Man Event!!

Keep reading to see their powers, my thoughts and some tips!  Enjoy!


Spider-Man Event Post!







Doctor Octopus Limited Time Event Battle

29 DAYS ONLY – Ending 10/29/16 11:59 PM (PT)

The official site says Doctor Octopus is scheduled to appear again in future.



CLASS: Blast

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 9/30/16

Level Score: 68 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1244]

HP: 540 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1569]

ATK: 200 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1180]

DEF: 220 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1543]

His stats are ALL below average, except for Level Score.  I’m starting to see a pattern for these Limited Time Events.  The Tsums from these Events have all had below average Stats with exception to Level Score, and Ronan so far who has 1100 base HP.

 SKILL: Robotic Arm

  • Robot arm throws a rock to clear 1 area of random Tsum.


Eh.  It clears some Tsum in the center, about 14 Max maybe after leveling up? Otherwise, seems about average.

SPECIAL: Tentacle Rush

– Clear Tsum with consecutive strikes of 4 robotic arms in 4 lines.

Ok,.. ALMOST a screen clearing Special, but it’s not.  It gets most of the screen, like 5/6th.


 ABILITY: Recover [Chain]

  • Gradually heal HP (triggers randomly with 15+ chains)

Other Tsums with this identical ability are better in that they have better battle stats.  i.e. Darkhawk, and Drax.


Hm.  Of the Event Battle Tsum, not particularly special in my opinion.  I’d only use him in Battle for his Luck if he was 99 and I didn’t have another Blast Class Battle Tsum.

Definitely read my Battle Tips below if you plan on getting him.


Doctor Octopus is the first Event Battle Tsum to have a Timer that begins at the middle of the game.  Instead of him coming back stronger, you are given 30 seconds to defeat him or you lose, regardless of how much HP you have.

TIP: Use Spider-Women and Miles Morales and Iron Spider during their Boosted Stats +500 for HP, ATK and DEF!  Ends 10/31/16

Otherwise …

TIP: Choose your top ATK Tsum, mostly disregarding their other stats.  Hopefully, your top ATK are leveled up high enough so that their HP and DEF aren’t horrible either, but the focus needs to be ATK so that you can inflict as much damage as possible before he turns on the 30 second Timer!

TIP:  The Timer seems to begin after maybe 2 minutes or around the 2nd Rush.  SO, try to power up your Special in time for the first 2 Rushes to bring his HP down significantly.

TIP: Triggering Rush puts the Timer on pause,.. I think.  Can anyone confirm this for sure?  The Timer disappears when Rush is on.

Look at my Tips and Strategies post for suggestion on who to use.  Look under Highest ATK Stat.  e.g. Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon,…




Draw rates UP  for these Tsums until 10/3/16

Boosted Status

Thier HP, ATK and DEF stats will be boosted each by +500!!!
Ends: 10/31/16


The stats shown here are +500 for the special October Stat Boost!

CLASS: Blast

Source: Orb Box

Level Score: 82 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1552]

HP: 1160 +NA/level [L50 Max: 2532]

ATK: 410 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1733]

DEF: 310 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1192]

Stats seem ok.  Above average HP.  Nothing spectacular.

SKILL – Pheromone

Transform and increase Spider-Woman Tsum pheromone.

Basically she transforms a row of Tsums into herself!  Kinda reminds me of Ultron and Loki’s Skills.  But I think this one is the better of the three.  Ultron’s is random, Loki’s is one row, and Spider-Woman’s is more like two rows in one.

At first, I thought Spider-Woman’s best power is her Skill BUT, then I discovered that it doesn’t cause damage.  It’s like Ultron’s Skill where you’re using the Skill to help activate the Special, unlike Spider-Man’s which does cause damage.  LAME!  What’s worse is I don’t think her Special is great at all.  If this Skill also caused damage it’d be great and all I’d need to know is what amount of Tsums are needed to activate it.  Anyone know?  This Skill can assist in combos, chains, coin collecting and powering up her Skill or Special.

