The Wild Storm #10 Meanderings

Hey folks back with a better late than never installment on my thoughts on another issue of The Wild Storm!  I’ve been busy with a book I’m edited called Longtails and hadn’t the chance to do this (not that anyone is reading).  I think issue 12 is about to comes out now, ha ha.

Also here’s a link to a great interview with Jon Davis-Hunt that reveals that the designs for the characters were intended to be the complete opposite of the originals.

Let’s meander….

What are Meanderings

On the spot, in-depth analysis/thoughts, questions, and speculation as I go through the material.


The Wild Storm #10 Variant Covers

The Wild Storm #10 Meanderings



Variant cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair for issue #10

Variant cover by Jim Lee with Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair for issue #10


I feel like Jim Lee has been basing his covers on ads or something right?  What’s this based on?  Normally, his covers reflect a little bit of what to expect in the issue, so will we some Voodoo in this issue?  I hope so.



Very cool image of Zealot on a rooftop and crows.  Is this in this issue?

Released: December 20, 2017
 DC Comics

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jon Davis-Hunt
 Steve Buccellato

Letters: Simon Bowland
Cover: Jon Davis-Hunt
Assistant Editor: Diego Lopez

Group Editor: Marie Javins


Light with the Dark

Warren Ellis definitely peppers on some sass, wit, and silliness throughout.  Not just in this issue, but throughout the series.  Everyone quips.  Is it needed?  No, but I think the book is better for it, as it does help to round off the characters and make them seem more like “us” versus just straight up, no non-sense badasses.  

Another Board

I don’t think there is anything to read into with this really, ha ha.  They have a point system for their training I guess.  It’s kinda hard to read.  I want it to say “Firearms” but I don’t think that’s it, “and Rimeplon.”  “Sniper training.”  “Extended mz sequence.”

More Character Moments – Kenesha/Savant

She seems a bit of a mess.  She wasn’t portrayed previously as someone who had an unhealthy obsession with destruction.  She doesn’t seem really reliable.  This is a new side of her.  It almost seems like another character.  It’s almost as if he forgot to add this side of her previously, or came up with it this issue (which I doubt).  Prior to this issue, she was just a badass who designed weapons, now she’s kinda a liability!

This certainly explains why she may seem different in this issue:  she’s having a savant episode!  AH!  Looks like Ellis is really taking this opportunity to redefine or define Savant and playing up why she may be called Savant!  Maybe she has Savant Syndrome or something like it.  She’s exceptionally brilliant and obsessive with creating destructive gadgets and obsessive about destruction in general.  

Void Of With Conscience

I thought Void was no longer physically and psychologically human.  I thought she was more like a robot I guess, but maybe she’s just more alien than human now, but still has morals.

I guess everyone is showing new sides to themselves in this issue.

Is this Grifter’s Con Skills at Work?

Cole is acting all coy and stuff, ha ha.  Is that his con ‘game’ at work?  Not that he has to con her, but I suppose he has to convince her to want to help, so he has to employ some of his con skills and charm.  I don’t know that it’s supposed to be that, but what else is this?  Flirting?

Engineer Visuals

I like how the visual of her abilities is pretty different from other characters who have tech-related abilities.  


Just another image of SkyWatch!


I don’t know why, but this made me think of Snoak from Star Wars.  Maybe cause he’s bald, and up high sitting on a pedestal in a big room.

Henry and Lauren

Henry and Lauren have an interesting relationship.

It’s interesting how decisions get made through this one man (Henry), like a dictator.  He as so much power.  The only person who advises him it seems is Lauren.  I almost feel like there should be a board that he answers to, but I suppose this isn’t UN-funded and is of more private.


What is this exactly?

I guess it’s just straight up drugs, ha ha.  And though it seems it aids Henry in being in top form to run SkyWatch, it seems it’s more recreational than something used to say highen brain activity or something.  He refers to it as a bad habit and how he wouldn’t want Lauren to take it cause he relies on her.  Obviously, the drug doesn’t make him more superhuman; it just numbs his life.


Now I expect him to be the opposite of nice, ha ha.


