DC Legends Pre-Launch Character Announcement + Thoughts

Today on DC All Access they showed us a glimpse of some of the characters that will be in the upcoming mobile game, DC Legends!  You’ll also so some gameplay of other characters, and then various DC stars tell us who would be on their team in the game!

UPDATE: DC Legends Initial Thoughts + What I’d Like To See [Ongoing]

Black Canary

I like her sleek and modern street look.  My only issue is that when she uses her Canary Cry, her mouth doesn’t open.

I also noticed her logo on the back of her jacket is different from the new logo that had recently been introduced.

Either is fine, but I prefer the comic one.  This one in the game screams Birds of Prey though, cause it looks more like a hawk or something like that.  The effects for her Canary Cry don’t look too powerful from what I saw.


A very short clip of Huntress using her crossbow that seems to emit some kind of purple energy as if it were an energy weapon.

Not sure why they had to add that.  Maybe to give it more of a visual?  But I don’t think it’s needed.  She also seems to be sporting a costume very similar to Jim Lee’s run on Batman.

Castaway Green Arrow

I believe this a Green Arrow variation as indicated by “Castaway.”  The only difference I can tell from a regular Green Arrow at this point is his costume.  This version he’s sporting a costume that looks very man-made from the resources of a jungle or something.

The greens look like leaves, woven together with an earthy/tree brown color, and his bow is clearly made out of a branch.  It’s cool to see an alternate character.  I hope that there are plans for more from the multi-verse.  And I’m curious to see what the differences in ability are.  Maybe the regular Green Arrow has tech-based trick arrows with some AOE buffs and debuffs, whereas Castaway Green Arrow has more practical arrows with their tips dipped in something plant based for a debuff to the target?

It looks like for one of his abilities he shoots a volley of arrow (3?).  What’s that orange thing on his side though?  I checked, it’s “on” him, not a caution cone in the background.

Dr. Fate

He looks great, classic with a slight modern touch in textures, BUT there’s something off about his body movement, esp. when he uses a power in this video.  It just seems awkward?

Here he’s floating in the air, feet raised behind him like he’s kneeling, and he’s arching and twisting his back and neck back.  Looks really uncomfortable, not powerful.

And the animation/effects for his power seems at first like a generic yellow bolt of electric energy.  I suppose I was expecting hexagrams like in the comics, but maybe they use that for another power.  But, the “smoke” stuff is interesting. It’s like the energy is burning causing smoke, and it’s got this sparklily chaotic look.

Note: I just saw some animation for one of Raven’s powers.  She kinda does the same thing.

Striker Wonder Woman

This is the variant Wonder Woman they’re promoting that you’ll get if you preregister for the game!

Here she’s swooping in REALLY low to attack.

And she pulls two swords out from out of the air behind her.  Normally, I wouldn’t like the out of thin air thing, but atleast they animated it so that she’s reaching somewhere behind her which looks really cool cause she reaches for nothing, but then pulls out two swords!  Awesome!  And then she…

thrusts them both into your opponent’s crotch!  Gasp!  OMG,.. Striker Wonder Woman,. hmm.

And then she puts them back into her back,.. I still think that’s cool.

Bane and skeleton warrior or …

Here we see Bane doing an awesome punch where he jumps up and twists in the air before landing down his punch on what looks to be some skeleton warrior.

We know the storyline has something to do with Blackest Night so is this guy a Black Lantern version of someone or just a generic skeleton warrior that’s part of Nekron‘s army?

If you look closer at the skeleton warrior,.. it actually kinda looks like Black Adam with a sword and shield which has lightning bolts on it.  Maybe it’s a Black Adam Black Lantern variant?!?!

Mirror Master

Here we see Mirror Master‘s super cool move where he hops up and turns as he falls into a portal

which opens up in front of the target and Mirror Master shoots up out of the portal still twisting in the air and

shoots his mirror guns double-fisted and

falls back into the portal!!  So cool!  Nice Grifter gun action!!

Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Skeleton Warrior?

Here we see the skeleton warrior I thought might have been Black Adam Black Lantern, but now I’m wondering if he’s just a minion of Black Adam‘s or from the Rock of Eternity The background of where they’re at also has the same Black Adam-esque color scheme.  Well, atleast the yellow, and are those thunderbolt shapes I see in the gear in the back?


Here are the two versions of Batman that are made available very early in the game I think.  I think they have the same Class, Physical, I think it’s called, the Red Fist icon, but they supposedly have different powers.


Here’s a regular Manhunter.

Those silver robot guys look too much like Ultrons.  I think they’re minion Manhunters, and the guy on the far right is like maybe a flying Manhunter?  I normally dislike robots as minions because they’re generic, disposable, and to me, sometimes an easy enemy to have.  But not always, depends.  As you keep reading, you’ll discover as I have that there are a lot more to these minions.  There are all different kinds.  I like the variation otherwise it’ll get boring quick.

In the screenshot with Black Canary’s Canary Cry, we get a closer look at them.  Now they look like Terminators,.. Black Lantern Terminators.  I think that’s a Black Lantern symbol on the chest?  So maybe these are Black Lantern “altered” minion Manhunters, one who can fly, and others who cannont.  And on the right is an actual flying Manhunter?  And is it me or do those minion Black Hunter Manhunters have Cyborg‘s arm cannon?!

And in the screenshot for Castaway Green Arrow, we have a closer look at that flying version of these Black Lantern Manhunters.

I ALSO noticed as I looked closer, there is something glowing like energy in the midsections of these Black Lantern Manhunters and each one is a different color, yellow, orange, blue/purple…. are these the Essence resource in the game that you use to level up characters?  Or are they “Lantern” based??  Hmm, see, there is definitely more to these “minions.”  Good!

Here we see “bruiser/tank” variation of the Manhunters and Black Lantern Manhunters.  Hmmmmm

What do you guys think?!?!?

I can’t wait to find out everything about this game!!!!!!!!!


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