SPECIAL – Venom Blast

Clear Tsum radially with bioelectric energy.

The damage is in a big fat “Y.”  Makes me think of Winter Soldier’s  Special except his is like a “T” or a “+.”  But it looks like it doesn’t clear as many Tsum as Winter Soldier.


Briefly boost ATK (triggers randomly with 8+ chains)

The only other Tsum so far with this Ability is Falcon (S), who is also the Tsum with the lowest amount needed to activate his Skill in the Speed Class.  Not sure how many Tsums it takes to activate Spider-Woman’s Skill, so for now Falcon may have an advantage over Spider-Woman unless you need a Blast Tsum on the team.


If her Skill can be activated quickly, she could be an asset to a team, especially if her Skill can be activated at 10 or less Tsum.  But I don’t know yet.  Anyone?  If if can, she’d have atleast two up on Winter Soldier in the lowest activating Skill which for Winter Soldier is 10 Tsums (lowest in the game so far), her Skill in my opinion is better than his and her Special is similar enough.



The stats shown here are +500 for the special October Stat Boost!

CLASS: Speed

Source: Orb Box

Level Score: 68 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1244]

HP: 1600 +NA/level [L50 Max: 3511]

ATK: 340 + NA/level [L50 Max: 1320]

DEF: 320 +NA/level [L50 Max: 1300]

Wow, her HP is amazing!  Infact she is now tied with Vision for the highest HP at Max Level 50 in the whole game!  Everything else is just about average if not lower than.

SKILL – Cross Web

Pull Tsum to the sides with her web.

Hmmm.  It’s one part Spider-Man and one part Star-Lord’s Skill.  It’s like both because it gathers Tsums together, but does it in two groupings of two different Tsum types off to the lower left and right sides.  The question is how the two types are determined.  If it’s like Spider-Man’s where it takes the Tsum with the most, then this Skill definitely beats out Spider’Man’s, on the otherhand, it might choose from the two least amount of Tsum, which still isn’t bad.  Anyone know?  Also, I noticed that it doesn’t always gather the all the Tsums of those two types.  Weird.  Maybe there’s a limit of 7-8?  So you might not get the possibility of making long chains like Spider-Man, but you can make a chain, set up combos and such.

One other question I have is if this Skill causes damage.  I think Spider-Man’s Skill does, and I assumed this did, but I could be wrong.

SPECIAL – Catch Me

Hang on to the Web and clear a row of Tsum.

Ok, wow, this looks pretty good.  There have been powers that shoot a beam or something that clears a row or column of Tsums, but this one is pretty big!  It clears a little more than half of all the Tsums.  A little bigger than Spider-Man’s Special.  I like it.

ABILITY – Easy Combo

Combo duration will increase

Think this is only the third Tsum to date to have this ability which obviously can be super helpful for Combo Missions, as well as fulfilling requirements to trigger an Ability for Battle.


She seems to a very nice well rounded Tsum.  Definitely on par with Spider-Man but instead of having the highest ATK stat in the game, she has the highest HP stat in the game (a tie with Vision, though over-all not as good as he is).  Very nice!  Put her on your Battle Team!!!



Thanks to Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside for this image!
The stats shown here are +500 for the special October Stat Boost.  Also this profile is of Silk at Level 10!  Not Level 1!                                                    Thanks to Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside for this image!

CLASS: Speed

Source: Orb Box

Level Score:
61? +
[L50 Max: 1090]

880? +
[L50 Max: 2552]

260 +
[L50 Max: 1733]

290 +
[L50 Max: 1320]

Her HP
and ATK are slightly above average for Speed Class and her Level Score and DEF are at the low end for Speed Class.

At Level 2 (Thanks to Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside for this image)

SKILL – Vanish

Clear all Silk Tsum.

Depending on how many Silk Tsum are on screen this could be really good or just ok.  It’s interesting how this Skill varies from Spider-Man’s and Spider-Gwen‘s.  Spider-Man’s gathers the Tsum type with the most Tsums, and Spider-Gwen’s gathers two different Tsum types with less Tsums (?), and both you must manually create a chain to clear them.  Silk’s Skill, it’s not the most or least Tsum type, but just her Tsum type, and they clear themselves!

