Character Announcement + Speculation [DC Legends]

Today on DC All Access they showed us a glimpse of some of the characters that will be in the upcoming mobile game, DC Legends!  You’ll also so some gameplay of other characters, and then various DC stars tell us who would be on their team in the game!


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Dr. Strange + Ancient One [Mavel Tsum Tsum]

Wednesday, October 25, 2016, the game announced the arrival of Dr. Strange and Ancient One to the game, available via Orb Boxes.

Draw Rates Up AND Luck 5 Bonus for Dr. Strange and Ancient One until 10/29/16 11:59PM (PT)!  Also, it seems they will both get Stat Boosts +500 for HP/ATK/DEF until 11/30/16!

And there was a teaser for the Dr. Strange Event and Venom Battle Event!

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WildStorm + Rebirth [Jim Lee, Dan Didio] + Watchmen Speculation

So here’s what new info I got from the interview CBR did with Dan Didio and Jim Lee regarding the new WildStorm imprint.

Is this the official logo design on the left?  The red square.  And the logo design for The Wild Storm?!  FYI, I manipulated the art from the promo below.

So Jim Lee says it’s a “fresh start” from top to down of the universe.  In addition to the six issues they have in the drawer, they also have outlines for all four books (The Wild Storm, Michael Cray, Zealot and WildC.A.T.s).  And though it won’t launch until February, Jim Lee promises that they’re gonna tease “all sorts of crazy stuff” until the launch. Continue reading WildStorm + Rebirth [Jim Lee, Dan Didio] + Watchmen Speculation

Destroyer Battle Event[Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Wednesday, October 20, 2016, the game  introduced the new The Destroyer Battle Event.

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 Destroyer Limited Time Battle Event

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Warren Ellis’s Challenge [WildStorm Update]

As reported on Newarama here, Warren Ellis talked about his new WildStorm pop-up imprint set to launch in February in his e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations.

In Newsarama’s article they quoted Warren Ellis as saying the following:

“I never look back. I very, very rarely return to things I’ve previously done.”

“I’d been thinking about that [never looking back, etc.]\over the last winter – what you don’t know, of course, is that I agreed to this job on February 1, after a long phone conversation with Jim Lee — and when this came up, not long after new year, it tied right into what I’d been thinking about during December.  One of those weird synchronicities.”

Sounds like fate!  If anyone could bring back WildStorm, Warren Ellis can! Continue reading Warren Ellis’s Challenge [WildStorm Update]

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