It’s been a while, I honestly can’t recall if they had referred to Henry as Weatherman before!  Either way, I’m glad they use it.

Jenny and Swift

Isn’t “wizard” the male equivalent to a “witch?”  Oh well, I guess it’d be interesting for a man to call himself a “witch.”  She does seem like an openminded person who may challenge gender norms.

Good question!  What does Jenny have to do with Halo and SkyWatch?

I just thought this image does a good job of portraying what the “aliens” look like ha ha.

Think this is the first time we see Shen use her abilities in the real world (outside of what she did to bring others into the Bleed previously).  Her abilities manifest in the same way as when she was in the Bleed: pedal-like and psychedelic.

This is something new from the previous WSU right?  The idea that Daemonites created Jenny/Century Babies?

The Daemonites created Century Babies, defense mechanisms for the world!  That adds some new twists to the old WSU for sure.  It’s very possible that the Daemonites are the “good” guys.  But does that make Marlowe a bad guy?  I think Marlowe’s group are defectors, who are good.

I suppose the Kheribum in the previous WSU did seem a bit bougie.

The Mayor,…  a.k.a. …

I’m trying to remember who I thought this might be the first time I saw him.  Just based on his hair and look, I thought, it was Cole at first, but quickly realized it was not him.

Who is the is this crazy bum?  Then I thought, maybe it’s Bryce (Warblade)?

Then I though, “Could it be the Drummer!?” It sure looks like him!

Then I slowly realized, omg, it’s Hawksmoor!

The Mayor!?!?  Awesome! 

I kinda love that his nickname is the Mayor.  It makes sense as the king of cities.  Makes more sense than calling him Hawksmoor, though it’s still cool.  The Mayor could be his new codename ha ha.

He doesn’t really seem concerned with people noticing him.

Yes!  His feet are like the original.


Pris caught Hawksmoor using his powers.  Hopefully, we’ll see more of Pris now!  Uh oh, her friend thinks she’s crazy!  What was her friend’s name again?

I must join the WildC.A.T.s!

In the war between SkyWatch and I.O., it seems like Halo would be against both, but who’s side are the Daemonites on?

Or is that not even the right question?!

What exactly is the war about/for?

Final Thoughts: Wild West World Storm

Between the time I read this and writing it, so much time had passed, I honestly am not sure what I think at this point.

I do love that the book is introducing familiar characters so often.  It makes you wonder how they will all fit into all of this.

I guess my only thing is the book is still about the inciting incident of Angela Spica stealing the alien tech from SkyWatch to save a competitor who was marked to be killed (Marlowe).  However, on the fringe, we see that there is something bigger going on, but we still don’t really know what it’s all about.

It’s actually making me think about WestWorld.  In WestWorld, we see what’s happening on the surface, but apparently, there is something bigger going on: other motives and agendas we don’t even know about yet that pertain to the existence of WestWorld.

I don’t want to make this a review of WestWorld, but I loved the first season, but the second one, I’m just thinking it’s ok.  The Wild Storm and WestWorld are completely different animals, the comparison only lies in this bigger agenda we don’t know about yet.  WestWorld practically changed premise between season 1 and 2, and I was happy with season 1, and where they went to for season 2, I’m a little bored with the journey we are taking to get to the twist/agenda.

I also do not really like Delores in season 2 as I did in season 1.

I almost didn’t want them to stray so far from what was established in season 1.  If you know anything about the original movie that it’s based on, you know that what happens at the end of season 1 would eventually happen.  I guess I didn’t expect it to either happen so soon or for them to go so far.

For The Wild Storm, I feel differently.  However, we haven’t gotten to the end of the “first season” for The Wild Storm yet.  It could do the same thing by doing something that will change the book drastically, but I think it wouldn’t affect me in the same manner that WestWorld has.  I’m very excited for this journey to whatever the twist/agenda is and can’t wait for this world to continue to grow.  I guess I just want to know what’s really going on …

I’ve said this before, I think Ellis is writing this like an HBO TV show,  and the comparison to the pacing of TV shows such as WestWorld is proof and I think that’s great!  I hope it becomes a show!!

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