My question though is if their clearing will be considered a combo or chain creating a bomb or count towards powering up her Skill or Special or if it will cause damage (Spider-Woman’s Skill does not).  If the answer is YES, then I think I really like this Skill.

Update: Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside has reported that clearing these Tsum does count as a chain, as it also can create a bomb, but isn’t sure if it counts towards combos.  I think it would if it counts as a chain.  She also confirms that the clearing also counts towards powering Silk’s Skill and Special, though after leveling up the Skill to Level 4, it only takes 10 Tsums to activate which this Skill can trigger, but is pointless since all of her Tsums have already been cleared.  And lastly, she confirmed for me that it too, like Spider’Woman’s Skill, does not cause damage.  boo.

This Skill could be good for combos, chains, creating bombs or powering the next Skill or Special, BUT only if there are enough Silk Tsums on screen.

Thanks Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside!!!  For your contributions!  (including Silk’s screenshots!)

Thanks to Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside for this image!

SPECIAL – Silk Sense

Flick to shoot a web and clear a line in the direction

Meh, it’s ok.  I don’t normally like the powers which require you to tap to blow up Tsum, so this isn’t much better.  It looks like you can “flick” four times.

TIP: This actually would be really helpful in the Spider-Man Event where you have to destroy Symbiotes!  You can aim right for them!

Level 2 (Thanks to Phoenix/Tammy from the Darkside for this image!)

ABILITY – Resist Poison

Reduces Poison damage.

She is the first Tsum to have this Ability.  The only other Tsum so far to have an Ability as unique as this is Thor: Jane Foster’s Ability: Resist Burn!

I feel like this will be very useful at some point against a Event Battle Tsum.  Who has poison?  Hmm, idk.  Maybe they’ll give it to the Lizard?  or if they ever do X-Men, Toad?


Hmm, well, I like her Skill, and it has potential.  You might consider using her if you were thinking about using Spider-Man or Spider-Gwen and don’t have them, but her Special is just ok, but as I said great for the Spider-Man Event, and her Ability is very specific, so maybe not for general use.  BUT, could be an asset for a poison damage Event Battle Tsum.



Both Spider-Woman and Silk have an ATK stat of 1733 at Max Level 50, which is higher than Spider-Gwen’s.  Both Spider-Gwen and Silk have about 1300 DEF at Max Level 50, which is higher than Spider-Woman’s, and Spider-Gwen is tied for the highest HP in the game.

So which is better to use?
I believe all three of the Spider-Women’s Skills don’t cause damage but aid in making chains creating bombs, otherwise to cause damage you have to be able to get enough Tsums to activate their Special, which makes it a little tricky.

Regarding which Spider-Woman is better to use, power-wise,  I feel Spider-Gwen has the best powers of the three.  Between Spider-Woman and Silk, I like Spider-Woman’s Special more than Silks.  If Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen or Silk‘s Skill caused damage, they’d all be pretty good, but I don’t yet know about Spider-Gwen’s, and I don’t have a full grasp of how Silk’s Skill behaves, so I’m not sure if her’s causes damage, counts as a combo, chain or towards powering of her Skill or Special or not.  If it’s NO, then maybe Spider-Woman’s Skill is better than Silk’s, but if it’s YES, then definitely Silk’s Skill is better.   Part of me hopes I’m wrong about Spider-Woman’s Skill not causing damage, and that all three of their Skills cause damage as Spider-Man’s Skill does, but unfortunately,… I think they might all be like Ultron’s Skill which doesn’t do damage.

TIP: For Battles general or specifically for the Spider-Man Event, use their Skill to make a chain bomb either starting the chain going towards a target or the top of the screen so have the option of clearing Tsums under it if you want the Bomb lower as you won’t be able to make a Bomb move upwards if it’s towards the bottom of the screen.


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